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Scientists Find Method To Reliably Teleport Data

4wdloop Re:If information can't be sent faster than C..... (202 comments)

More like this:
2 entangled particles exist. One at A and one at B
Measurement is taken an A. This results in a change of state to both particles (ie makes state of B the same of just measured of A) but the result of the measurement is random.
Measurement is taken on B.
Measurement is sent from A to B (via classical channels)
Now B can then determine that the state of B matches the state at A which proves A&B where quantum-coupled.

about 2 months ago

Bunnie Huang Shows Off His Open Source Laptop (Video)

4wdloop Re:It could (24 comments)

WinCE != Windows, you'd be better off with Wine, although granted not on ARM.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 With Bing To Sell Cheaper Devices

4wdloop Re:So who uses IE? (124 comments)

So interestingly, would they allow OEMs to bundle another browser with this?

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 With Bing To Sell Cheaper Devices

4wdloop Re:Antitrust (124 comments)

The M$ IoT cannot have storage nor local apps as they MUST make you use the $Cloud (for their business model to work)? IoT is for fridge, picture frame, thermostat kind-of stuff...

These here are likely intended for 9" tabletoids of sort, I think, now that Surface Pro is for Pros and Business and no hear about non-Pro it's more a replacement for Windows RT (an ARM Windows so to speak)?

But how they can still go through with this legally I do not understand...pretty sure they spend lots of $$ on lawyers already so they have legs to stand on....

about 2 months ago

With the Surface Pro, Microsoft Is Trying To Recreate the PC Market

4wdloop Re:Surface: the only Hope (379 comments)

Yea, WinRT/Metro is a different user space but there is a "good old desktop" Win32 subsytem in "Windows RT" (this is how they run Office there). An app recompile should do...

I guess they did not see any value in opening it out. Perhaps due to the real value of "legacy desktop" being the stash of existing x86 applications? Or they were afraid of more confusion (as if Windows RT/Surface/Surface Pro names were not already confusing).

about 2 months ago

With the Surface Pro, Microsoft Is Trying To Recreate the PC Market

4wdloop Re:Surface: the only Hope (379 comments)

>> It still amazes me that you can't just run normal Windows on the ARM-based surface.
That would be Windows RT...RiP?

Business model? In ARM tablet space there is no margin for M$ license.

about 2 months ago

Did Mozilla Have No Choice But To Add DRM To Firefox?

4wdloop Re: Not denying something is different from forcin (406 comments)

Well, your parents did not get stopped by the DRM. They got stopped by lack of will/time/knowledge to to use bittorrent to access a DRM-free content. Just saying... I agree it does something, I for one avoid buying all disney movies as I cannot make backups for my kids who would trash a dvd in few days.

about 2 months ago

US Military Drones Migrating To Linux

4wdloop Re: Air Vehicle Uses RTOS (197 comments)

Yes I was thinking solaris or linux as flight control system can't be it. Ground station make more sense. Thanks for clarifying.

Btw what rtoses do they use?

about 3 months ago

DreamWorks Animation CEO: Movie Downloads Will Move To Pay-By-Screen-Size

4wdloop Re:pay for better stories? (347 comments)

I like this idea!

Perhaps bidding per movie view?
A movie eBay?

about 3 months ago

US Nuclear Missile Silos Use Safe, Secure 8" Floppy Disks

4wdloop Re:Security through Antiquity? (481 comments)

And this is hard with the very floppy 8" disks...they do not work well after being folded to fit in the pocket...

about 3 months ago

US Nuclear Missile Silos Use Safe, Secure 8" Floppy Disks

4wdloop SACDIN? (481 comments)

What's the pronunciation?

"Sucked in" ?

about 3 months ago

OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone

4wdloop Re:Too good to be true? (196 comments)

It has little to do with cost of flash.

It's about maximizing total profit averaged across all units sold. If they only had 64G model they would have loose many sales due to much higher price point (say they would have to sell it for $400).

about 3 months ago

Google Buys Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

4wdloop makani (41 comments)

And I thought they wanted makani kiteplains for green energy....they probably want them for the same as the other drones?

about 4 months ago

Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

4wdloop A further android fragmentation attempt? (105 comments)

It can have strategic goal to advance Android fragmentation? Granted, rather expensive one at it...

about 5 months ago

AMD Announces First ARM Processor

4wdloop Intel's to follow? NO? (168 comments)

Why would not Intel, with its fabs and process nodes, produce best ARM around?

Well it does already as Altera's Stratix 10 would use Intel's 14nm fabs.

But why not Intel itself?

about 6 months ago

Texas Drivers Stopped At Roadblock, Asked For Saliva, Blood

4wdloop how on earth conduct such study? (783 comments)

It would be nice to know this statistics but how to gather the data?
If this is involuntary, only sober people would consent. Why take a risk?
Some sober people would refuse also, perhaps a small group.
So do they imply refuse" as "drunken" then?

about 8 months ago

The Linux Foundation Releases Annual Linux Development Report

4wdloop Re: Vision Engraving and Wolfson ? (101 comments)

Well, I have looked at Wolfson - they specialize in audio (yes including silicon). Still find it interesting that they contribute to linux kernel along IBM's and Googles of the world. And Vision Engraving? Is this the same company:

about a year ago



Would Intel build best-in-the-world ARM SoC?

4wdloop 4wdloop writes  |  about 7 months ago

4wdloop (1031398) writes "With x86 architecture becoming quickly irrelevant for market dominance, Intel's fab technology being step or two ahead of competition could make them the King of ARM. Why would or would not Intel do it?"


4wdloop has no journal entries.

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