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World's Biggest 'Agile' Software Project Close To Failure

19061969 Re:And who were the contractors? (349 comments)

Quoth: "one doesn't "buy" Oracle (or IBM or BT) products, one carries them like an STD."

What a truly superb quote. Kudos.

about a year ago

Google Betting Its Google+ Systems Know What's Best For You

19061969 Wonderful, thanks Google... (109 comments)

So when I'm looking at photos of a loved ones' visit to the Taj Mahal, Google says that they're going to push *lots* of other people's photos of the Taj Mahal at me.

Because I really want to look at the Taj Mahal. Endlessly.

No you dipshits! I want to look at my loved ones enjoying their holiday! I don't give a flying f*** through a rolling donut about the holiday snaps of strangers, no matter how good, how artsy, how quirky, or how many there are with vaguely amusing pictures of sodding cats!

Bet all you want Google.

about a year ago

Google Formally Puts Palestine On Virtual Map

19061969 Re:all part of the big ploy? (338 comments)

Aren't there supposed to be some lizards in there somewhere?

about a year ago

E-Sports League Stuffed Bitcoin Mining Code Inside Client Software

19061969 Re:Sounds handled fairly well (223 comments)

That doesn't change the company's guilt one iota because it was a post-hoc ("after this") act.

What the company's post-act actions do is allows a more lenient sentencing so that the judge can let them off with a slapped wrist for being naughty boys or imposing a lighter fine.

about a year ago

Boston Cops Go Undercover Online To Crack Down on Concerts

19061969 Re:What a waste (229 comments)

Except that as a tax-payer, the GP is actually paying the cops' salaries.

1 year,25 days

Facebook To App Developers: Good Idea, Now Stop Using Our API

19061969 Re:What's the point? (158 comments)

Absolutely. It was a part of the business risk and realists approached with the attitude of being scared of anything that might become too popular. The ideal was to be popular but not popular enough for MS to bother doing their own version.

about a year ago

Intel To Help Stephen Hawking Communicate Faster

19061969 Re:I have an idea (133 comments)

Hawking is fairly conservative with his tech. As another post said, working is the primary requirement, even if slow. Remember, a FUBARd system is no use no matter how cool or fast it worked in the lab.

Besides, Hawking has a nice media career going for himself: http://youtu.be/tOimeRod4TY (yes, it really Hawking help sell financial products!).

about a year ago

Mathematicians Aim To Take Publishers Out of Publishing

19061969 Re:Disingenious (162 comments)

I have!

Seriously. I reviewed an article for the British Medical Journal some years back (some time between 2005 and 2008), and I got paid either £20 or £50 for it. I think it was an experiment they tried for a short time before dropping the idea.

It's the only time I've ever been paid for reviewing papers; and the only journal I've ever heard of doing it.

about a year ago

Death Valley Dethrones Impostor As Hottest Place On Earth

19061969 W00t! (175 comments)

W00t! USA! USA!

about a year ago

Dell Gives Android the Boot, Boots Up More Windows 8

19061969 Re:good luck with that (408 comments)

Man, if only I had mod points...

about a year ago

Dell Gives Android the Boot, Boots Up More Windows 8

19061969 Re:Market changing? Not competing successfully? (408 comments)

To be fair, most here have been called time on HP and Sco fairly well. Okay, HP is still going but let's face it, it's not the great company it used to be, even before losing out on Autonomy.

about a year ago

"Jedi" Religion Most Popular Alternative Faith In England

19061969 Re:Soooo... (262 comments)

Ooops - you forgot Hinduism.

So the Jedi cult is the most popular cult in the entire country! Except for Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism.

about a year ago

"Jedi" Religion Most Popular Alternative Faith In England

19061969 Re:Survey with "Jedi" option available (262 comments)

Quoth: "The Christian church in England gets tax breaks, six unelected members in the House of Lords"

Umm, how many elected members are there in the House of Lords? I'm just curious why there's a qualifier?

about a year ago

Hounded By Recruiters, Coders Put Themselves Up For Auction

19061969 Re:seriously? not this again (233 comments)


I was at an interview just last week for a position at a large UK telecoms company. The salary was probably 45th percentile for the country, and I was told with a straight face that I had to prove I was the "world's best of the world's best".

For the first time in my life, I actually walked out of an interview. I'm quite good at my job and get shit done well with everyone happy. I might (or might not) be world class but I don't know because I've not had the opportunities to work at the large trendy tech companies; but this condescension is only allowed if they're paying a truly awesome salary.

