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The Pirate Bay Founders Create DDO$ Attack

joelmax (1445613) writes | more than 5 years ago

The Courts 0

joelmax (1445613) writes "It seems that The folks over at The Pirate Bay have come up with a Genius Idea for their 30Million SEK Fine that they refuse to pay. Basically, they aim to Have millions of TPB Supporters send small donation payments to the Law Firm representing the Media Industry of 1 SEK (Reccommended amount). Now, if enough people do this, the Law firm only has 1000 free transactions per day, so everything above 1000 transactions costs them money (2 SEK per Transaction). So lets say that this gets tons of support and 30 million people do this (Cost of fine) in 1 day. This means that there would be 29 999 000 transactions that cost the law firm 2 SEK per transaction. This would end up costing the firm $59 998 000 (Just under 60 Million, or double the amount fined). Thats a lot of $$$....

Here is a link to the original article:"

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