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Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court

AbRASiON Sorry Valve has to cop it (115 comments)

but someone needs to fucking pay the god damned price for ripping us off. If you're going to charge us significantly more than other countries for DIGITAL fucking content, then we damn well better get something for it.

Did I mention that we used to pay the same price as the states for this stuff? Until Valve and Steam got their shit together and set up regions / regional pricing and billing properly? Once they did, the publishers (most likely) told Valve "to fuck them" (for the most part the actual Valve games are priced the same as the US)

Oh it's not just us, the UK got thoroughly fucked by this too.


The Evolution of Diet

AbRASiON Re:"Paleolithic diets" now vs then (281 comments)

You might be right but you're missing the point.
Yes a modern orange is excessively sweet (no seriously, they are far too bloody sweet, it tastes like sugar, not orange anymore) - apples too - however if you eat a diet of 95% unprocessed goods, green leafy vegetables (modern or not) - a sensible amount of fruit and some meat, it's still vastly vastly better for you than eating high processed garbage, including even "healthy" things like packaged breakfast cereals.

You want to avoid excess processed carb / sugar products. If you're buying something that comes in a packet, you should be eating these products at an extreme minimum.

3 days ago

Solid State Drives Break the 50 Cents Per GiB Barrier, OCZ ARC 100 Launched

AbRASiON Re:Performance (183 comments)

The slot you're thinking of already exists, comes on some motherboards (my new HTPC Mini ITX board has one) and it's becoming standard on laptops.
Current sizes dictate they can do 500gb drives on the micro cards which go into the slots.

about two weeks ago

Reversible Type-C USB Connector Ready For Production

AbRASiON I could just read the article but.... (191 comments)

For the sake of other lazy people, can someone respond to me and answer the following.

What is becoming reversible, just the USB Micro style size or the larger sizes too?
Are we just skipping everything and moving to the one plug at both ends for all USB connections possibly?
If we do move to said plug, what aobut strength? I've seen some mock up pics of the proposed plug, it looks great for a phone, it doesn't look great for a printer / back of a PC - looks quite delicate.

about two weeks ago

Enthusiast Opts For $2200 Laser Eye Surgery To Enhance Oculus Rift Experience

AbRASiON It sounds a little crazy but I get it. (109 comments)

I've always had eyes on the border of needing glasses. I could get by without glasses pretty fine, I just sat half a foot closer to the PC and bought giant monitors / TV's - I could see fairly well, just not perfect.

I picked up a 30" 2560x1600 monitor about 3 years back and I just wasn't able to appreciate it. I could read it but only sitting pretty damn close due to the pixel size. 1920x1200 was fine but, I shouldn't need to do that./
Finally caved in and got some glasses at 34 years old - made a great difference.
(Actually once I saw the difference glasses made, I really wished we all had far far better vision, something like 20/5 would be quite nice)

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Datacenter HDD Wipe Policy?

AbRASiON Re:Physical destruction (116 comments)

The _VAST_ and I mean _VASTTTTTTT_ majority of security people I've encountered have, what I'd be comfortable describing as "fuck all" technical knowledge regarding hardware (and in some ways software too) - they get concepts, fundamentals and then read dipshit theorising articles on retreiving data from a hard disk by analysing the "bits between the bits"

Don't take my word for it, go to some googling, I've read at least 1 article by an actual storage guy (I can't recall if he was actually a physical media designer or what) but he laughed off the idiotic claims as presicely that.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Datacenter HDD Wipe Policy?

AbRASiON Re:Physical destruction (116 comments)

Hang on what are we talking about here, let's be clear.

Are we talking about a server inherited from someone else at a datacentre when leasing equipment?
Are we talking about desktop computers?
Are we talking about some kind of big SAN device loaded with disks and no OS?

If it's the first 2, why would the disks be unhooked / removed? Presumably they are in the computer you want to use them in. Run DBAN on them, it's not particularly expensive.......
You shouldn't even be in the habit of physically removing disks unless there's a need to. Reasons I can think of removing a disk would be:
1, disk is faulty
2, upgrading to a larger / faster drive.

Faulty disk, not under warranty? Ok Drill it, fine.
Upgrading to a larger and or faster drive though? Do you have another server which might have use of those disks? Would they make a good spare? What about some kind of dev / uat environment which could use them? Maybe you should've kicked off the dban before pulling the disks from the server in the first place?
If you seriously have absoloutely no use for the disks and they are 'proper' old of low value? Ok maybe drill them, maybe - but recyclers pay money for old stuff and drilling disks happens far too often because it's cool to be overly security conscious.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Datacenter HDD Wipe Policy?

AbRASiON Re:Physical destruction (116 comments)

No that's what security people and people speculating will tell you.
You do a full single pass of 0's to a disk and recover a single word document for me, a single one - I'll give you $1,000 cash.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Datacenter HDD Wipe Policy?

AbRASiON Re:Physical destruction (116 comments)

It's a stupid policy, if you've been in IT infrastructure for years, you should have a basic understanding of how to wipe a hard disk properly, it's a waste of money, it's creating environmental waste in disposing of it, it's wasting resources needing to purchase another one.

When you start talking about tens or hundreds or even thousands of disks, you're pissing away good money, because you're either too lazy or too stupid to know how to wipe a disk.

I've seen far too much of this idiocy over the past decade or so. ( ) it needs to stop. Learn how to wipe a disk, if it's not faulty, re-use the thing. That old post from 2011 is even more applicable to server drives which are not even remotely cheap pieces of hardware.

about three weeks ago

Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police

AbRASiON Would _REALLY_ like to know the technical details. (790 comments)

So do they have an index of known child porn images, how did they know this image was here?

