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Solutions For More Community At Work?

955301 Recommendation (205 comments)

You are fighting an impossible cause. We aren't designed to know and care about this many people. If you intend to let your business grow beyond 10 individuals (Yes! Ten. Those people each have at least 3 people they care about, making the minimum count 30 already) then you will fail to accomplish what you are looking for. More importantly, if some of them fall for it and begin to trust others at the office, they run the risk of being *deceived by someone they are attempting to trust*, while at work. You will have effectively attached their desire to work there to the outcome of any one relationship they build at work. If *one* relationship goes sour, the person is that more likely to leave altogether. This is why you want all relationships to "not mean anything" at work. It's important to the business.

Other than that, best of luck.

about 5 years ago

Crazy Firewall Log Activity — What Does It Mean?

955301 It's the people avoiding patterns to fear. (344 comments)

This just doesn't seem like a big deal. The countries he points out are all in the same timezones so it's probably just their normal day starting. So this probably correlates to dns refresh or some other aspect (vertical) of general internet operations landing on the same hour.

He needs tcp port analysis and to compare days - the pattern is probably the same from day to day.

about 5 years ago

How Do You Volunteer Professional Services?

955301 Heart in the right place, but you are human (366 comments)

Sadly enough, you will either end up building up a temporary dependency on your skills, donate time an energy and decide the recipients are ungrateful, or have some other less than fullfilling and beneficial experience.

If you have a compassion itch to scratch, collect all of your friends and family, choose one particular family or person to help, then *help them fully*. That means bring them up to the level of your peers and yourself in a way that is permanent and causes them to become another close friend. If you do this with friends the interconnections will make your more successful as a group.

Don't swing your personal energy around haphazardly. It doesn't help as much as you would hope.

about 5 years ago

The Science of Avatar

955301 Re:TFA is full of flaws itself (275 comments)

I'd add one more point regarding the "noble savage" excuse the technology gap keeps landing on.

The Na'vi *can't* be more technologically advanced. Since the planet is almost completely alive and the Na'vi plugged into it, they can't put a shovel into the ground without killing something dear to them. For them to make an advancement at the detriment of something living, it would have to be worth it to them. Eating to survive is worth it, so they have thanksgiving at every kill, but kill nonetheless.

The one exception I could think of would be digging unobtanium off the side of one of the floating mountains to create some sort of flying vehicle. But they already have flying vehicles that perform their own maintenance! And the superconductor hovering would only work in highly magnetic regions.

So I'd argue they are technologically advanced. They have a standing army, worldwide network, flying vehicles. Their technology - carbon fiber skeletons & fibre optic adapters come naturally.

more than 5 years ago

Piston-Powered Nuclear Fusion

955301 Re:There is reason to be concerned. (147 comments)

One counterexample to your point is worth mentioning: Startups driven by ex-academics. There are case studies of successful ventures where researchers came out of the university and into the private sector to apply research to commercial problems. They are niche, but perhaps that's how you could clarify your assertion - by also mentioned niche solutions based on solid research.

more than 4 years ago

Central Anti-Virus For Small Business?

955301 Unorthodox solution (359 comments)

With twenty machines, I'm going to go out on a limb and say don't! You have a large enough user base that you should use a hard disk image backup system, yet a small enough base that the infections would be manageable. Since your primary server isn't windows you may want to set up your network so each user workstation cannot connect to the others, then let them be on their way. The CPU usage of constant disk scanning is a drag on the user's machine. Weighed 20 of them versus the time for you to recreate an image of a particular users disk then swap them out. Besides, if one particular user is a problem it will play out as negative reinforcement for whatever they are doing to get infected.
My reasoning is that users often disable the scan anyway, so you would be trying to combat that behavior by tweaking the application/system security policies. Don't waste your time, if they get infected waste theirs. They won't do it again....

more than 5 years ago

Linked In Or Out?

955301 Strong opinion about this one. (474 comments)

I agree with what you are saying. It's not that you're paranoid, it's that in your gut you know that connections are important, but our society contradicts your natural tendency to small, close knit groups. If you skip the social networking deal, draw out a graph of your 60 closest friends (or your closest and then the people they are close to... you do know your friends parents don't you? Your dry-cleaners name? etc) you should be able to build up a group of people who complement each other.

more than 5 years ago

Sun Is Porting Java To the iPhone

955301 Re:Control (275 comments)

I don't quite follow this assertion: control. They want to control application access - but they release an sdk. And regarding foot-dragging, how many months ago was the iphone released? Can you honestly say it's foot-dragging or a staged schedule?

more than 6 years ago


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955301 955301 writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I'm looking for a location to discuss an undertaking I'm looking to breath new life into: Politico. It's been a long time and it's been in my mind ever since I first conceived the idea. But Politico has been dying on the vine for so long that I'm not confident I can revive it.

But it's needed. I'm of like minds with Thomas Jefferson, who is on the record for not agreeing with the notion of political parties. I think they have killed this nation. And whether it is in fact dead or just down to the last root, I'd really like to poor some water on it and see what happens.

So let us see what happens. And if you have any water to spare.



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