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Kyoto Protocol Comes Into Force

3Bees Re:'gain a relative economical advantage'.. (1336 comments)

The cynics amongst us would say the Americans wanting to apply the protocol to poor countries is a method to try to keep the poor countries poor and under the American thumb. The US doesn't suffer easily - a bit like a petulant child.

I think your cynicism is misplaced. I think the *real* reason that the US Gov. is so opposed to Kyoto lies within the voucher provisions. Under Kyoto, any country that produces less greenhouse gas than permitted by the treaty is permitted to sell the credits to those countries that are producing more. The reasoning behind this is that they will get a boost to their economy which depends upon non-greenhouse technologies. As their economies grow, they will of course begin to produce more greenhouse contributing emissions, but they will also have a strong incentive to keep those emissions limited.

The side affect of this is that "developing" nations will also get a certain amount of anonymity in the face of the primarily US controlled World Bank, International Development Bank, and the various regional banks. Freedom is something that the American Government always means to be freedom for itself to subjigate others in the name of our empire.

Again, your cynicism is not unfounded, just a little off target... ;-)

more than 9 years ago


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