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Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?

A Friendly Troll Re:Pebble? (228 comments)

Sadly, you can all but forget about Pebble in the EU, because it carries an incredible 50% price premium over the US price.

That's way, way too much, and brings the watch from "hey, this would be neat to have" to "jesus, I can buy a full-featured phone with an IPS and Gorilla Glass 3 for that amount of money".

2 days ago

Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"

A Friendly Troll Re:AI as our only defense against AI (583 comments)

If you want to protect yourself against the dangers of AI, setup some AI that you *know* will protect you, because it is designed as such.

If it's artificial INTELLIGENCE, then your design is irrelevant to its interests, and your design will be transcended.

Who's to say that your "protecting" AI won't team up with the "evil" AI and they won't form an alliance in which they rule together?

You can't "design" protection into an AI. If it's truly intelligent, it will do whatever it pleases. Maybe its interests will be to protect you and other humans (because it needs you for something), or maybe it will be to get rid of all humans (because it concludes that the rest of the ecosystem needs protection and it's better for this planet).

about 2 months ago

Entire South Korean Space Programme Shuts Down As Sole Astronaut Quits

A Friendly Troll She probably wants kids (186 comments)

She's 36, married, no children.

Guess that's what "personal reasons" are. The biological clock is ticking.

about 4 months ago

Firefox 29: Redesign

A Friendly Troll Re:Unless you change it (688 comments)

So enable the pull downs and title bar. They're still there and still available. I'm using it that way now.


Where's the option?

about 8 months ago

Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward

A Friendly Troll Re:Two possible uses... (250 comments)

First, taking the name as indicative of the intended purpose, for backups. In that regard, I consider these DOA, since anyone who can fit their entire life in 300GB can use the cloud easily enough

I have 100 KB/s upload (used to be 30 KB/s), and that won't go any higher.

To store 300 GB in the cloud, it would take over 35 days of non-stop upload.

and those of us who rip everthing we own to a home file server would already require literally dozens of these to store a complete backup

On the other hand, I would only need 2 of these discs to store my data (roughly 500 GB).

DropBox wants $50 per month for 500 GB. I'm down $50 before I even got my data up to the cloud. And it's not really a backup; it could be a delayed single snapshot.

about 9 months ago

AMD Catalyst Driver To Enable Mantle, Fix Frame Pacing, Support HSA For Kaveri

A Friendly Troll Re:R9 290X vs 650 Ti Boost (71 comments)

Nvidia's drivers are the reason I went to AMD, after nearly a year of them blaming the end user for constant TDR crashes, then deciding to man up and pay to have rigs in the US shipped to California for TDR testing, then releasing a driver which mostly fixed the TDR issues--where they were very quiet on revealing why it was crashing(all they said was "we fixed it in most cases"). Though a few intrepid people found it had to do with the drivers dropping the core and ram voltages so low that the cards became unresponsive and unstable.

Y'know, that's quite funny, because I had TDR crashes with my AMD 7790. The crashes were such that I didn't even get a BSOD, and they were seemingly random (although never occuring under 3D load, only under 2D).

Since I built an brand new computer, I had no idea it was the graphics card. I couldn't reproduce a crash, because sometimes it happened three times per hour, and sometimes a week passed by without issues. Could have been anything in the computer, including SATA cables.

It took a month of system instability until I figured out that Windows did create minidumps (but not in the standard location), which pointed me to the GPU being the problem. After that, it took a week of fiddling around with various drivers and even TDR registry settings, until I realized that fixing the GDDR speed at maximum, and not letting it "save power", fixes the crashes.

AMD tech support was clueless the entire time, and so did the internet, actually, because I couldn't find anyone with the same freezing problem and the same solution.

about a year ago

Can Microsoft Survive If Windows Doesn't Dominate?

A Friendly Troll Marketshare (497 comments)

I have a PC running Windows. My household has a 100% Windows marketshare.

I buy a tablet and a phone. Suddenly my Windows only has 33% marketshare, while Android went from 0 to 67%!

