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Police raid home of domain owner

BountyX (1227176) writes | more than 5 years ago

Privacy 1

BountyX writes "First and foremost, is back up after downtime due to server load; however, the German government wants to keep the site down. According to their twitter page, police have raided the home of domain owner over internet censorship lists that were leaked two weeks ago. What the Australian government's secret ACMA internet censorship blacklist has anything to do with Germany is a mystery. This case is a prime example of multiple governments collobarating in support of censorship."
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German "CIA" are still enraged (1)

AHuxley (892839) | more than 5 years ago | (#27326095)

The BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst ~ foreign new service) ie German CIA are still upset over its secret agents getting exposed in a black flag operation in Kosovo.
T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom) was exposed revealing over two dozen secret IP address ranges used by the BND.
The email of a top BND-Chef might have also been listed. [] should give slashdot readers some idea as to why German is active.
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