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The Ethical Dilemmas Today's Programmers Face

3seas Stone Image of the Beast (183 comments)

All to often I find software does not function the logical way it should. That to use the software efficiently I have to think like the programmer(s) or figure out what they were thinking when they wrote teh program..

The old saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes.... people do this all the time in using software.
Computer are made of earth and run thought processes of the programmer(s) thus making them a stone image of the beast otherwise known as man.

But this is not the only place the thought processes of a few are imposed upon many more, for religion, government etc,,, all use abstraction as most certainly so does programmers. And its in understanding this that we also have the metaphorical key to the bottomless pit. For that key is the understanding of the gears and bearing of how we process abstractions and why we came to create them.

The main ethical issue regarding software is the false constraints those in the field of programming subject the users to. Who doesn't know how barbarically constrained the Windows Command line is? But it is done that way under the philosophy established by Bill Gates "the way to become wealthy is to make people need you"

Ethics went out the windows when Bill Gates yelled "Piracy" over a matter of people being very tired of waiting for what they had paid for and Bills BASIC itself, was a port of those who created it.

The only way to bring Ethics back into the field of programming si to not only make it all open source and to disallow software patents (which itself is complete fraud) but to properly approach software development the way it should had been done to begin with. In the way that is natural in teh creation and use fo abstraction, without false constraints.

To understanding this is indeed possible see http://abstractionphysics.net/

about 9 months ago

Classified X-37B Space Plane Breaks Space Longevity Record

3seas Paid for by taxpayers for those who... (123 comments)

lie to the taxpayers... fitting the general theme of government today.
Where can I find a really good paying job that as an employee I control the companies bank, as I please?
Military industrial complex addiction wims???

about 10 months ago

U.S. Court: Chinese Search Engine's Censorship Is 'Free Speech'

3seas Did someone forget to mention.... (284 comments)

The founding fathers of the United States of America were NOT supporters of Democracy as they knew from history and experience that Democracy leads to Oligarchy. Instead they founded a Republic!!!

Perhaps the first post with a long list of replies should learn about US founding history.

about 10 months ago

Synthetic Chromosomes Successfully Integrated Into Brewer's Yeast

3seas Isn't this a lot like programming? (107 comments)

Take a huge program and hey... lets change this little part and see what happens/

about 10 months ago

The Billionaires Privatizing American Science

3seas Want Proper Science, Funding is there, However,.. (279 comments)

....the employees have control over the peoples funding of government. and That is inherent Corruption incentive.

How are the so called representatives to represent the people in this republic when they have no way of knowing what the people want?
The "No Vote" won the last election by far, worse qualified voter turnout % since before 1948 if not of all time. But Taxpayers still fund government, and this doesn't change..

What is missing is the paperwork allowing the taxpayers to say how their taxes are to be used. This in turn sets the budget and communicates via the solid bottom line of money budgeted as to what the people want represented. Think Crowd funded government.

Tax processors allocate per each taxpayers instructions. Government has to be transparent with what they want funding for or they do not get it. Taxpayers are limited in what they can chose their taxes to be used for as it must be in matters of generating teamwork benefits shared by the citizens.

Voting is a limited democratic supplement to the Republic in deciding who gets the job of optimizing the peoples funding for teamwork benefits optimization. Voting is also used for influencing the pool of funds the taxpayers decide to let the government deciding on how used (funding buffer).

When the employees no longer have control over the peoples funding of government then the corrupt will no longer find they want to be in politics, as its no longer a free lunch to do whatever they want after lying to the people to get elected, but a JOB of fulfilling the intents of the people.

This happens no less than once a year as its part of the tax return paperwork and for each at the level of taxes paid, local, state, federal.

Its not a difficult thing to implement and can be eased in as taxpayers can decide on how much of their taxes they direct and how much they allow government to decide. So its not like a taxpayer has to take full responsibility but its clear in time as people become used to and confident in the decision of the people, the more they will take responsibility for.

If you do not trust the people to make the right choices then what? You rig elections?

