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Do Embedded Systems Need a Time To Die?

3247 Re:Or you could just you know... (187 comments)

Which assumes there's still someone around releasing updates

What about an EOL date that's calculated from the date of the last update?

No update for 12 months = EOL.

about 4 months ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

3247 Re:where is the controversy? (642 comments)

Where is the controversy? If someone says the earth is the center of the universe, either they are dumb, or very conceited and really mean they are the center of the universe, but don't want to offend the rest of us. Oh wait, I get it now...

Relativity actually says that the Earth is in fact the centre of the universe, from Earth's perspective. It's exactly age of universe times speed of light from the borders of the Universe. That does not mean that Earth is special, however. The same is true for any other place in the universe.

Darwin is right.

about 5 months ago

Prominent GitHub Engineer Julie Ann Horvath Quits Citing Harrassment

3247 Re:Not sexism, but bitchiness (710 comments)

So it's just a tale of one woman being bitchy to another.

That's a sexist remark, you know?

about 6 months ago

WSJ: Americans' Phone Bills Are Going Up

3247 Re:False advertising. (273 comments)

Trouble with this is the carriers won't be able to run national ads with their pricing. Instead the price will have to be concealed until you're about to sign up. Some states (Nevada) you pay around 7%, whereas others (I think NY?) it's 25%. I'm still trying to figure out why the government finds it necessary to make a cell phone so expensive to have, even if your income is shit.

They could still run nationwide ads with the net price but quote the correct amount before you sign up.

about 6 months ago

Why Improbable Things Really Aren't

3247 Roll a dice... (166 comments)

Roll a dice. Each of the outcomes only has a probability of 16.p6 % (assuming a fair d6), which is fairly unlikely. Yet, there's a 100 % probability that you will obtain one of these unlikely results.

about 7 months ago

Hyperlinking Is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules

3247 Re:TPB legit? (97 comments)

IMO, you can argue either way:

  • The Pirate Bay does not host any content but just links to content hosted elsewhere. It does not make the content available to a new public.
  • The content hosted elsewhere is not readily accessible to the public without the torrents (or "deep" links). By hosting torrents (or "deep" links), the Pirate Bay enables the public to access the content. Thus, the Pirate Bay does make the content available to a new public.
  • The Pirate Bay helps seeders to make the content available to the public. They are an accessory to the copyright infringement of others.

about 7 months ago

Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards

3247 Re:Skim software (731 comments)

Well the target problem happened because someone managed to install skimming software on all of the computers. If the security of your checkout system is compromised then can't you just skim the pin number instead of trying to forge the signature?

The card terminal (with card reader and PIN entry) is usually a separate unit that is audited against security requirements of the financial institutions. While that does not mean it can't be hacked at all, it makes hacking much harder.

about 7 months ago

Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards

3247 Re:I guess they have never heard of two factor aut (731 comments)

Why the hell would they switch to a pin system, rather than adding it as a second factor? The signature is useful for forensic analysis of the fraud after the fact.

Is it? Really?

about 7 months ago

German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games

3247 Re:So... (261 comments)

Do the Germans have a single, very long, really angry-sounding, word for 'this software is licensed, not sold'? Inquiring minds want to know.


Yes, that just means "sales contract". Because the 'this software is licensed, not sold' meme does not work under German law.

about 7 months ago

German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games

3247 Re:Bad ruling (261 comments)

Ignoring the fact that you didn't read or understand the ruling, typical EULAs have to be accepted for the purchase to be completed. Assuming you go to a store the order is either: You hand over the money. You get the DVD. You start the installer. You read and accept the EULA. The contract is done.

No, not according to German law. German law basically interprets clicking "I accept" as "F*** you, I just want to use the software I already paid for".

about 7 months ago

German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games

3247 Re:Bad ruling (261 comments)

Licenseing is explicitly handled differently, but it has to be clearly noticeable that the underlying contract is a licensing contract and not a sales contract.

In the European Union, if you "buy" a software license online, it is not handled differently. According to the Court of Justice of the EU, the "the downloading of a copy of a computer program and the conclusion of a user licence agreement for that copy form an indivisible whole" (Judgement of 3 July 2012, C128/11, para. 44).

about 7 months ago

Network Solutions Opts Customer Into $1,850 Security Service

3247 Re:Free market means exactly that ! (405 comments)

You can transfer domains to a different registrar.

Except, of course, if your previous registrar refuses the transfer-out due to outstanding payments - e.g. the payments for the $1850 service of which you did not opt out.

about 8 months ago

Thousands of Germans Threatened With €250 Fines For Streaming Porn

3247 Re:Bahahahahaha (192 comments)

It should tell you something when mearly going to a website and viewing something can make you a criminal. It's not like torrenting where you can argue that by downloading, you're also uploading to others; they just went to a site and pressed play.

