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Oracle Buys Sun

19Buck Re:Java is safe, mysql is safe... (906 comments)

"Some of the ones Sun has been selling for the past few years have been rebranded Fujitsu SPARC64s"

The Mx000 series are not "rebranded", they're co-developed by Sun and Fujitsu

more than 5 years ago

Living Free With Linux, Round 2

19Buck Re:Lol (936 comments)

They don't know what to do with the options "Back,Next,Cancel" Either.
I cannot even BEGIN To tell you how many call's i've taken that have gone something like this:
Them - "Yeah i'm trying to install Foobar2000, and it says 'blah blah yadda wibbley boo yoo boo hoo blah, back, next, cancel' , what should I do next?"
Me - ........ "Hit next"
Then - "Ok, now it says blah biddy woo hibbely yamma ramma toucan Sam ah, back, next, cancel. - What should I do?"
Me - ........ "hit... next"
Them - "Ok, now it says woohey doo nibby iffity wee nee cow tow, back, next, cancel - what should I do?"
Me - ........"hit......next"
Them - "Oh, I hit cancel"
/Me commits suicide.
Seriously, when the lay person can't handle "back,next, cancel", can anyone honestly expect apt-get to mean a fuck to them?

more than 5 years ago

6 Pennsylvania Teens Face Child Porn Charges For Pics of Selves

19Buck Re:Nude != Porn (1044 comments)

I wouldn't call that "Extremely healthy", but the Professional Mental Health Community does recognize that sexual attraction to post-pubescent Adolescents is completely normal, so long as it is not the primary attraction nor to the exclusion of attraction to sexually matured adults.
this is cited in the wikipedia article on Ephebophilia and in many other places as well

about 6 years ago

Study Links Personal Music Players To Hearing Loss

19Buck Re:Turn down the volume (405 comments)

it's almost kind of ironic when you think about it...

The typical "answer" to induced hearing loss is...

Wait for it...


I wonder if this jackass you went to see would think any differently if you'd have pointed out that a hearing aid is, on a very basic level does exactly the same thing your earbuds do.

more than 6 years ago


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