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Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

ATMAvatar Re:Jesus, we're fucked. (346 comments)

Biology is blasphemy, with all its ramblings about heresy like evolution and common building components like DNA and RNA. We try to teach as little of it as possible.


Linus Fixes Kernel Regression Breaking Witcher 2

ATMAvatar Re:Not news (122 comments)

And if only MS had a similar "never break userspace" rule that applied to even the most unbelievably "casual" of software too.

You mean the same Microsoft that named their next OS version Windows 10 because Windows 9 would break a number of applications that checked OS version with string comparison on the name rather than by the actual version number?

2 days ago

Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

ATMAvatar Re:Good news (418 comments)

We could finally have the glorious final showdown involving JarJar that everybody has been waiting for since he first showed his annoying face in episode 1.

Hostel 3: meesa gonna die now.

3 days ago

Illinois Students Suspected of Cyberbullying Must Provide Social Media Passwords

ATMAvatar Re:Bullshit (321 comments)

The root cause is the parents - both because they fail to teach their kids not to bully and how to deal with it when you are bullied, but also for demanding their legislators pass this law.

5 days ago

Serious Fraud Office Drop Investigation Into Autonomy Accounting

ATMAvatar Re:confusing headline. (53 comments)

If we gave our offices very specific names, people might notice when there is overreach and a subsequent expansion of power/budget.

about a week ago

European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

ATMAvatar Re:Why are they punishing the law abiding citizens (219 comments)

Because terrorism is a red herring, and this looks like a shiny new power they can grab without much hassle from the rabble. Fear is a great vehicle for stripping away liberties. Freedom is *far* more at risk from our own governments than it ever was from terrorists.

about two weeks ago

If the Programmer Won't Go To Silicon Valley, Should SV Go To the Programmer?

ATMAvatar Re: Exactly this. (294 comments)

Because it doesn't take very long, and the chef is likely to still be working there in 2 years.

In software engineering, the average time you can reasonably expect someone to stay working for you, regardless of salary or conditions/perks, is about 2~ years. Much less in startup hotbeds like SF.


And that is why everyone's hunting down pre-trained people. Of course, then you have to weight that with the cost of not hiring anyone at all, and decide whats best.

That's largely of the tech industry's own doing.

It is well-known amongst programmers (and anyone else who cares) that the only way to be paid the prevailing wage is to job hop. Employers refuse to give regular raises to keep their coders in step with market salaries. Furthermore, employers do not invest in their employees - training must be done on a person's own dime and their own time. In a worst case, the tools and technologies used in a workplace will stagnate, causing people to leave just so they're not left behind in the industry as a whole.

This would quickly change if the tech industry executives put more effort into retaining good people and less time into screwing them.

about three weeks ago

Would Twitter Make President Obama 'Follow' the Tea Party If the Price Is Right?

ATMAvatar Re:Why shouldnt Barack Obama follow the Tea Party? (121 comments)

The interesting thing is that the two kingdoms which really exist are far different from those which people perceive. Democrats and Republicans both serve the same kingdom, while most of the public lives under the other.

about three weeks ago

When FISA Court Rejects a Surveillance Request, the FBI Issues a NSL Instead

ATMAvatar Re:LOL (119 comments)

And his opponent, John McCain, failed to vote either way. It's worth noting that not a single Republican senator voted against the act, so we can guess what McCain would have voted.

To re-iterate a sentiment uttered elsewhere in the comments: no matter whether you vote D or R, you are voting against your own interests. We need new parties to replace the current ones.

about three weeks ago

Scientists Say the Future Looks Bleak For Our Bones

ATMAvatar Solution: adamantium (115 comments)

If we infuse our bones with adamantium, we get stronger bones *and* neato claws.

about a month ago

US Internet Offers 10Gbps Fiber In Minneapolis

ATMAvatar Re:Who is this for? (110 comments)

People will find ways to use it. I remember multiple points in my life where I would get some new piece of technology (RAM, CPU speed, disk space, bandwidth, etc.) and remark that I couldn't possibly utilize it fully. Inevitably, I always reached a point where I was not only utilizing it, but I was aching for more.

A good historical example is streaming video. I never imagined watching movies and TV shows online when I had a 14.4 Kbps modem as a kid. Once broadband became popular, however, everyone started doing it - to the point where many people I know have dropped TV subscriptions entirely because they can just stream everything.