How I know this will work is the example of Free Open Source Software works in a similar manner and if you don't know what all is available... then you are missing out by your corporate greed feeding. Feeding that can be better directed elsewhere.

Imagine the government system getting revised by the people once a year, to express what the people want, and how well this will tell the representatives what they are to represent.

The way things are today, the employees have control over the bank account, cannot set a budget and in their guilt and effort to dismiss it have been spending money spying on the very people funding them and passing laws against the same. This is no different than a spoiled bully brat addicted to killing.

Its not what the people are intent on funding. For the people would have to be self destructive to do so.
The correction is simple and fitting of the Republic the founders of this country founded.

Where is the required taxpayer voice paper work, and government funding request information to make it possible for representatives to know what they are to represent?

Copy this comments and send to your representatives and repost.... That would be a start!

about 10 months ago

Friendly Fungus Protects Our Mouths From Invaders

3seas Mod it down but Monsanto.... (63 comments)

...once the drug industry synthesizes the fungus Monsanto will kill off the moths.... and by out the rights holder.

about 10 months ago

Court Denies NSA Request To Hold Phone Records Beyond 5 Years

3seas Real National Security is defined by the founders! (46 comments)

From the Declaration of Independence"... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security...."

The Hijacked US Government when they say "national security" its really their security just as the media uses terms such as "the US", Israel", Iraq" etc... when what they are really referring to is not the people but the governments hiding being the insinuation of the people.

The large majority of the people on this planet are getting fed up with the few liars, cheats and warmongers draining from them the benefits the people themselves have been generating. As anyone who has ever worked in team knows, you can in teamwork generate more benefits than the team members need. And it takes great drain and destructive force to hide this fact so to prop up those deceiving the people of this planet.

What has happened here falls in line with hiding the facts of who those deceiving are.

about a year ago

Embarrassing Stories Shed Light On US Officials' Technological Ignorance

3seas The US government has been hijacked (299 comments)

From the Declaration of Independence "... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security...."

The Founders did not establish a Democracy, and you will find nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, The US constitution or the Bill of Rights the word "democracy" as they were actually against it for they knew it leads to oligarchy, which we are much closer to today.

Those who might argue the the Declaration fo Independence is not law, they are correct. But what they may fail to understand is its more important and more powerful than law, as it is the spirit and intent of all valid and legitimate law in the US. And any law that violates this is not law any more than you can have a legal contract to murder someone. The job of a US judge is to deal with the exception of law that do not fit the spirit and intent of the founders as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

The founders in writing the Declaration of Independence fired all government personnel past present and future who violate the spirit and intent of the founders establishing this republic. Once informed of being fired any (people funded) government employee continuing in such position is committing and act of impersonating such an employee and stealing funds from the peoples funding of government.

Yes the government has been hijacked. And the Founders even gave real life examples written in the Declaration of Independence, that the spirit and intent of the founders would not be misconstrued.

The correction is simple, the taxpayers should be given voice where the individual taxes they pay they have say in how those taxes are to be used wile voting is a limited democratic supplement to the Republic in hiring who can best optimize the allocation budgeting of the people in generating team work benefits the people share in (the constraint of teamwork benefits is where taxpayers can chose). By chose the taxpayers can allocate all or some portion of their taxes to "decided by government - as a funding buffer" for which voters also influence the direction of such funding. The tax processors (who may be your neighbors) simple allocate funding as per taxpayers instructions.

Simple solution of putting control of the funding of government bank account in the hands of those it should be in, rather than the employees who have proven they cannot handle the bank account properly, and fail to budget while lying to the people in an illusion of being elected (approx 50% of the qualified voters did not vote this last election, making the "NO VOTE" the actual winner of the election. What ever government wants funding for they have to notify the taxpayers and request it.....meaning they have to be transparent!