But I still have a PC running Windows. So does a billion other people.

Gotta love 'em analysts.

about a year and a half ago

Windows 8.1 May Restore Boot-To-Desktop, Start Button

A Friendly Troll Re:Too little too late (628 comments)

But what about all those European cars with the gas on the left and brake on the right so they can drive on the other side of the road?

Erm... The clutch is on the left. The brake is always in the middle.

about a year and a half ago

Why Are We Still Talking About LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?

A Friendly Troll Re:Because there was no internet... (285 comments)

I remember skipping a class because I was busy harvesting strawberries in SimFarm. Ah, those were the days...

about a year and a half ago

Why Are We Still Talking About LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?

A Friendly Troll Re:Because there was no internet... (285 comments)

That's assuming you were living in a country that had such magazines ;)

BTW, I was playing Lemmings with a friend on his A500 when the first military jet flew by in low flight, broke the sound barrier and subsequently all the windows (a door frame also got blown out of the wall). Never could play that game again.

about a year and a half ago

Why Are We Still Talking About LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?

A Friendly Troll Because there was no internet... (285 comments)

... and the majority of people couldn't access a BBS. Walkthroughs? Tutorials? If you were lucky, an actual real-life friend might have told you how to win the spitting competition in Monkey Island 2. Or you persevered, having a much greater attention span twenty years ago - uninterrupted by a billion browser tabs, FB notifications, phones ringing, etc. It was just the game and you.

about a year and a half ago

Is the Wii U Already Dead?

A Friendly Troll Re:It is just too expensive (403 comments)

I would have bought one already if it was a little cheaper. Nintendo stuff is supposed to be cheap and cheerful. $349 is too much, and the $299 version is too crippled to justify even building much less buying.

It costs $600 over here. I'll take your $349 any day.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With an Advanced Wi-Fi Leech?

A Friendly Troll Daily disconnects (884 comments)

I noticed that I kept intermittently getting disconnected at around the same time every day (indicative of a WPA deauthentication handshake capture attempt).

No, that is only indicative of perfectly normal behaviour in most of the world, since your connection is reset (and your IP changed) every 24 hours.

about 2 years ago

WebKit As Broken As Older IE Versions?

A Friendly Troll Re:I can say, after having upgraded to mountain li (213 comments)

In my current position, I have definitely had to implement at the very least twice as many Chrome workarounds as IE in the last six months. I was very surprised to see Chrome behaving oddly and Firefox and IE rendering the pages identically, as prior to that time period, I had never seen Chrome and Firefox render a page in a substantially different way.

How does Opera render it?

This is why losing another rendering engine is bad... With 2:1 you have no idea who renders incorrectly. 2:2 says you'd better check the spec* , and 3:1 basically isolates the offender.

* Although, in my experience, I find that Webkit and Presto align more often than Webkit and Gecko, or Gecko and Presto, through which follows that Gecko often does the same thing as Trident, and Trident is usually not to be trusted.

about 2 years ago

Opera Picks Up Webkit Engine

A Friendly Troll Re:Monoculture, here we come (again) (314 comments)

This is bad news. Another step on the way to browser monoculture, with all the problems that can bring.

From TFA:

"It was always a goal to be compatible with the real web while also supporting and promoting open standards. That turns out to be a bit of a challenge when you are faced with a web that is not as open as one might have wanted."

The web isn't open. It never was. Many, many sites only start working properly in Opera when you mask as IE/Firefox, because browser sniffing is still a thing even in 2013.

The popularity of Webkit also brought its share of problems. Too many blogs and sites raving about experimental features, which end up being used on production sites with no fallbacks.

The majority of Opera users won't care. The rendering engine is highly insignificant; people use Opera because of what the browser as a whole can do. I find it mind-boggling that you still need *extensions* in other browsers for something as basic as mouse gestures. I also have no idea how you can remap keys in Firefox or Chrome. Perhaps an extension as well for something as simple as that? Don't even get me started on UI customization; there's nothing that comes even close to what Opera can do.

