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Ask Slashdot: The Search For the Ultimate Engineer's Pen

AKAJack Re:Space Pen (712 comments)

I agree. At least try the Space Pen and see if it meets your needs before you run out and buy a dozen different things to frustrate you even more.

about 2 years ago

How Do You Document Technical Procedures?

AKAJack Dead trees (401 comments)

paper and PDF files cannot be "messed" with and passed on with new, incorrect, information added in (without some extra work beyond the problems in that area a wiki presents)

Remember - you are showing people how to use a product and NOT teaching them a new skill or how to do their jobs (hopefully).

It is not unexpected that your company would require some basic knowledge beyond remembering to breath in order to provide security services.

more than 5 years ago

Writers Strike Officially Over

AKAJack Re:The Fallout (499 comments)

I suppose it's possible, but in the "heat" of the strike I also know that writers were telling people they were "fired" when they were actually laid off. I work in one of the Universal buildings and spoke to many picketing writers out on Lankershim blvd. The two who told me they were "fired" admitted they were actually laid off. One other guy I spoke to (who didn't claim to be fired) had a separate contract (but was not an employee) and refused to cross the picket line so I guess he was "fired" for not fullfilling his contractural obligations.

Shows in "active development" are production deals (until they actually develop something) working under union and that production companies rules. If the production company employing those writers wanted to fire them I suspect it was an internal decision.

The entire reason the studios goaded the WGA into striking was so they could kill all the "active development deals" that weren't producing crap. 90 to force majure them out and a settlement at 100 days. What a coincidence. Cleaning house was never easier.

more than 6 years ago


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