The liars, cheats and warmongers who have hijacked the government do not like this solution. The Why should be obvious! These lazy have no real interest in the communication tools technology has provided for there scope of communication does not include the people, but just the few participating in the hijack. IOsolating oneself from the critical public for which you are supposed to work for is very telling of intent.

about a year ago

Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen Say Google Data Now Protected From Gov't Spying

3seas So its now safe for... (155 comments)

all the terrorists to communicate thru......Now all they have to do is convince the spying government terrorist of it... collect datat for a couple years then leak the hell out of it.... Then we won't have a spying problem anymore.

The only way to be safe from leaks on the internet is to not make whatever not accessible on or from the internet.

about a year ago

$2,400 'Introduction To Linux' Course Will Be Free and Online This Summer

3seas Much needed (84 comments)

This is a good move as it will make possible windows users to find out what life is not only without walls but without windows that only let you see where you want to go (but you can't get there from behind a windows). Linux the great glass cutter. I might even take the course and I've been using linux for quite some time now.

about a year ago

Why Robots Will Not Be Smarter Than Humans By 2029

3seas Ex-perts to de right of me, Ex-perts to the left . (294 comments)

.... of me and bla bla bla.... Lik'en what de hel I know...?
See thread to know.... https://www.facebook.com/char....
Yep, eben dis dumb hick can see threw dat wall of ex pert tease! T.Rue

Did you know dat too experts who is'a pos'in each utter goes show what da's exprt at?

Go ahead, mod me down..... ain't gonna change de inedible!!!

Abstractionize dat will ya.... http://abstractionphysics.net/ to go

about a year ago

Google Ordered To Remove Anti-Islamic Film From YouTube

3seas Know where the problem really is (321 comments)

Know the source of the problem and call it out for what it is.... the truth will stop the problems.
Otherwise ...... KaBoom Nuclear SHTF!!

Jacob battled god all night and for it was given the name Israel meaning "he who battles god". Islam means "voluntary submission to God". So god sent the Mesopotamian originating nomadic tribe of jacob/israel .. Israelite into the forever battle against the Muslims, invading their land. Christianity believes being saved by sacrificing the savior.

But here is a problem with these three. The devil (alien) being Jesus biological father who was not wed to Mary, could have but didn't stop the torturous death of Jesus and took glory in it and previously tried to get Abrams (Abraham) to kill his own son..

And that is how the world was turned upside down... lying prince of the world. So what is really happening with the three above?

Apparently the so called "god", "Allah", "YHWH" prince wants war, for these three can only play out to be WWIII nuclear.

Hinduism oldest religion in the world is "whatever inclusive" and Buddhism "the awakened one".

Add all this up and what do you get? A house fighting against itself will fall. The house of Humans.

Option B:

Realize its all just a trick.... The result of the trick to get the human species to evolve from a subconscious bicameral state, to an abstract conscious state to finally awake where both are integrated to super-consciousness where we will be introduced to the civilization of the universe as we will fully understand the usefulness and limitations of the tool of abstraction and the big picture goal of expanding universal content. Where things will be done on earth as it is in the heavens. Even telepathy (transmission and reception of energy patterns at the quantum physics level) requires interpretation into the abstract and if you interpret something wrong what will your response be, a kaboom?.

Don't believe this? World protest indicate the people of the planet are seeing past the intentional deceptive misuse of our abstract tools.

about a year ago

Supreme Court Ruling Relaxes Warrant Requirements For Home Searches

3seas Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse (500 comments)

And that applies to the Supreme court as well.

See Declaration of Independence for instructions the Founders wrote for the people in their recognition of the people rights and Duty.
Law enforcement officers that violate the law lose their legal position, fire themselves in doing so..
An intruder can be shot and killed and teh resident can claim they had good reason to believe the people were impersonating an officer(s) of the law.

In other news British Intelligence Advisor; Obama Born In Kenya In 1960; CIA DNA Test

about a year ago

DARPA Funds Research Into a Network-Based Interpretation of Dreams

3seas Interesting and relevant to human evolution (54 comments)

This is moving in the direction of transition we are currently going through but here science trying to understand it. Where in the process science will mostly just produce supporting research of the merging of our consciousness with our subconscious. Accessing the last link in the article a mention of the iliad caught my attention as I know Julian Jaynes uses the Iliad and the Odyssey to show difference between functioning in a subconscious state and of functioning in a conscious state. As such I updated a wiki page first paragraph to add this in. http://abstractionphysics.net/...

about a year ago



DMV learning txtspeak for censoring your plates NFS...