One thing that could immediately become mainstream in the future: nightly, off-site backups. Transferring 1 TB of data over a 10Gbps line takes just under 15 minutes.

about a month ago

Can Rep. John Culberson Save NASA's Space Exploration Program?

ATMAvatar Re:What a (almost) complete waste (156 comments)

It's too bad that NASA never invents anything that can be used outside of space travel.

about a month ago

Seattle Police Held Hackathon To Redact Footage From Body Cameras

ATMAvatar Re:Why dashcams? (93 comments)

That's just it - as per the summary, there are some valid things worth redacting from videos. The problem, of course, is that the whole point of body cams was that we can't trust the police, so any means of redacting content which needs redacting will likely be used to redact anything which casts a bad light on the officers.

about a month ago

Single Group Dominates Second Round of Anti Net-Neutrality Comment Submissions

ATMAvatar Curious (218 comments)

I wonder why they felt the need to spam the submissions. We all know the decision is going to be based on which side pays the largest bribe.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

ATMAvatar Re:A felon with misdemeanor convictions (720 comments)

Being a felon means he committed [what the government thinks is] a serious crime.

FTFY. There are many felony charges which exist that many/most may not consider such a big deal (e.g., possession of marijuana), especially if committed many years ago. While there are definitely felony offenses which nearly anyone would agree are serious, do not make the mistake of lumping them all together into a single category.

about a month and a half ago

Apple DRM Lawsuit Might Be Dismissed: Plaintiffs Didn't Own Affected iPods

ATMAvatar Re:Lawyers not doing their homework (141 comments)

Apple is a brand that tells people to think outside the box.

Sue different.

about 2 months ago



The Business of Spam

ATMAvatar ATMAvatar writes  |  more than 3 years ago

ATMAvatar (648864) writes "The IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy hosted in Oakland nearly three weeks ago featured a study on the economics of spam. It attempts to identify and analyze the chain of businesses behind spam and the products that are featured. The goal was to take a more comprehensive look at the mechanics behind the industry in an attempt to identify better, alternative means to combat spam.

Special credit to Bruce Schneier's blog for the original link."

Link to Original Source




ATMAvatar ATMAvatar writes  |  more than 11 years ago I've noticed that I've had to metamoderate quite a few things "unfair" as of late.

It seems some mods would automatically moderate a response to a troll or flamebait similarly to its parent. In some cases, this is warranted, but in the ones I've seen, it isn't. IMO, replying to a troll or flamebait message with an emotionally-charged, but still informative/insightful post is hardly a troll or flamebait in itself. A lack of tact perhaps warrants a lack of positive moderation, but if someone responds with real information or insight, it shouldn't be modded down.

I've also noticed quite a few "funny" moderations lately for post that simply aren't funny. I'm sorry, but cliche posts about 1. Do something 2. Do something else 3. ??? 4. Profit! are not funny. They are old and tiresome. This is true for the "I welcome our new ______ overlords" or "In Soviet Russia, ________ _______ you!" posts as well. Posts like me remind me of some kid in school that tells a joke, and after hearing some laughter, tells it every time you meet him. With this in mind, I'm probably going to start modding any of these cliche jokes "Redundant."

Last, but not least - there's a difference between insightful, informative, and interesting posts. Learn the difference, mods. I've seen quite a few posts while metamoderating that were marked as one when it should have been another, and I've felt obligated to mod it "fair" because the post truly deserved to be modded up, even if it should have been modded up as something else. It's almost painful to see something moderated "Insightful" if it doesn't provide any insight, and similarly so with "Informative" posts with no real information or "Interesting" posts that are more than just interesting.

I know "Insightful" is the default +1 mod for posts, but it shouldn't be. "Insightful" mods should be reserved for truly insightful posts. To me, "Interesting" should really be the default. It's the consolation prize mod. Something which is insightful is generally also interesting. Funny posts are interesting. Informative posts are usually interesting. To me, any post that stays on-topic will catch my interest, and any post that deserves one of the other +1 mods would be equally deserving of "Interesting." We simply use "Insightful," "Informative," "Funny," etc. because they're more accurate and descriptive. If you can't decide which one of those a post may be, then "Interesting" either fits the bill, or the post probably shouldn't be modded up.

Oh well... enough of my rant for now.

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