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eBay Compromised

AbbyNormal So... (193 comments)

A major news story, about a ginormous compromise gets published on Slashdot and there is NO source or link?

about 4 months ago

Jury Finds Newegg Infringed Patent, Owes $2.3 Million

AbbyNormal Re:Good advertising? (324 comments)

As a small business owner, I just wish they would collect sales tax. I know that sounds crazy, but to be able to write off expenses and proved you pay sales tax, its far easier to go to Amazon now. Otherwise, I have to pay the sales tax to the state by check at a later time which is a PITA.

about 10 months ago

First Experimental Evidence That Time Is an Emergent Quantum Phenomenon

AbbyNormal Re:Hmm (530 comments)

You must be new here.

about a year ago

VirtualBox 4.3 Comes With New Multi-Touch Support, Virtual Cam and More

AbbyNormal Re:What are the current options? (114 comments)

If you have some bare-metal lying around, I would recommend XenServer ( I used to be a VMWare proponent for SMB's, until I saw that product. If you need a virtual container on an existing workstation, VirtualBox is really the only player in town. I used to use VMWare Server, but Vmware doesn't support it anymore. Its a shame, it was a great product and I'm still running a few VM's on my beefy workstation for testing.

about a year ago

Comparing Today's Computers To 1995's

AbbyNormal Thanks Slashdot (461 comments)

For reminding me how old I am! Ugh, you young wiper snappers. Back in my day we had to mess with bootup scripts call the autoexec.bat and config.sys just to get the mouse to work along with our soundcards. We had a few Megabytes of ram and we liked it. We had a few Megabytes of storage and we were fine with it!

I disagree with alot of what people have said about the computers not changing as much though. The architecture may have not changed that much, but our experience in using them has. I could live without my Samsung Galaxy 2 in my daily life going to customer sites and/or driving without getting lost. My regular computer runs several OS's at the same-time using Vmware, without having to dual-boot. Browsing the Internet takes seconds as does compiling most of my development software. I think we've come a long ways.

more than 2 years ago

Web Usage-Based Billing On Its Way

AbbyNormal Re:Municipal broadband is on its way, then (397 comments)

Start locally then in your township. Or start a consortium in the neighborhood / purchase some dedicated circuits. This "shifting profit" model is ridiculous as they are already making fistloads of cash on my monthly service to begin with. If they offered more value then that would be fine, but what value would consumers have going to this model?

more than 2 years ago

Artificial Leaf Could Provide Cheap Energy

AbbyNormal Re:This is how it goes (326 comments)

"Excitement crushed."

Your forgot:


more than 3 years ago

Is Apple Turning Into the Next "Evil Empire"?

AbbyNormal Re:An interesting question. (722 comments)

Completely agree with your post, but no hardware manufacturer has attempted to come out with a table that has a reasonable cost and better functionality. XOOM at $800? Seriously? Almost like an Apple II E clone manufacturer claiming like the clone is better than the original and charging more for it. As soon as a tablet manufacturer comes out with a reasonably priced tablet, I still believe that Apple will maintain its dominance.

more than 3 years ago

Mystery 'Missile' Identified As US Airways Flight 808

AbbyNormal Re:I don't care. (335 comments)

Experts can get things wrong. Doctors make mistakes all the time, albeit with higher consequences. In anycase, every aviation expert I've talked to said they thought it was a contrail.

more than 3 years ago

Rackspace vs. Amazon — the Cloud Wars

AbbyNormal Re:Shut up (114 comments)

And hosting companies are starting to cash in on the new buzzword as well. I recently ran into it myself when figuring out an issue for a client. My write up: of the issue that I came across.

more than 3 years ago

Former Military Personnel Claim Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes

AbbyNormal Re:Correlation (498 comments)

Maybe something to do with the God Helmet?

more than 3 years ago

Apple Outs Anti-Jailbreak Update

AbbyNormal Re:Already an issue.. (429 comments)

So wait. It doesn't just work?

more than 4 years ago

High-Frequency Programmers Revolt Over Pay

AbbyNormal Re:Bosses earn too much (1018 comments)

I agree in part, but the higher ups do not take any "Higher" risk in making those trades. If the programmer screws up with his code and it causes the company to lose a significant amount of money, he will be fired. If the higher up does the same, he is rewarded with a significant parting compensation package. That being said, if the programmers are unhappy with their pay and feel they can do better, then they should leave and start their own trading firm. Actions speak louder than words...

more than 4 years ago

Dell Says 90% of Recorded Business Data Is Never Read

AbbyNormal In my experience (224 comments)

In my experience with small businesses, it may be never read but will absolutely need to be found for some type of emergency presentation/proposal.

more than 4 years ago

Home Computers Equal Lower Test Scores

AbbyNormal Maybe (278 comments)

the tests are wrong and not the children?

more than 4 years ago

Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration

AbbyNormal PDI? (103 comments)

So is PDI something like a database agnostic version of MSSQL DTS packages?

more than 4 years ago

Apple Surpasses Microsoft In Market Capitalization

AbbyNormal Who do we like now? (557 comments)

Okay, so do we now hate Apple and like Microsoft? I'm really confused.

more than 4 years ago

NASA Space Habitat Research Goes Undersea

AbbyNormal Re:This is RIDICULOUS! (55 comments)

And it continues to be done Dennis Chamberland has been designing these things for a while. He is heading up some sort of expedition to start an undersea colony.

Why wouldn't they at least get some commercial industry advice instead of re-inventing the wheel. It seems a bit of a waste of money in my opinion.

more than 4 years ago



Is the OCSP Necessary?

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal writes  |  1 year,6 days

AbbyNormal (216235) writes "We recently had an issue with OCSP and a new certificate install. The certificate was installed without any problems, but a few minutes later all of our Firefox users could not connect to our secure side. Come to find out, that Firefox has this OCSP SSL ( check on by default, whereas none of the other browsers (IE/Chrome/Safari) do. My question is doesn't OCSP break the internet? The certificate on our server was completely valid and working fine, but Firefox decided not to trust it."

Is Client Side Java Dead?

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal writes  |  more than 4 years ago

AbbyNormal (216235) writes "An interesting article about one journalist who removed java from his machine and declared ": "Java as a client-side platform is pretty clearly a failure, and all that remains of it is a big fat attack surface on your computer."

Is java now just relegated to back-end development?"

Link to Original Source

Long term storage options for a small business?

AbbyNormal AbbyNormal writes  |  about 7 years ago

AbbyNormal (216235) writes "Over the years I have run across several storage solutions for small businesses, ranging from tape backup to external drive/DVD backups. All have had their drawbacks, ranging from scratched discs to hungry tape drives. My question to the Slashdot community is, what types/combinations of long term media or solutions have you used in the past? Are expensive DVD archive media worth their cost? Are tapes still the way to go?"
Link to Original Source


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