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Devices on my home network (less modem):

AK Dave My count is usually in the 4-10 range (374 comments)

File/Torrent Server
Blu-ray/Netflix/Streaming device
3 Desktops
2 Netbooks
2 Smartphones
Bridging router
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS

more than 3 years ago

Apple Laptops Vulnerable To Battery Firmware Hack

AK Dave Physical access? (272 comments)

Doesn't this exploit require physical access to the actual battery?

On top of that, according to the actual article, any potential malware installed on the battery itself would then need a separate vulnerability in the OS itself in order to do anything. In other words, malware on the battery isn't going to exploit the OS by itself. It isn't going to hijack the bootloader.

But it all goes back to the original problem: the bad guy has to gain physical access to your battery. Which means getting hold of the Macbook, tearing it down, and then what the heck just installing some code on the battery?

Somehow, I'm really not threatened by this.

more than 3 years ago

OS X Lion nets 1 million+ downloads in 24 hour

AK Dave Selfish leeches! (1 comments)

Thats 1x10^6 downloads versus HOW many seeds?

more than 3 years ago

Borders Books, Dead At 40

AK Dave Reminiscing about Borders (443 comments)

I really liked Borders. At least, I did at first. I was excited when they opened a "big box" bookstore in my town, but that was a good 15-20 years ago. They were a "big thing" back then. We'd had a couple of small Waldenbooks mall stores, but the Borders standalone store was so much bigger and seemed to have such a wider selection of, well, everything. They had magazines I had seen occasionally when I'd visit a big book store elsewhere, with the convenience of being "right here". It was clean, but the store wasn't that convenient. It was awkwardly located and I had to plan my trips well or the lot was too much hassle. As it was located, it was easier to hit the mall first and Borders last, so it was easier to burn any spendable money before I made it to Borders.

Best Buy opened right across the street, attached to the mall, and easier to access. Street traffic got crazy congested nearby, making Borders all the more in-accessible. Plus, even Best Buy was beating Borders on prices for music.

There was a golden time for Borders when all the Waldenbooks locations closed up and the small bookstores in town, except for one big used bookstore, closed up. Then came Barnes & Noble with an even bigger store, a better location, more parking, and a much better selection. Then came Amazon. Then the used bookstore moved, expanded, and parking became so much easier. Borders quickly became the LAST place that I would go to find a book, and then the place that I would NEVER go.

I like to browse books, so Amazon isn't my favorite - even though I do have a Kindle. I like to browse B&N to see what is new. I like to browse used books too. Then its a choice: do I want a hardback on my bookshelf, do I want an e-book on my Kindle, or do I want both. If I want to read it NOW and "collect" it later on the shelf, I'll buy it on the Kindle and then shop for it as a used hardback later. Thats cheaper and more convenient than buying it as a hardback. If I want the hardback, do I get it from Amazon or B&N? Who has the better deal?

Borders seemed to go downhill over the last decade. B&N had better customer service and a friendlier atmosphere. The shelves at Borders seemed poorly stocked by buyers who didn't seem to care about what they were putting out. I could pick a random technical subject, and it would be hit or miss at Borders: either a wide selection of craptastic books, or nothing at all. B&N might have what I was looking for, but if not then at least the shelves would suggest that they MIGHT have had it. Either one could order it for me, but if I'm going to wait for a book I may as well order it from Amazon.

The only good thing about Borders is the way their magazine section was organized with big long wooden magazine racks in parallel rows making it easier to browse without buying. B&N, in contrast, organized all of their magazines along a big wall in a well-lit zone making it easier to find a magazine, but less convenient to casually browse it.

more than 3 years ago

Re. medication requiring a prescription:

AK Dave Re:Oh crap (550 comments)

Yeah, I'm a chiropractor. But I'm not going to try to defend the "nuclear grade crazy" folks. They've earned that label, and wear it as a badge of honor. They're welcome to it.

more than 3 years ago

Salon.com Editor Looks Back At Paywalls

AK Dave Salon is free again? (246 comments)

Salon is no longer pay-only? Wow, when did this change? I haven't browsed them in years.

more than 5 years ago

What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?

AK Dave Re:buy compatible cartridges (970 comments)

This is the WORST bait-and-switch with new printers. You're absolutely right, those dirt cheap new printers are often boxed with sub-volume starter ink and then you have to turn right back around and get a set of REAL ink cartridges.

more than 5 years ago

Magento Beginner's Guide

AK Dave Re:Magneto (124 comments)

Woah! Here is it! The "Beginners Guide to Magneto"! Totally awesome!

Thats my favorite hero/villain/mutant/goodguy/badguy - dang, he fills so many niches and his old 80s-era costume was totally awesome.

Wait, no. "Magento".

