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Google Glass and Surveillance Culture

ADanFromCanada Re:Not a problem (318 comments)

"how can you judge something when you don't yet know what it does?" I know that it takes photos and videos pretty seamlessly and pretty much all the time. It's also likely that it will tie directly into Google Drive (read: Google's services). And I know that facial recognition software is now good enough to recognize me pretty much anywhere. It doesn't take a product rollout to put two-and-two together.

about 2 years ago

Python Trademark Filer Ignorant of Python?

ADanFromCanada Seriously? (261 comments)

"Is it possible that the CEO of the company that's trying to file a trademark on 'Python' was unaware of Python's importance as a programming technology?" Really guys? Like you're the fucking center of the universe? 95% of the world has no fucking clue what python the programming language is, nevermind it's "importance"!

about 2 years ago

The Mobile App Design Tail Wags the Desktop Software Design Dog

ADanFromCanada No no no and no (183 comments)

"One need only look at the new Google Mail (GMail) interface and see how it's changed over the last year to view the effects of this new direction:" Hell no. You never need look at only a single example before drawing wide-reaching conclusions. Who the hell is writing this shit? And who the hell is allowing it to be posted on Slashdot?

about 2 years ago

US Activists Oppose US Govt Calls To Weaken EU Privacy Rules

ADanFromCanada Money money money (151 comments)

Our personal data is worth money to others. They don't want their money taken from them.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Advice For Getting Tech Career Back On Track

ADanFromCanada Find a guy like me... (232 comments)

Cause I'm an entrepreneur who is looking for exactly a guy like you!

about 2 years ago


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