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Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

14erCleaner Re:Revolt? (696 comments)

they more or less control the media, thus control what people see, read, and think

I always laugh when I see a statement like this, in an open forum read by hundreds of thousands of people. If the government is controlling what people see, why aren't you modded "-1 Unpatriotic"?


Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

14erCleaner Re:Now I Know... (565 comments)

If this was the unix world, they'd be talking about no longer updating 8.1.0 and requiring customers update to 8.1.1.

If this were Ubuntu, they'd be upgrading from Persnickety Panda to Persnickety Panda Possum.


Guardian and WaPo Receive Pulitzers For Snowden Coverage

14erCleaner Re:Good (78 comments)

Snowden deserves a Nobel prize too.

Or at least a mention in the Pulitzer announcement. The way the announcement phrased it, you'd think the journalists dug out this information on their own, rather than having it dumped in their laps.

2 days ago

Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

14erCleaner Resist! Join the protest! (312 comments)

To demonstrate opposition to this scheme, the moon will go dark tonight (Monday) for a few hours around midnight. Get out and show your solidarity by staring at the dark of the moon!

2 days ago

Toward Better Programming

14erCleaner Re: Programming is hard... (391 comments)

I maintain a system that, in theory, uses this component model to store and search documents. Third-party software is used to index, ocr, open archives and emails, extract different formats, display search results and the docs themselves, etc. In theory these are all solid products from established vendors that should function well. In practice, though, each component has its little flaws and end case problems, and always in different situations. As a result, the system is massively unreliable and requires constant attention to keep it from collapsing -the failure rates of the components are additive, and it adds up to a lot. The best news I've heard this year is that it's being discontinued.

about three weeks ago

Geologists Warned of Washington State Mudslides For Decades

14erCleaner Re: Contradictory news (230 comments)

Here in Colorado Springs, we've had two catastrophic fires in two years that destroyed 850 houses. People are rebuilding in place, and the media celebrates their resolve. At least it'll take a few years for the fuels to accumulate again, but you have to wonder sometimes...

about three weeks ago

Harsh Wireless Conditions? Send In the Drone Hot Spot

14erCleaner Warflying (20 comments)

This brings a whole new meaning to the term "mobile hot spot".

about 1 month ago

NASA Forgets How To Talk To ICE/ISEE-3 Spacecraft

14erCleaner Re:It's The Same Old Story (166 comments)

Kind of like the Slashdot staff and the "Most Discussed" sidebar. Anybody notice that it hasn't changed in a week?

about a month and a half ago

The Tech Industry Is Getting Ridiculous

14erCleaner Not at all new (102 comments)

Techies have always been strange - for example, consider the average /. reader. Or Richard Stallman.

Another great example of an outlier is the so-called "Spam King", Dale Begg-Smith, who, when not making millions off spam and malware, won two Olympic medals and three World Cup championships in mogul skiing, starting in 2006. If that isn't a bizarre combination of pursuits, I don't know what is.

about a month and a half ago

Project Ara: Inside Google's Modular Smartphones

14erCleaner Hot-swappable? (70 comments)

Because you could upgrade your phone without interrupting the current call?

about 2 months ago

AOL Reverses Course On 401K Match; CEO Apologizes

14erCleaner Re:Distressed Babies? (123 comments)

Not to defend this bozo, but the $10 million "raise" was undoubtedly due to appreciation in his stock options, since AOL stock increased from $5 to $45 in 2013.

about 2 months ago

GOP Bill To Outlaw EPA 'Secret Science' That Is Not Transparent, Reproducible

14erCleaner Re:"Not Reproduclibe" (618 comments)

Because they hate the EPA and are using this as a pretense to neuter it. There's no way they can provide "reproducible" results to back up many of their rulings - what are they going to do, run a study with one polluted river and one clean one? This is clearly just a smokescreen by the know-nothings on the right, since they have no regard for science otherwise. Fortunately the House can't unilaterally pass legislation - sorry, guys, maybe next week you can repeal the ACA for the fiftieth time instead.

about 2 months ago

Non-Coders As the Face of the Learn-to-Code Movements

14erCleaner Been there, done that (158 comments)

Back around 1980, there were a zillion magazine and newspaper articles around about the shortage of programmers, and about how computer science was the highest-paying thing to go into. The result was a boom in CS enrollment, followed by a glut of incompetent entry-level programmers who really wanted to be rafting guides or something. Once the dust settled there was still somewhat of a shortage, and salaries remained high despite all the telephone-sanitizers who tried to become programmers.

This all has a familiar feel to it.... What the big companies really want right now is cheap programmers, not more programmers. They're clearly hoping that increasing supply will lower their labor costs, whether it's by pushing the "year of code" or by increasing HB-1 visas.

about 2 months ago

Old cellphones, in my household ...

14erCleaner Emergency use (171 comments)

I have an inactive Verizon flip-phone in my hiking gear, just to call 911 in an emergency. My regular cell phone is Sprint, which has much worse coverage away from the cities.

about 2 months ago

The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

14erCleaner Re:What about me? (533 comments)

I suspect the passion/dream/obsession/whatever stuff is just another subtle way of accomplishing age discrimination. After all, most people calm down sometime in their 20's or 30's - you know, about the time they start getting expensive to employ.

about 2 months ago

What Killed the Great Beasts of North America?