3seas 3seas writes  |  about 2 years ago

3seas (184403) writes ""Banned license plates: DMV is hip to your txtspeak. Many state motor vehicle departments are keeping up with txtspeak and banning vulgar acronyms from appearing in personalized plates on the road.""
Link to Original Source

Thousands of Patent decisions may be invalidated

3seas 3seas writes  |  more than 6 years ago

3seas writes "46 US patent judges under cloud "A US law professor has uncovered a constitutional flaw in appointing judges who decide patent appeals and disputes, which could undo thousands of patent decisions concerning claims worth billions of dollars. The basic point John F. Duffy, who teaches at the George Washington University Law School, has raised does not appear to be in dispute.""

3seas 3seas writes  |  more than 7 years ago

3seas writes "The term "Computational thinking" appears to be gaining interest and google search findings over the past year. Having just discovered the term but not really understanding what it is about after reading a lot of google findings, how it is to be taught and applied, I was wondering if the slashdot community might help to clairify. I came to understand computer technology based ideas required the use a computer, so to get a feedback loop of what your input generates. But that doesn't seem to be the case here, so I'm confused."



3seas 3seas writes  |  about 13 years ago

This Journal entry is in effort to identify the short commings of the slashdot system of moderation, as well as slashdots lack of ability to allow readers to view a larger picture of any one poster or total community perspectives.

This matter was initially brought to my attention early on in seeing some of my own posts, relative to the story, moderated down to offtopic. Eventualy moderation opportunity was handed me and I learned how the system supposedly works (how am I to ever really know?). From that I could accept the occasional wrongly biased moderation and the meta-moderation machinery suggested that even this sort of faulty moderation can be kept somewhat in check.

But then in a Q&A Lawrence Lessig did for slashdot readers, he was rather hard on the readers/poster in saying they don't do enough. He was trying to motivate more into contributing finances to the EFF of which he is a part of.

In my effort to respond to him, I discovered that slashdot doesn't provide any sort of worthwhile search engine that can be used to get all the posts by any one poster. The Best I could do in collecting my own posts was the "last 24" posts list (which is generally useful for quicker access to recent posts in order to see if others have responded and to access the thread point so to respond).

I tried using the Google site search engine and only got scraps of returns of what all I know I had posted to slashdot. So I eventuall went into my browser history and going the hard manual (what are computer for?) direction of accessing every slashdot entry in my browsers history and searching for my online name via the entry. From here I collected what is my first Journal entry.

With this I of course composed an email to Mr. Lessig, pointing out to him the failings of the slashdot system in that it could much better be machined so that the benefits of the slashdot moderation system methodology (as mentioned in "Coase's Penguin, or, Linux and the Nature of the Firm" by Yochai Benkler - Duke University's conference on Public Domain papers) could be used to present much larger scope views of not only individuals but community perspective.

I suggested to Mr Lessig that it is possible that the Bigger picture views may exist to the select few behind the Slashdot/OSDN operations. But at any rate, the slashdot readers/posters do alot more than he openly recognizes, in that it takes time and thought to write an itelligent post, time to read and moderate, etc... and there is an end result of a bigger picture. It is not that fault of the readers/posters/moderators that the slashdot system seems to be wasting and/or hiding such a valuable resource.

I have also noticed that there seem to be a growing MS baised trend and consider the probability of MS internally making infilteration of all GPL/GNU communication medias part of the daily tasks of many who work for MS. This probability is preceived given the holloween documents, and other internal leaks of digging into the clients systems and such. This bias can be anything from cutting MS down in ways that are not true (so as to create or influence tha idea that MS has been wrongly judged/preceived), to suggestions that MS is better at this or that than GNU efforts, etc..) Note that Linux itself (what is the beginning of having an actual complete working GNU OS) is 17 years younger than MS's 27 years.

