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Sites Blocked By Smartfilter, Censored in Saudi Arabia

8127972 Great..... (112 comments)

.... We now have a new reason for John McAfee to post a YouTube video with scantily clad women.

about 9 months ago

Snowden Says His Mission Is Accomplished

8127972 He's working for the NSA he says.... (312 comments)

'I am not trying to bring down the NSA, I am working to improve the NSA. I am still working for the NSA right now. They are the only ones who don't realize it.'

Neither does POTUS, The Congress, The Senate, the American public, or Fox News for that matter.

about 10 months ago

New York City Considers Articulated Subway Cars

8127972 Details on the Toronto "Rocket" (237 comments)

... Which is the articulated train that we use is here:

It's got more going for it than just being articulated. There are electronic signs that allow people not familiar with the subway system in Toronto to navigate the system better. Plus it's easier for those who have mobility issues.

1 year,9 days

Acer Pulls Back From Windows To Focus On Android and Chromebook

8127972 In a related note.... (253 comments)

....Microsoft employees were spotted moving chairs out of CEO Steve Ballmer's office.

about a year ago

Hockey Sticks Among Carry-On Items TSA Has Cleared For Planes

8127972 So with these changes.... (276 comments)

... Does that mean that we are in a safer place now? I have to wonder if that's the case or not.

about a year and a half ago

Sophos Free A-V For Mac May Kill Time Machine Backups

8127972 Assuming this is true.... (133 comments)

... Then this is a serious hit to Sophos as they have a very good reputation. Having said that, AFAIK this is their first Mac app. So perhaps it needed more QA before release. Until more reports of this phenomenon appear, I'd reserve judgment. However it might be wise for Sophos to get out front of this issue before the spin gets out of control.

more than 3 years ago

Portal On the Booklist At Wabash College

8127972 If you pass the course.... (203 comments)

.... Do you get a party followed by cake?

more than 4 years ago

Chevy Volt Not Green Enough For California

8127972 GM Must Be Freaking Right Now (384 comments)

This takes away any sort of "green" cred the vehicle had. Whether it's actually true what Calif. believes or not isn't the point. People will PERCEIVE that the Volt isn't "green" regardless of where it's sold in the US.

Sucks to be them.

more than 4 years ago

Mass SQL Injection Attack Hits Sites Running IIS

8127972 I suspect.... (288 comments)

... That the volume of Apache and PHP downloads are about to go up.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Talks Back To Google's Security Claims

8127972 WTF? (528 comments)

"When it comes to security, even hackers admit we're doing a better job making our products more secure than anyone else. And it's not just the hackers; third party influentials and industry leaders like Cisco tell us regularly that our focus and investment continues to surpass others."

Hackers said that Microsoft is better at making their products more secure than anybody else? What about Charlie Miller the Pwn2Own winner who said pretty much the exact opposite? I guess he doesn't count.

more than 4 years ago

CBSA Reveals Some Laptop Search Info, But Not Much

8127972 This is really sad because..... (151 comments)

....The current Conservative government in Canada promised to be more open and accountable to it's citizens. Just take a look at this YouTube video with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in it to see what I'm talking about. But it seems that they are practicing the exact opposite. Just look at this issue and another burning issue in Canada involving documents relating to how Canada handled Afghan prisoner transfers and the Conservatives unwillingness to hand them over to Parliament. This is even more troublesome when you consider that US Customs And Border Protection

more than 4 years ago

McAfee To Pay For PC Repairs After Patch Fiasco

8127972 The lawyers..... (212 comments)

... Must just be licking their chops. Why?

1. They all but admitted they fracked up. They even used the word "faulty" in their post. What were they thinking?
2. Whatever their definition of "reasonable" is, it's not going to make everybody happy. That's sure to generate a few phone calls to lawyers.

Expect the the class action lawsuits to be filed shortly.

more than 4 years ago

Disney Buys Marvel

8127972 Someone correct me if I'm wrong.... (423 comments)

... But doesn't Universal Pictures own the rights to many Marvel comic book movie properties? How's that going to work?

more than 4 years ago

Time Denies Issuing DMCA Over Obama Joker Image

8127972 One question.... (324 comments)

Why so serious?

more than 5 years ago

Vulnerability, Potential Exploit In Cisco WLAN APs

8127972 The only real security.... (35 comments)

.... Is a wire from the computer to the network.

more than 5 years ago



Parallels Asking For Beta Testers To Write Reviews

8127972 8127972 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

8127972 (73495) writes "I just saw this blog posting about Parallels asking for it's beta testers to write reviews praising its Parallels Desktop virtual PC product via e-mail. The blogger argues that while this isn't another Belkin mess, it might considered "distasteful." It sure seems to have a certain aroma to me."

Vonage Loses Another Patent Suit

8127972 8127972 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

8127972 (73495) writes "A federal jury today found that Vonage infringed on six VoIP-related patents owned by Sprint and ordered Vonage to pay $69.5 million in damages, plus royalties. Sprint first sued Vonage back in 2005, alleging the company infringed on seven of its patents. For what it's worth, Vonage issued a press release saying they'd appeal the decision, in the process hoping to calm investors and insist that they'll stay on-line. Seeing as Vonage is now 0 for 2, is it time to head for the exits if you're on Vonage?"

8127972 8127972 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

8127972 (73495) writes "A federal appeals court just granted Vonage a permanent stay in its attempts to continue to sign up customers while a patent lawsuit launched by Verizon is ongoing. From the press release: "Vonage will continue to serve existing customers by paying into escrow a quarterly royalty of 5.5 percent throughout the appeals process and by posting a $66 million bond as required by the court. The company's current cash position allows it to pay these fees to secure the stay as it continues to make progress on and pursues its legal appeal over the coming months." Could this mean that they have a lifeline?"

8127972 8127972 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

8127972 (73495) writes "In a shockingly enlightened piece, Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls for a DRM-free world. FTA: "Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats," Jobs wrote. "In such a world, any player can play music purchased from any store, and any store can sell music which is playable on all players. This is clearly the best alternative for consumers, and Apple would embrace it in a heartbeat." Is this a cheap ploy to shift blame?"

8127972 8127972 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

8127972 (73495) writes "I came across this compelling list of ten reasons why audio learning website doesn't bother with digital rights management (DRM). The piece offers an interesting look at a retailer's decision to not lock down their content. Reasons for the decision, as the piece explains, include hidden costs, cumbersome restrictions and the inevitability of the DRM being broken anyway. Perhaps the music industry should read this?"


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