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Are You Switching to 64-bit Processors?

AMystery Re:But 64-bit is overkill for a lot of us (252 comments)

I assume it was just a typo, but you did say you bought an Intel core 2 duo and then ran AMD64 on it. That could be the source of the problems...

more than 8 years ago


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AMystery AMystery writes  |  more than 10 years ago I got my first mod points today, it was rather thrilling but since I didn't know how long they would last, I wasted them on a SCO story instead of waiting for something better. I imagine it will happen again if I am good, but I am so rarely good. I think Karma lies, or can be easily fooled. Silly karma, it cannot resist my dogma.

Anyway, I just saw this Journal entry and thought I'd click it and type something. No promises I will ever do this again. No promises I won't either.

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