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Cornering the Market On Zero-Day Exploits

0x537461746943 Already being done I suspect... (118 comments)

Do you really think the CIA (or some other group) doesn't already do this? $10000 for an exploit to use against an enemy (or friend?) of the government... I doubt they even flinch when making a decision to buy something like that (disguising their identity of course). They wouldn't advertise such behavior and surely it would be protected from most of the government knowing about it because of the sensitive nature of it. We just wouldn't ever know such things.

about a month ago

DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

0x537461746943 Shooter reveals his location and a defense (188 comments)

Put a bunch of laser light sensors into the armys jackets, helmets and pants that would detect a laser light sweeping the person targetted and then immediately respond by shooting the same color laser down toward the ground from the helmet to make the bullet have to guess what the real target is (a bunch of dots preferably). While doing that the direction and location of the shooter could be determined by the sensors so retaliation could be swift. Or in cartoon style just have the sensors automatically make a laser of the same frequence that was detected shine a bunch of dots on the ground and direct the bullet back to the source laser transmission to take out the shooter :).

about 2 months ago

Scientists Find Method To Reliably Teleport Data

0x537461746943 The data does not get transmitted across distances (202 comments)

After reading a bunch of articles on this it seems like the general public really doesn't understand that the data does not get transmitted across distances. The encoding of the data was done at entanglement time.

You take 2 envelopes. Write the word UP and DOWN on two separate pieces of paper, mix them up and put them in an envelope. Send them to two different locations. Open one envelope and you will have the opposite reading in the other envelope which could be miles or light years away. As far as transmitting data this is more inline with what is happening.

about 3 months ago

TrueCrypt Website Says To Switch To BitLocker

0x537461746943 Re: Fishy (566 comments)

1. Unless that was part of the plan to misdirect.
2. Only if it gets found out.
3. I certianly wouldn't trust it after the information in the article.

Certainly this software has caused all kinds of difficulties with some government organizations being able to get to encrypted data they have confiscated/accessed. Those government organizations certainly want people to use something that has a backdoor in it. It has already been shown that the government has compromised other encryption schemes... what makes you think they have stopped doing that?

It is possible some organization (government controlled) pushed them to close down. XP support ending just gave them at least some reason why to do so. By posting what they did on the website even if Trucrypt is resurrected it will always have this stain in it's history where the developers have stated it is not secure. No company is going to want to use this software after a warning like that from the developers.

about 4 months ago

Botched Executions Put Lethal Injections Under New Scrutiny

0x537461746943 Re:Nitrogen asphyxiation, if you must execute (483 comments)

I wonder if the reason simple ideas are not used is because the states don't have the expertise to say what to use so they have to hire some third party to come up with a way to do it. The company coming up with the idea feels they need to come up with a complex mixture to use to justify the money they were paid to come up with the idea or maybe they have contacts with a chemical company that they would recommend :). I am sure it has something to do with money somewhere... someone wanting to make some.

about 4 months ago

Botched Executions Put Lethal Injections Under New Scrutiny

0x537461746943 Car/engine running idle in an enclosed space... (483 comments)

I have heard from articles that the person just goes to sleep. Why do they rely on some hard to obtain or complicated mixture when it seems like there are very cheap and not very uncomfortable ways to do such a thing?

about 4 months ago

It's Time For the Descent Games Return

0x537461746943 Re:Hell Yes! (251 comments)

You mean Kali.

about 4 months ago

New IE 8 Zero Day Discovered

0x537461746943 Who thinks we are really safe today online? (134 comments)

It is really a sad state that computer systems are in nowadays. Every year multiple vulnerabilities are published showing how easy it is for someone to find critical vulnerabilities in software used every day by citizens and government officials. I bet the NSA is into Chinese government systems and China already has access to american government systems. The underground hacker/criminal scene certainly already has access to corporate and government systems too if you think about how many vulnerabilities are found every year and the underground market to sell not yet published vulnerabilities. Obviously not only the good guys who publish the vulnerabilities find vulnerabilities. I wonder what the ratio is but I bet the good guys don't have that much of a lead. Maybe we are going about this wrong and instead of making people think they are secure they should assume all governments are not secure. This would bring about a cold war. China won't critically bring down American government systems because they know that America would just do the same to them :). With articles being published that show that the NSA is putting trojan software in exported systems you can certainly bet that other countries are doing the same. Are you sure that USB drive you ordered from China is only a USB drive? We need a revolution in computing when it comes to security. While we have seen improvements in security over the years we don't seem any closer to solving security issues than we were 10 years ago when it comes to the apps that every day users use.

about 4 months ago

Efforts To Turn Elephants Into Woolly Mammoths Are Already Underway

0x537461746943 Re:Global Warming (147 comments)

That is precisely what I was thinking... Global warming... making elephants more resistant to cold... They are going the wrong way... It seems like the are doing it just to do it and not for a real reason to do it.

