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I prefer my peppers ...

6Yankee Re:best pepper? (285 comments)

When I worked in McJail, we once had a promotional chilli burger. God only knows what was in that sauce, but if you breathed at the wrong moment while cleaning the gun you'd quickly find yourself curled up on the floor gasping for air. Each burger was meant to get one shot of the stuff. Some of the hardasses on shift claimed to have eaten one with four, but nobody could remember having seen any of them actually pull it off.

Anyway. Customer comes up to the counter with a mostly-eaten burger - funny how the only ones worth complaining about were always mostly-eaten - and proclaims loudly and profanely that it's not hot enough. Demands a better one. Now.

The customer is always shite, I mean right. Yes sir. Right away sir.

Fourteen shots, we put in that thing. We had to build it in the box to stop everything from sliding off everything else, and fifteen just wouldn't fit. What a mess. We quickly squashed the lid shut, handed it over to Front before it exploded, and then rested our folded arms on the production bin to watch the show.

His first mistake was licking up all the sauce that ran down to his elbows. Bad call. Before he'd even taken a bite his eyes were streaming and his large Sprite was gone. A quarter of the way in, he noticed us watching and grinning - as he rushed to the counter to buy another Sprite. We were still grinning as we gave him three more Sprites after that. To his credit, he finished the damn thing. He left without saying a word (largely because he couldn't), suitably chastened.

Damn, I miss that job sometimes.

about three weeks ago

Report: Space Elevators Are Feasible

6Yankee Re:Flying pigs (374 comments)

Forget Pizza Hut drones, where's my pork chop cannon?

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

6Yankee Re:Kill this abomination of a beta NOW! (2219 comments)

The new beta uses JQuery for the comment threshold selector, and changes that on the fly. This means all the comments are loaded...

Oh wow. If that's true, my corporate overlords' naughty-word filter is going to love all those -1 posts, and it can't tell whether the words actually show up on the screen.

Of course, Slashdot is owned by Dice, who make their money out of finding jobs for people and people for jobs, so maybe getting us all fired is part of the plan.

about 2 months ago

US Customs Destroys Virtuoso's Flutes Because They Were "Agricultural Items"

6Yankee Re:Saw this earlier (894 comments)

Thank you Clippy!

about 4 months ago

Re: Daylight Saving Time, I would most like

6Yankee Re:DST loses its purpose (462 comments)

I'm at 65N too. Here, the weather is reasonably OK until the end of October, then it's absolutely miserable for a month until it snows properly. So, right as it turns horrible, we lose an hour of daylight (well, greylight) in the evening as well. DST's not only irrelevant, it's a kick in the nuts.

about 6 months ago

Atlanta Man Shatters Coast-to-Coast Driving Record, Averaging 98MPH

6Yankee Re:Speed doesn't kill (666 comments)

Falling into a paper mill will do that.

about 6 months ago

Security Researchers Rewarded With $12.50 Voucher To Buy Yahoo T-Shirt

6Yankee Re:This is news? (138 comments)


When I worked in McJail, the grease trap exploded on one of my night shifts. BLAM! Couldn't use the sinks, and (once it had all rained back down from the ceiling and flowed down the walls) the back-room was ankle deep in nasty. In order to get the place ship-shape for the morning, I took all the dirty equipment to the local gas station and jet-washed it on my own dime, after rolling in the grease trying to unblock the pipe with my bare hands. While the other two put the rest of the store in order and went home, I was still there three hours after the end of my shift, cleaning up the mess as fast as it could drip from my body.

The store manager gave me a warm and heart-felt thank-you, although she had the good sense to refrain from shaking my hand. Then she gave me a present. It was the free plastic pen that the plumber had given her.

From there on in, every time I was tempted to go above and beyond the call of duty, I thought of that pen. That was ten years ago, and I still have it somewhere as a reminder.

about 7 months ago

My favorite season:

6Yankee Missing option - not that I'd choose it (346 comments)

Up here at the bottom of Lapland, November is a season in its own right. Autumn is nice, but wet sometimes. Winter is nice, but dark. November, being just wet and dark, sucks.

about 7 months ago

London Tube Cleaners Don't Want Fingerprint Clock-in

6Yankee !IIS (351 comments)


about 7 months ago

I use a screen protector ...

6Yankee Only on my phone (194 comments)

Ordered a packet of new screen protectors, because the current one was looking pretty awful after 18 months in my pocket.

Some weeks after the promised delivery date, they hadn't arrived, so I emailed the seller. They sent them out again. The package arrived the next day(!).

I destroyed two of the damn things trying to get them to line up, finally getting the desired result with the last one.

Two days later, I put a huge scratch right across it.

Two days after that, another packet of screen protectors arrived :D

about 9 months ago

PCWorld Magazine Is No More

6Yankee Re:Sad To See Them Go (164 comments)

I actually went through 2 shut downs with Windows Magazine.

To install the security updates, I guess.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With a Fear of Technological Change?

6Yankee Re:24 yo? (429 comments)

You'll find yourself replacing everything every two years, and pouring money into the coughers of corporations.

Then you die and they put you in a coughin'...

about a year ago

How Facebook Ruined Comments (at Least For One Writer)

6Yankee Re:Ok (135 comments)

Especially when they're a university, trying to sell you a Master's in IT with a strong emphasis on Web development...

about a year ago

Average latency to Slashdot.org?

6Yankee Re:= 40ms to 80ms (same continent) (558 comments)

Count yourself lucky! Up here in Finland, my Slashdot ping times are in the order of two weeks. Then there's often an echo a couple of days later. ;)

about a year ago

Microsoft Working With Suppliers on Designs for Watch-Like Device

6Yankee Smartwatch? (260 comments)

I hope for their sake that the Scunthorpe problem has been resolved...

1 year,5 days

Browser Choice May Affect Your Job Prospects

6Yankee And when you get the job... (374 comments)

...you find yourself stuck with IE6 on XP, and installing Firefox is a sackable offence.

1 year,8 days

Mobile Sharing: "Bezos Beep" Vs. Smartphone Bump

6Yankee Yeah, and... (180 comments)

...marketers won't use this to hijack my phone anywhere they can get hold of a speaker.

about a year ago



6Yankee 6Yankee writes  |  more than 6 years ago

6Yankee (597075) writes "Some Slashdotters are proud to own a computer full of 'beaver', but how about a beaver full of computer? "Ms McMahon said of her Compubeaver: 'I started thinking about the most ridiculous thing to put a computer into and decided it had to be a beaver.'" (That must've made her eyes water.) These case mods are getting dammed silly."

6Yankee 6Yankee writes  |  more than 6 years ago

6Yankee (597075) writes "A Dutch escort agency is offering a "virgin service" — and most of the customers work in IT. Says boss Zoe Vialet: "They are very sweet but are afraid of seeking contact with other people. They mean it very well but are very scared." In what might be considered a very cunning move, the three-hour-minimum appointment includes — a bath."

6Yankee 6Yankee writes  |  more than 7 years ago

6Yankee (597075) writes "BBC News is reporting that supermarket giant Tesco is to start selling own-brand PC software. From the article:

"Tesco said it would offer six packages, including office software, security systems and a photo editing tool. Britain's biggest retailer said each title would cost less than £20, challenging what it described as the current 'high' price of software."

No word as to whether the Tesco office products are compatible with the Microsoft ones. But when people discover that they don't need to break the law to the Microsoft tax, will they opt for a legal, far cheaper, alternative? What does this mean for projects like OpenOffice — a harder sell, or increased interest?"


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