Of this MS biased infulence I've noticed growing in Slashdot and not only the lack of ability for the user to get bigger picture views, but the new friend, nutral, foe options........ OK so the friend/foe options could be used to play "Tag the infilterating MS biased cronies", though it's unlikely to be used so,..... it's likely to be used both ways and for benefits only the select few who have access to behind the curtain search engines. Consider what sort of "opinion" poll results can be had and later considered in trying to influence the community in some direction or another (MS?). Let it be understood that in 1975, at the introduction of computers into the consumer & hobbist market, Bill Gates yelled "Piracy" (TIME mag "The Great Software Flap!" and what really was nothing more than the natural evolution of open source software development and benefits... ) and in so doing he disrupted the natural evolution of software development direction --as can be described as-- a growing puddle of water, to a pond, lake, sea, ocean, etc., of users, where a the piracy disruption wave followed out on the growing edge, infecting everyone with the un-natural piracy conflaberated conflictions of constraining software development and innovations. But now that the markest have slowed in growth, that expand water leading edge is vanishing and causing that disruption wave to begin to return to it's maker in the form of a counter wave called GNU/GPL and everyone can expect a resistance by the initial maker of the wave, to what is in essence, the return to the natural evolution of open source software development directions and benefits.

With all of the above in mind, links like the following are worth collecting for consideration in what is wrong with the slashdot system, such that the atittude is of ... to fix a problem, make things better, you have to see things how they really are, what the source of the problems are. Otherwise you are only going to be treating symptoms in trying to make things better, rather than actually getting at the source and actually making things better.

kuro5hin - an OSDN branch and slashdot master moderator problems?


3seas 3seas writes  |  more than 13 years ago

The Future of Ideas-1.url - Reward, but not thru exclusive use.

Cringely On Gates' Free Software Connection.url - OSS inspired by Bill Gates failure.

Lightweight Languages.url - Bit Flipping (easy or complex - how do you want your eggs?)

Making Linux Look Harder Than It Is.url - Not just Linux - ie. HTML and W3C

W3C Launches Technical Architecture Group.url - What doesn't work.

W3C Launches Technical Architecture Group-1.url - How to fix it.

Content Faction v. Tech Faction.url - W3C relationship? (Babling Politics?)

Content Faction v. Tech Faction-1.url - More than Copyright - VR Holodeck programming complexity.

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge.url - Linux ideal for automation.

How To Make Software Projects Fail.url - Faster development beyond the four minute mile - automation.

The Future of Ideas.url - Making business on Linux work - automation in the hands of the users.

Money in the Music Business.url - Making way for new talent to develope on it's own.

Researchers' Right To Open Source Research.url - The need to change IP laws.

Freedom or Power.url - Beyond which-craft and sourcery into the genuine science of abstraction manipulation.

Physicists War Over a Unified Theory.url - Theory "IS".

The Age of Paine Revisited.url - The Forest got BIG!

Volunteer Work Abroad.url - Volunteers around on mother earth, all to-get-her well now.

The Internet Shifts East.url - China doing good (world stock gamble) - It's about translation (and exceptions) - programming - (***search on "3seas")

Linux On the Desktop 0.24 Percent.url - Just another stab at OSS/GPL - also see:
The Halloween Documents

Lawrence Lessig Answers Your Questions.url - Attack on slashdot users???

For The Love Of Open Source.url - Trying to corner a wild animal that needs to be wild.

Free Software And Its Revolutionary Social Implications.url - Get your bets in, Nature wins!

Cybercrime Treaty Signed.url - Ignorance of the Law is a symptom of a complexity illness.

Dutch Propose Digital Information Safes.url - Example of a tower to fall (let's not build towers!)

McAfee Will Ignore FBI Spyware.url - Double standards? Only the law and criminals have computer viruses? Removing incentive to be sick.

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