14erCleaner Re:rewilding? (214 comments)

Well, Clovis, don't keep us hanging - what did happen 11,000 years ago?

about 3 months ago

23-Year-Old Chess Grandmaster Whips Bill Gates In 71 Seconds

14erCleaner Re:71 seconds.. (449 comments)

I won against a number of people with exactly the same (move by move) game

No, you didn't - Carlsen didn't just play e5 Nf6 Ng4 Qh4 and Qxh2 (the basic Scholar's Mate from the black side). This game was nine move pairs, and included Gates playing Bd3 with his queen pawn still on d2 (a seriously weak move). I suspect that when Carlsen saw that move he knew he could just march his knight and queen over and checkmate Gates with no particular effort required. I think Carlsen only used about 10 seconds on his clock (of the 30 seconds he got - Gates got two minutes).

about 3 months ago

Programmer Privilege

14erCleaner Re:More garbage (353 comments)

that really means you are at least +1SD above average IQ, and quite likely +2SD or +3SD.

What's that in Mean Deviations?

about 3 months ago

Target Confirms Point-of-Sale Malware Was Used In Attack

14erCleaner Re:Got email from Target offering free credit moni (250 comments)

VISA just sent us new cards and cancelled our old ones. They didn't specify exactly why, but I shop at Target.

That email "from Target" might be a phish. Careful...

about 3 months ago

Target Confirms Point-of-Sale Malware Was Used In Attack

14erCleaner Re:Cheap architecture + short cuts = DOOM (250 comments)

What the CEO really said was

We eliminated the malware in the access point

Which is completely different than "POS malware" - note he said the access point. I'm still betting this is an inside job, and one of their central billing computers had a little extra code in it that was sending the info across the net to some holding site.

about 3 months ago



Amazon Raises Free Shipping Threshold, Then Beats Revenue Expectations

14erCleaner 14erCleaner writes  |  about 6 months ago

14erCleaner (745600) writes "Three days ago, Amazon.com increased its threshold for free "Super Saver" shipping from $25 to $35. This led one short-seller to speculate that they would badly miss earning estimates. Yesterday evening, Amazon announced earnings of $17.1 billion for the third quarter of 2013, handily beating the average estimate of $16.8b. They still lost 9 cents per share, but they're making it up in volume."

Malware for Android Surges

14erCleaner 14erCleaner writes  |  more than 2 years ago

14erCleaner writes "According to Juniper Networks, malware for Android platforms has increased 472% since July. 55% of the identified malware acts in one way or another as spyware. The other major type of attack, which make up 44%, are SMS Trojans, which send SMS messages to premium rate numbers owned by the attacker in the background of a legitimate application, without the owner’s knowledge. They credit the more open app store, with no up-front review process, for the greater amount of malware versus the iPhone platform."
Link to Original Source

TSA Sabotage Results in Two Year Sentence

14erCleaner 14erCleaner writes  |  more than 3 years ago

14erCleaner writes "A federal judge sentenced a Colorado Springs programmer to two years in prison Tuesday. Douglas Duchak was caught trying to insert code that would have interfered with processing searches into the TSA's no-fly list in October 2009, after he was notified that his contract job was being terminated."
Link to Original Source



14erCleaner 14erCleaner writes  |  more than 9 years ago I work for a company called Xpriori (http://www.xpriori.com), which creates an XML database system called NeoCore. This system consists of a server which stores XML documents, a web-based console for administering and querying the database, and client APIs for C++, Java, and COM. The server is available for Windows (2000 or XP), Linux (RH 9.0 or equivalent), and Solaris.

I'm obviously biased (despite not having any equity in the company yet :), but I think this is a great product, and I wish more people knew about it. Hence this self-serving essay...

A free version of NeoCore is available for download from our website. This server has no time limits or other B.S. in its licensing, but does somewhat limit the size of the database (10 GB, which isn't very limited), the number of CPUs used (2), and the number of simultaneous active clients (about 10). There are extra-cost options (obviously; we have to make money somehow) which give you direct support, online backup, larger limits, etc. Support of the free version is through an online forum - free registration is required.

I'm especially proud of our XML query language. It's based on the W3C XQuery language; we've customized it to make it more suited for database access (versus e.g. XSLT addressing), and have left out support for some of the features. Partly we just wanted to keep our query language small (XQuery is a huge language). In one case (schema support) we consider it a feature to leave out a feature, if that makes sense (by not requiring predefinition of XML structures allowed, we can store any XML documents and query them immediately).

Our query language allows retrieval of documents via a path-based language (a la XPath), augmented with a moderate-sized function library, FLWR statements for iterating over result sets, XML constructors for making new documents for output, and built-in sorting by multiple keys.

NeoCore has quite good performance and capacity. Our core technology is based around a set of patented search techniques, and we index absolutely everything (all XML tags and each tag with its data content). Despite this hyperactive indexing, our storage footprint is often smaller than the XML that is stored (chalk this up to the redundancy in XML more than our cleverness).

So, please give it a look if you're interested in XML storage. Please be tolerant of our website, as it seems to be a no-no in product marketting to mention what the product actually does (I'm reminded of Kermit the Frog in "The Muppets Take Manhattan"). You might get something very useful for no cost, other than your time.

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