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NVIDIA Countersues Intel Over License Conflict

A. Lynch Core competencies.... (132 comments)

Can't everyone just get back to what they're best at: making truckloads of cash?

I mean, Intel beat AMD in the desktop micro space, and NVIDIA beat ATI in the desktop GPU market. The two losers even had to join forces to stay afloat.

Seems to me that everyone would be happier if they just played nice, and counted their money.

more than 5 years ago

Free IMAP On Gmail

A. Lynch Re:IMAP WEEE!!! (440 comments)

However, I'd think that load balancing those connections would have been the primary issue. Keeping a stateful IMAP connection open across a given cluster of servers can be tricky, versus a straight "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" POP login.

This would generally be a problem only for mere mortals, but Google is, well... Google. So I'm not surprised to see them offering it, even if it is a little late in coming.

about 7 years ago


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