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Cooking For Geeks

8282now sous vide != water bath (312 comments)

To properly assert one's "geek"ness and intellectual understanding of the subject matter, you must get the definitions right!

"sous vide - cooking food in a temperature-controlled water bath"

Sous-vide is NOT cooking in a water bath but rather cooking in a vacuum enclosed containter often immersed in a water bath.

A bain marie on the other hand, is specifically a method of cooking in a water bath. Often for the preparation of whole poached fish or other foods. :| Far too much time spent watching Alton....

more than 4 years ago

Good Database Design Books?

8282now Re:Good SQL design books: (291 comments)

I've enjoyed his book on trees and hierarchies in sql as well. Nice discussion of topics not often touched on in a lot of introductory db literature.

more than 4 years ago

Good Database Design Books?

8282now Good SQL design books: (291 comments)

IMHO: Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties (http://www.amazon.com/Joe-Celkos-SQL-Smarties-Programming/dp/0123693799/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books) has shown itself to be very nice book when the need to go beyond the basics to a little deeper understanding of SQL is needed.

There are many other books on the subject all the way to source material from Date and Dodd but Celko seems to be well informed and writes fairly well, I think.

more than 4 years ago

Life-size Eva Unit 01 Being Built In Japan

8282now Re:This sounds dangerous (80 comments)

.... Hence only the bust! NOT the whole thing!!!!.....
It is pretty cool!

more than 4 years ago

Science Attempts To Explain Heaven

8282now Re:Always disturbs me to explain religion (692 comments)

"And low and behold, if you think of it as a bad hack job, then suddenly it all makes sense. And we know religions can be entirely fabricated. Scientology anyone?"

This argument against religion was always very interesting especially if you link it to scientology. Isn't this precisely one of the reasons Hubbard created scientology? To basically serve as a straw man argument against religion?? Therefore all of you agnostic/atheists who blast scientology appear to be either falling/jumping into bed with the founder of scientology! Congrats!

more than 4 years ago

Can Ubuntu Save Online Banking?

8282now fp -- custom os distro for banking?? (462 comments)

This isn't a bad idea....

I do something like this for some of my clients that are concerned with security. ... that is unless I can convert them to Linux on a permanent basis :)

more than 4 years ago

IBM, Other Multinationals "Detaching" From the US

8282now Re:Solution is You and Me (812 comments)

l've so often but rarely see any proof of such cuts in funding.. would YOU please cite what school and town you're referring to?
Specific budgets pre and post cuts to prove your point. Otherwise. retract your assertion,

more than 5 years ago

Android 1.5 SDK Is Released

8282now a2dp !!!! Yay!!! Video Recording!!! (135 comments)

# Camera & Gallery

        * Video recording
        * Video playback (MPEG-4 & 3GP formats)

# Bluetooth

        * Stereo Bluetooth support (A2DP and AVCRP profiles)
        * Auto-pairing
        * Improved handsfree experience

more than 5 years ago

Robot Love Goes Bad

8282now Skynet jilted!@ (101 comments)

Skynet didn't set out to destroy man. Skynet's love was spurned!@!

more than 5 years ago

Active Directory Comes To Linux With Samba 4

8282now Just waiting the release... (276 comments)

I've got a line of outfits that can benefit from this!

There are so many companies I know that have little to know real dependence upon AD other than the fact that it's all they're really known...

about 6 years ago

Do Nerds Have Better Sperm?

8282now Re:Total BS! (178 comments)

Maybe it's time to turn in your geek/nerd card....

Should sperm count/ fertility be a part of the entrance exam for CS and other science degrees??

... just a thought....


While I usually refer to myself as a geek, rather than a nerd (geek = nerd + personality [IMHO]) this is one that hits home with me. I've been married 2 years now and been trying to conceive for 3+ with no luck. Testing has determined that I have an abnormally low count (healthy in all other respects) and no current cause has been identified.

So no, being a geek/nerd DOESN'T mean you have better sperm, you INSENSITIVE CLOD!

more than 6 years ago




8282now 8282now writes  |  more than 6 years ago


Interesting article highlighting the fact that try as we might, the fact is the rest of the world may not like us. But then again, can we really do anything to change that?

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