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Legends of Zork Goes Live

TinBromide (921574) writes | more than 5 years ago

Games 2

TinBromide (921574) writes "The developers over at Jolt Online Gaming have released Legends of Zork to the general public. Its a free, browser based MMO based on the world of Zork. You play as a Traveling Salesman, recently laid off from FrobozzCo. Start off in in a clearing where a white house has a boarded up door, from there? Who knows! Explore the world! fight other salesmen in PVP! Try out your Darkvision Goggles in the dark, just try not to get eaten by a grue. When you finish playing Return to Zork, fire up your browser and take Legends of Zork for a spin."

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Registered and played (1)

uigrad_2000 (398500) | more than 5 years ago | (#27421089)

Many more posts below this one will try to explain the game, but all you need to know is here:

  • The game is text-based, with static images of monsters to show what you are currently fighting.
  • There are no dungeons to learn. Your only options for moving is "step forward to fight a new monster" or "retreat to your home".
  • The main focus of the game is the leader board, which can be sorted by total XP or total gold.
  • Each day, you receive 30 more action points.
  • Action points let you fight monsters and level up. One Action point is needed per battle.
  • More action points can be bought with Coconuts. The best rate is +200 action points for 10 coconuts.
  • Coconuts can also be used for buying armor. The best rate for buying coconuts is 60 coconuts per $20.

In conclusion, if your friend spends $20, in one day, then you'll need to play 40 days to catch up with him. The rankings really just show which players have spent the most money.

Re:Registered and played (1)

TinBromide (921574) | more than 5 years ago | (#27421277)

Woah, nice. Thanks for the math. If it stays open, I may consider plunking down that 20 bucks. Yeah, its pretty much a little 10 minute timewaster like or similar casual browser based mmo's. Although I hadn't realized just how devastating the donation made things and didn't really do the math beforehand, but that seems to be the way things are run nowadays. Reminds me of a spoof article where someone was going to release an MMO where you could pay for defense, like someone who plays after getting home from a well paying job will plunk down $5 worth of protection, but some highschooler who can put 8+ hours a day into tweaking their character would have to pay $5 to pk that guy, or something like that.
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