Did they get a tip off? Does someone just randomly peruse attachments from time to time? Was the filename "child_porn.jpg"? What's the deal here? What happens when your wife is on holiday and emails you a picture of.... well who knows what? Yes I know they CAN see it, my question is, what flags people to look / investigate?

This is a very very bad precedent, save the children or not.

about three weeks ago

Windows XP Falls Below 25% Market Share, Windows 8 Drops Slightly

AbRASiON Re:Who has the market share? (336 comments)

Ten years ago when I was younger and a lot more naive, I would've totally agreed with you. Heck, if Apple did this 10, 15 and 20 years ago, maybe things would be different now - but as it stands, Windows has a lot more to offer than just games.

Fact is, because there's so many installs of Windows out there, there's a HEAP of help on the internet for problems you stumble across, it supports virtually all the hardware out there conceivably able to be plugged into a machine and more importantly, for me - is the little programs, thousands upon thousands of convenient, half decently designed tools which MacOS and Linux simply don't have.

I'm talking data de-duplication searching tools, multi-monitor window managers, downloading / p2p tools, media players, media encoders etc. There's just heaps and heaps of little things you probably wouldn't realise if you switched to Mac or Linux for the first week but suddenly in the second week, you'd be googling for 2 days trying to find that one little tool to do that one little thing which simply doesn't exist, or the only tool close to it is awkward and ghastly.

This isn't to Windows credit, Windows didn't get this stuff due to it being designed better or something, it's simply because there's more Windows installs. If linux or MacOS ever did take over, great, those tools would come - but for the time being, depending on how you use your computers, there's few reasons for a Windows guy to move to Linux or MacOS.
(oh and FWIW Windows has become a pretty stable OS nowadays, I see applications crash, sure -but the whole desktop crashing is exceedingly rare)

TLDR: Games alone ain't gonna cut it to lure people away. Heck I barely play them anymore myself.

about a month ago

China Confirms New Generation of ICBM

AbRASiON Re:WOPR (224 comments)

You fucker, I nearly spilt my coffee.

about a month ago

How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

AbRASiON Less often than I used to but at least 2 or 3/yr (391 comments)

Friends / family / coworkers / friends of friends etc - they definitely need LESS PC's than they used to, sadly. Tablets, phones, laptops have eaten Desktop marketshare for sure, no doubt about it.

I don't know how many here did the same but I'd often sell 6 to 9 month old hardware to someone and upgrade for example. My personal upgrades have been less frequent due to the downturn in PC demand. (yes they knew it was used)

I'm building one tomorrow actually - second one for the year, but I will say I've come close 2 or 3 times in the past 5 years to just ditching it all for a high end laptop, but I keep coming back, can't help myself.
If they ever did that thunderbolt / lightpeak thing properly, so you could have an external video card / high end hardware in a separate box which connects to your laptop via lightpeak, I'd be interested for sure.

about a month ago

Firefox 31 Released

AbRASiON I will not stop saying this, I won't,... (172 comments)


Christ lord almighty, this program has gone to the shitter and it's killing me, PLEASE focus in that damned order.

First I thought it was me or my machine, because I'm an extremely heavy tab user, but I'm seeing it on my other machines too. Yes, I run a heck of a lot of tabs in some sessions (probably over 100 right now) however Firefox has run over 100 tabs for me for the best part of 8+ years.
When I'm researching I have 8 tabs open, it's what I do. I middle click the link to open in the background (tab mix plus â(TM)¥) and then I read the current tab, switch instantly to the next one, no back buttons and clicking the next link, I've already clicked it, it's waiting for me.

I just want the damn thing to be stable, I want them to STOP fiddling with the UI, I want them to STOP adding features. I've got 8gb of RAM use it (properly!) if you need it - but maintain stability and performance.
I'm almost using Chrome at the moment and I can't stand Chromes, Apple style "our way or the highway" on stupid changes.
FF with Tabs Menu, Xmarks, Tab Mix Plus, Lastpass is a joy to use when it's being reliable but god help me this is killing me.

about a month ago

New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

AbRASiON Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (253 comments)

Bullshit, I've been doing it for 2 years now and healthy food is fine, it tastes like food, not random chemicals and slop.

It's actually not that difficult to cook something healthy and quickly in a short amount of time once you actually put the effort in for a couple of months, a quick and simple food routine is great.

about a month and a half ago

New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

AbRASiON There's another treatment that stops most T2 (253 comments)

It's called eating well, exercising and losing a significant amount of weight.
I know, I came very very close to having it. Break the sugar addiction, quadruple your vegetable intake, vastly reduce your sugar / heavy foods intake and do a little, tiny bit of basic light exercise.

In a couple of years, guess what,...?

about a month and a half ago

Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

AbRASiON Re:Hardly surprising.. (291 comments)

Couldn't agree more on the kids thing, I've been following that way of thought for many years.

This quote from The Matrix is unfortunately sadly on point.
I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague and we are the cure.

about a month and a half ago



AbRASiON AbRASiON writes  |  more than 7 years ago

abrasion writes "Harold Hunt has recently posted his impressions of Thecus N5200 NAS box here erver_review_thecus_n5200/

Slashdot recently saw a review from here 16/1257226 which seemed quite positive for the device, however Harold has had some more issues with it, specifically in regards to hooking it up to a Windows domain and decided to share those with us.

Since home storage is beggining to boom for those of us collecting movies / music and other such large quantities of data, perhaps another opinion on this device would be of use for those of us who were considering this device or perhaps similar solutions.
Feel free to discuss any other NAS solutions in this topic as I'm certainly in the process of hunting around myself and wouldn't mind some feedback from the rest of the /. crowd."



People who use fans / foes are clearly losers

AbRASiON AbRASiON writes  |  more than 9 years ago

No really, childish kiddie stuff - sad - comedy nerd morons.

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