German courts kann tell the difference. No joking, that's what happened.

about 9 months ago

German Court: Open Source Project Liable For 3rd Party DRM-Busting Coding

3247 Re:Not 3rd party code (178 comments)

How is that different from hosting a web forum where anyone can post content.

If I post illegal content here, should Slashdot become liable because it "accepted the contribution and started spreading the [content] itsself"? Shouldn't Slashdot stop spreading "just anyone's" content "without verification"?
Even worse, Slashdot allows posting as "Anyonymous Coward", and thereby facilitates such abuse.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Laptops For Fans Of Pre-Retina MacBook Pro?

3247 Most notebooks are not really upgradeable (477 comments)

I don't think that being able to upgrade really matters. In fact, even if you can upgrade, you will soon run into barriers.

I've upgraded my 2007 MacBook Pro to a 500 GB SSD and 6 GB RAM. The CPU and GPU or everything else can't be upgraded.

So where is a Retina MacBook Pro worse with respect to upgradeability? The SSD can also be swapped - and it's probably much easier than swapping the SSD on a 2007 MacBook Pro, which has the disk deep inside. Well, the RAM cannot be upgraded on the new model... but wait, I can't go beyond 6 GB on the old one, either (actually, it's already above the official 4GB limit). So if I order a Retina MacBook Pro with the maximum RAM, it does not make a difference at the end of the day.

about 10 months ago

First Few Doctor Who Episodes May Fall To Public Domain Next Year

3247 Re:Although I must add... (216 comments)

That indicates to me that the US rules are in effect for the US, even if the work was copyrighted outside the US.

"Copyrighted outside the US" is nonsense. That's not how copyright law works. In fact, every work is copyrighted in every country according to the laws of that country. Even if a work was created in the UK, it is copyrightet under UK law, US law ... and the law of any other country that has the concept of copyright.

Thus, if the doctor becomes PD in the UK, that only means that it is PD with respect to uses (such as copying) performed in the UK. If it's not PD in the US at the same time, then you infringe on US copyright laws if you do the same in the US.

about a year ago

USB "Condom" Allows You To Practice Safe Charging

3247 Re:*yawn* these have around for years? (208 comments)

"Negotiate" is a loose term - really it's just some fixed resistances across the data pins that set USB charging mode. This can be built into the plug without any extra copper in the cable.

For dump power supplies, it's "just some fixed resistances" between data pins. That's a shortcut for chargers that don't want to implement the USB protocol.
Computers, however, do use the data lines for the intended purpose. With computers, the amount of power that can be drawn is negotiated between the computer and the devices.

1 year,4 days

EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

3247 Re:Germany has no general speed limit on the Autob (732 comments)

Wrong, UK Motorways have a lower death rate.

Seriously, two seconds on google.

Please don't disturbe his religious beliefs with facts.

1 year,18 days

EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

3247 Re:Germany has no general speed limit on the Autob (732 comments)

A culture where people follow rules religiously helps. You won't find a German jaywalking. You won't even find a German crossing the road in the middle of the night when no one is around if at the crosswalk the man is red.

Are you trying to be funny?

1 year,18 days

EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

3247 Re:And again... (732 comments)

I was passing a huge truck that was driving slowly on a two-lane road. I was executing a proper high-speed pass on the other side of the road. In order to pass the truck going 50 in a 70 zone, I needed to drive faster than him. The faster I drive, the less time I spend in on-coming traffic on the wrong side of the road. I needed to drive 90 to pass the very long truck in under two miles. But my car refused to go more than 70. So it took me four miles pass him.

If you can't savely overtake without exceeding the speed limit, you must not.

1 year,18 days



3247 3247 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

3247 (161794) writes "A German blogger is being sued by a Chinese bus manufacturer over a blog entry, the German news magazine Spiegel reports. This would not be such a big deal by itself... but although he lives in Germany and his blog entry is in German, the action was brought before a regional court in Yancheng, China. The statement was served with the help of a court in Berlin, Germany, and the blogger is expected to defend his case in China, a country he probably has never been to. Ironically, the company is itself facing legal action from Neoplan, a German bus manufacturer, whose designs were plagiarised by the Chinese competitor. The blog entry was just about that "audacious knock-off". Obviously, the Chinese did not like being called copycats. This seems to be the first time bi- or multilateral treaties preceding the Hague Convention (earlier Slashdot story) are used against a private person, who has no direct relation to the country he is sued in."


3247 has no journal entries.

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