Imagine my disappointment.

more than 5 years ago

Some Users Say Win7 Wants To Remove iTunes, Google Toolbar

AK Dave Re:Lie about windows to get posted on slashdot (570 comments)

I hate Windows as much as the next registered Linux user, and even I have to admit that this report is stupid. Gee, duh, it wants you to remove some software that has probably been demonstrated to interfere with the upgrade. Then you can add it back later. Is this any different than me rolling back to default video and a vanilla xorg prior to doing a big Ubuntu dist-upgrade next week? Not at all! It galls me to do this, but I have to give Microsoft credit (GAH! I DID IT!) for identifying software that might interfere with its upgrader and asking for that stuff to be removed for the upgrade. If I wanted to don my tin hat, I'd feel pretty silly complaining how MS is "targetting rival software" for removal so that WMP and Bing could take over after a Win7 upgrade. But I can't even joke about that with a straight face because it feels so silly.

more than 5 years ago

Sneaky Microsoft Add-On Put Firefox Users At Risk

AK Dave Dotnet Botnet (333 comments)

Oh, the irony!

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Blocks Pirates From Security Essentials Software

AK Dave Re:Get Microsoft out of the free OS market. (291 comments)

I don't believe that Microsoft considers itself to be part of any "Free OS" market at all. Maybe they should be. I can't speak for all linux users, but I hardly consider myself to be a pirate. I use a legal OS: GNU/linux. But, alas, I'm certain that Microsoft would hasten to point out how the license code for the copy of XP that resides in a Virtualbox guest is actually the license code that came with the copy of XP which was OEM'd onto the laptop that hosts that guest and that the EULA was for XP to run on a real laptop, not a virtual laptop. Which makes me already a pirate in their eyes.

more than 5 years ago

High-Tech Gadgets Can Pose Problems At Mexican Border

AK Dave Encryption! (447 comments)

Cue the flamewar.

more than 5 years ago

New Images Reveal Pure Water Ice On Mars

AK Dave Re:Lets colonize! (179 comments)

The claims look as spurious as cold fusion, and despite obvious violations of the laws of thermodynamics the idiots love to talk about how "hydrogen fuel cells" are recharged from "tap water" as if releasing hydrogen from water to use in a fuel cell didn't consume more energy than it makes available. So, you're right: water as an energy source doesn't make sense. But I'm still surprised that we're not already talking about using it as such.

more than 5 years ago

New Images Reveal Pure Water Ice On Mars

AK Dave Lets colonize! (179 comments)

First the Moon, and now Mars. We're finding water on both bodies. All we need now is an atmosphere, and maybe a little bit of heat. I'm a bit surprised we're not already talking about tapping that water as an energy source and oxygen source for a colony dome.

more than 5 years ago

Nissan Gives Electric Cars 'Blade Runner' Audio Effect

AK Dave Re:But... (553 comments)

-Striking a pedestrian on a limited access highway where they are not allowed will usually result in both parties being held responsible.

I don't think this is a solid rule across the country.

I'm familiar with incidents in my locale where a pedestrian has attempted to cross a "limited access highway where they are not allowed", been struck and killed, and the driver not faulted (unless he/she fled the scene, which is a different crime entirely).

I can think of one recent incident where a panhandler was struck in the middle of an intersection by a vehicle that had the right-of-way as the panhandler was walking back to the curb after collection a "donation" from a vehicle that had previously stopped. The panhandler walked across a turn lane, which was green, at night with dark clothing, and the only fault credited to the driver was that he/she fled the scene.

I can think of another incident several months ago involving a divided highway, not pedestrian accessible, and construction on an overpass above it that made it temporarily inaccessible for pedestrian traffic, and a minor who defied all of the signage to attempt to cross the highway on foot. She was struck, killed, the driver stopped as required, and no fault was attributed to the driver.

Seriousy, if someone pops out of the dark and winds up directly in the path of your 65mph car it cannot reasonably be the driver's fault. We don't blame trains for killing someone who hangs out on the tracks, against all warnings and common sense.

As I'm fond of telling my own kids, there are laws of the land and laws of nature and laws of physics. The laws of physics trump them all. You can violate the laws of the land and do things that are crimes against nature without violating the laws of physics, or you can be perfectly legal and in harmony with nature but an F150 still trumps a bamboo bicycle every day of the week.

more than 5 years ago

AMD Overclocks New Phenom II X4 To 7 GHz

AK Dave Not without a down side (288 comments)

With that much helium for coolant, all your audio will sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks

more than 5 years ago

Conviction of Sen. Ted Stevens Is Thrown Out

AK Dave Re:Still Sounds Guilty to Me (440 comments)

Essentially, he was found guilty of not reporting the $250K gift of home remodelling. Which he hadn't been billed for, and which was not supposed to be a gift because he expected to be billed and pay the bill, and had in fact received AND PAID interim bills for services. There may have been some botched paperwork from Stevens' office, but not to the level presented by the prosecution, and the majority of it was tainted by Bill Allen's dirty fingers.

more than 5 years ago


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