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Is there an Open Source Web 2.0 Database?

DuncanE (35734) writes | more than 5 years ago

Databases 2

DuncanE (35734) writes "A number of Web 2.0 databases have appeared in recent times and make excellent web based replacements for Microsoft Access. The likes of DabbleDB, Zoho Creator and Lazybase make great tools for an end user to make small scale database applications, but they all require the data to be hosted on third party servers. Are there any open source alternatives that could be hosted in-house?"

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What the hell is a web 2.0 database? (1)

Thantik (1207112) | more than 5 years ago | (#27500417)

When did databases hit 2.0? I missed that memo. Man if I have to learn CSS and AJAX to do my SQL queries I'm gonna be mad.

Re:What the hell is a web 2.0 database? (1)

Velska1 (1435341) | more than 5 years ago | (#27500743)

My question exactly. What would make a "Web 2.0" DB? That would be what's stored in it, not the DB engine - or is the submitter talking about a hosted DB app?

Most "Web 2.0" hosted DB apps seem to run MySQL, PostGres or something like that. SQLite if the amount of data is small.

As for in-house hosting, whatever is wrong with your standby DB engines and RDBMS's? I mean, Access is hardly a very smart database, so a fairly basic MySQL would be able to replace it.

I'm using the quotation marks to signify a lacking working definition of Web 2.0 in this context. A database is a database is a database no matter what you store in it (consider DBFS).

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