about 4 months ago

Electric Stimulation Could Help You Control Your Dreams

0x537461746943 Experimenting with exploiting dreams (be immoral) (138 comments)

If you realize you are sleeping and in a lucid state and decide to just use it like a sandbox playgound and do immoral things knowing that it is just a dream and not real people or things... does that make you bad or immoral? I won't go into detail but I have experimented a few times but stopped because I felt it might affect who I am since nobody really understands how dreams really affect people. There are limits for instance I can not make changes to buildings or the people in the dream, etc but I have a lot of control in my dreams as far as what I personally do inside the dream. I can switch channels by blinking my eyes if I don't like a dream scene. I don't get control of my dreams as much as I used to as a kid but still get awareness and control inside my dreams a few times a month.

I see it like writing a book. Just because you think of something for a story it does not mean you would do that or would want to do that in real life. Just in case though I really didn't like the feeling of when I did these experiments doing bad or immoral things so I stopped that pretty quickly. I do wonder though if someone purposely and repeatedly tried to do the opposite of what they normally would do purposely do immoral things... would that affect them in real life over time.

about 4 months ago

Electric Stimulation Could Help You Control Your Dreams

0x537461746943 Re:Used to be able to dream lucidly when ... (138 comments)

That is exactly how it works for me. I can fly if I want to, switch to different dreams like channels, and control some aspects of them. I could do it more often when I was younger but I still get control and switch to different channels if I don't like them a few times a month. I blink my eyes (in the dream) to change channels.

about 4 months ago

USPTO Approves Amazon Patent For Taking Pictures

0x537461746943 Re:Prior Art No Longer Relevant in the US (152 comments)

I think a lot of people are confused with what first to file really covers. First to invent claims are mainly based on stuff not publicly available. Even with the new first-to-file there are still protections for prior art that is publicly available. If you published or had a product already in the public that matched a patent that was filed later then you would still get protection. I am not lawyer... this is just what I have read after going over many articles on the web... so take with a grain of salt :).

about 4 months ago

USPTO Approves Amazon Patent For Taking Pictures

0x537461746943 Hmmm... I did this for Christmas pictures at home (152 comments)

I did a very similar thing this past Christmas. I used a white sheet and put a very bright white light bulb behind it. We were dressing up with funny hats and such with the family. It seemed like a very obvious thing to do to get a white background to me. I am no photographer... I just was wanting a nice white background.

about 4 months ago

Skinny Puppy Wants Compensation For Music Used in US Interrogations

0x537461746943 Maybe Guantanamo Bay isn't that bad after all... (271 comments)

You get to listen to Skinny Puppy. Sweet! Sign me up... oh wait... they put a water hose up where? while you listen?

about 7 months ago

The Human Body May Not Be Cut Out For Space

0x537461746943 On bright side... cure for near-sighted people (267 comments)

For only $100,000,000 you can get your near-sited problems corrected without glasses or contacts. You might get cancer though. Bring back the space shuttle... there is a new use for it.

about 8 months ago

NTSB Calls For Wireless Tech To Enable Vehicles To Talk To Each Other

0x537461746943 OK... who paid for the lobbyists this time (153 comments)

Surely some company trying to sell this tech is pushing it to the government somewhere.

about a year ago

Keyless Remote Entry For Cars May Have Been Cracked

0x537461746943 Or attacking the source... (398 comments)

And getting access to the keys and/or algorithms that generate said keyfobs. How well are the companies protecting them?

about a year ago

DoS Attack Forces EVE Online Offline

0x537461746943 Cheap higher speed bandwidth doesn't help (127 comments)

It doesn't help that those infected hosts now can get 150mbit/sec upload speeds... Verizon only charges an extra $10 a month for 50/25mbit service. It wouldn't take many of them to kill a lot of decent sized sites.

about a year ago



When SSL Certificate Revocation Lists fail

0x537461746943 0x537461746943 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

0x537461746943 writes "About 1:30am a few customers that use our secure web servers started getting CRL (Certificate Revocation List) verification failed messages. It turns out the CA (certificate authority) we use had an issue with the updating the CRL which caused browsers to fail CRL verification. IE's default for 'Check for server certificate revocation' is off but the CRL that failed was the publishers certificate revocation list (Check for publisher's certificate revocation) which defaults to on for IE. The CA fixed the issue but now we have CRL caching issues. We have to wait for them to expire or tell customers to manually toggle the 'Check for publisher's certificate revocation' setting in IE which seems to force the browser to get the new CRL

We have tried to think of as many failure scenarios as possible over the 12 years that we have operated but this is one that completely slipped by us. We now plan to buy two certificates from different CAs for our critical https web sites. Just in case something happens we can just switch to another certificate that was signed by a different CA. It is not like we used some unknown CA either. We used one of the top CAs out there that have been established for a very long time."


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