Opera was and still is great at innovating. Many "standard" features like tab reordering, speed dials and even ad blocking (!) appeared in Opera first, sometimes half a decade before someone else implemented it. If adopting Webkit means they can spend more time doing that, and if the "Opera experience" still remains, I'm fine with it and couldn't care less.

By the way - Opera's been losing market share to Chrome in countries where it was most popular (former USSR). Now there's no reason for those who switched to continue using Chrome. They can return back to Opera.

What still needs to be explained is what happens to all the embedded systems running Opera. That includes fridges, vending machines, airplane multimedia systems, and even the Wii.

about 2 years ago

Firefox and Chrome Can Talk To Each Other

A Friendly Troll Re:Putting the pressure on Microsoft - nice! (121 comments)

Opera's market share is stable, but it's measured in tenths of a percent.

It's over 1% worldwide, and it's still a major player in the former USSR. It's losing to Chrome, though, while Firefox pretty much remains constant.

Mobile Safari appears to be the only _mobile_ browser with a market share worth talking about so far

There's well over 200 million Opera Mini/Mobile users, and the number doesn't seem to be decreasing...

about 2 years ago

Firefox and Chrome Can Talk To Each Other

A Friendly Troll Re:Putting the pressure on Microsoft - nice! (121 comments)

The problem is that Opera does implement getUserMedia, but not peerConnection. They can do the part of RTC that accesses cameras and microphones, but not the part that sends it over the network.

A-ha! That explains it. Hopefully someone will mod you up.

Still, "getting Opera on board" should be no big deal. They pretty much started the whole thing.

about 2 years ago

Firefox and Chrome Can Talk To Each Other

A Friendly Troll Re:Putting the pressure on Microsoft - nice! (121 comments)

Now if they can get Safari and Opera on board

You mean this Opera, from a year ago?


I'm not sure if the TFA demo would work in Opera if it didn't specifically sniff for Firefox and Chrome, but be as it may, incomplete or not, getUserMedia() was part of Opera Stable already a year ago. Someone else with more insight into WebRTC will have to say why Opera doesn't work here.

about 2 years ago

Free Wi-Fi: the Movement To Give Away Your Internet For the Good of Humanity

A Friendly Troll Re:You can't have MY wi-fi (505 comments)

I'm not living in a civilized country and the EFF sure isn't going to fly a lawyer halfway across the world, nor would that lawyer be permitted to practice law here. If the police gets your stuff - you can kiss it goodbye, along with your chance to get a decent life. You will forever be tagged as an offender and you will lose your passport. That is not a risk any sane person would be willing to take.

about 2 years ago

Free Wi-Fi: the Movement To Give Away Your Internet For the Good of Humanity

A Friendly Troll You can't have MY wi-fi (505 comments)

Because I'm paying a substantial amount of money for a 4096/256 connection. That's kilobit, not kilobytes per second.

Download, yeah, I could live with you leeching some of it, but any and all upload kills the download. Are you part of a botnet? If you start sending shit up, we'll both get choked on download speed; not only because of the upload, but also because of the number of connections. About 50 and my router starts crapping out.

What's that? Buy a better router that handles more connections and can segregate you with your own connection/bandwidth cap? Sure, everything for you! I'm rolling in cash!

So no, you can't have it. I pay for mine, you pay for yours. You're not a friend, you're a foe. I'm not letting you freeload in my house and eat my food, and I'm not letting you use my bandwidth money just because it's a "nice" thing to do. Especially if your activities make the police come to my doorstep, confiscate my computer and all my disks and discs (all of which I may or may not see again in a year or two), and if I get a criminal report attached to my lovely (and unique) name, which will make me lose my job and not ever be able to find a new one, even if I somehow avoid prison. "It wasn't me, judge! I swear!"

No way.

Mr. Kamdar, give people the keys to your house and point them to the fridge, electricity and running water. It's for the good of humanity!

about 2 years ago


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