If they're paying shite wages and the manager is a twat, they will never be world's best of world's best, no matter how much they want to be.

about a year and a half ago

Google's Engineers Are Well Paid, Not Just Well Fed

19061969 Re:$128,000? (342 comments)

Yeah, you tell the looser!

Herp derp fadgit.

about a year and a half ago

Foxconn Thinks the iPhone 5 Is a Pain

19061969 Re:Ug (312 comments)

Quoth: "I suspect they are not, the point they are probably making is that if the suicide rate is say 5% amongst the general population, but only 1% in the industry of tech manufacturing yet Foxconn's rate is 3% then it is striking, " If the article did that, then that would be fine and definitely news-worthy. But the problem is that they haven't. The only comparison they've made is with a national baseline. It doesn't seem good practice to assume that that statistic must be the worst-case: I'd really need see the facts (i.e., suicide rate amongst similar factory workers) before making a conclusion.

about a year and a half ago

Foxconn Thinks the iPhone 5 Is a Pain

19061969 Re:Ug (312 comments)

Much like I did in 1980s UK. I was sent on a work experience programme when I was 14 over summer and quite enjoyed my experience and didn't feel exploited even when looking back after several decades of work. It was about as much real work as my daughter playing with a toy kitchen is real cooking.

I'm not saying that Foxconn's younger interns are not working the typical 30-hour / day, 8 days/week-type deathmarch that articles like this seem to propound, but I'm not saying it's not either. This article needs something more than just whispers and hints of accusations.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Were You Taught About Computers In High School?

19061969 O level Computer Studies (UK) (632 comments)

In the UK, I took O level computer studies and was taught by a former programmer. The time was 1983-85 when I was 14-16 years old.

We covered hardware ("this is a VDU", "Winchester hard disks", etc) and software.

Software was introduced using CESIL (or CECIL?) a low-level language written for instruction by ICL. From this, I transitioned easily to 6809E Assembler (much more complex but I had the fundamentals in place).

We also learned BBC BASIC on BBC Microcomputers which gave us an intro to structured programming rather than GOTO's.

We wrote programs that we ran on the BBCs (if BASIC), or were sent away somewhere else if CESIL. Our teacher taught us to begin with unit testing (or at least, inputs and expected outputs), a flowchart (for which we had to buy a stencil) and then hand-written code on paper. This was before we even thought about sitting at a keyboard and it taught me to *plan*.

I also got to play with an old Research Machines personal computer and a Tandy TRS-80 which I liked because it had an integrated display! At home, I had to battle for the right to use the TV with my family!

Just in case: I'm not a programmer / developer and never have been. Well I do write but I'm more of a data scientist than anything.

about a year and a half ago



Boeing Dreamliner catches fire in Boston

19061969 19061969 writes  |  about a year ago

19061969 (939279) writes "The BBC reports that a Boeing 787 Dreamliner caught fire in Boston. Carter Leake, an analyst at BB&T Capital Markets in Virginia, said, "I don't want to be an alarmist, but onboard fires on airplanes are as bad as it gets." This represents bad news for Boeing especially after the FAA identified errors in the assembly of fuel line couplings in the Dreamliner."
Link to Original Source

Star Wars coins issued by Niue

19061969 19061969 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

19061969 (939279) writes "The Pacific Island of Niue is to issue a set of commemorative Star Wars coins that will be legal tender there. "A collection of four silver $2 coins costs NZ$469 (£240) while silver-plated $1 coins cost NZ$23.50 (£12) each." but hurry because only 7,500 of the silver and 50,000 of the silver-plated coins will be produced and should be available from November."
Link to Original Source

Bamboo taxis in Philippines

19061969 19061969 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

19061969 (939279) writes "Bucking the trend for heavy-weight SUVs, a mayor in the Philippines has commissioned a range of bamboo vehicles. According to the blurb, the taxis also run on coconut biodiesel, even have a stereo sound system and help the local economy by being largely locally produced. Is this the future of mass transportation?"
Link to Original Source

19061969 19061969 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

19061969 (939279) writes "Raph Levien, the founder and organiser of Advogato has decided to take the site offline for the free software community resource site and trust metric testbed. Having one of the first blog facilities and aggregators (the recentlog), the site also featured articles of varying quality from interviews with Donald Knuth, seeing the development of popular projects like Bittorrent, and lots of recent spam from China. Mr Leviens reasoning for the stop is that the site has "...filled its purpose of demonstrating the trust metric ideas, which was the original purpose of the site.""


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