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Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

AdamStarks Nope (381 comments)

I barely need my smart phone, why the hell would I want to spend hundreds of dollars on a second, feature-pared screen that has a terrible battery life?

about 3 months ago

How Apple Can Take Its Headphones To the Next Level

AdamStarks I would love some quality earbuds (196 comments)

But unfortunately, I have a mild case of cauliflower ear on both sides of my head. So color me as not giving the slightest of fucks.

about 4 months ago

An Army Medal For Coding In Perl

AdamStarks Re:What's so Hard to Understand? (192 comments)

Sounds like they should give a medal to the guy who gave this guy a medal!

about 4 months ago

Quarks Know Their Left From Their Right

AdamStarks Re:Make Beta opt-in, and Classic the default.... (150 comments)

Okay, so it turns out there is no definitive answer on the source of the term "Football". Some people think it's from the fact that you kick the ball with your foot, but others think it's from the fact that you play the game on-foot:

Your post is wrong either way, since Football can in fact refer to Rugby, making our usage of the term totally appropriate.

about 8 months ago

Quarks Know Their Left From Their Right

AdamStarks Re:Thank you for explaining left and right to me(! (150 comments)

I also have no idea how football will rotate when it is thrown by an right-handed quarterback .... footballs are meant to be kicked, hence the name.

Football does not refer to which part of the body is supposed to connect with the ball (otherwise it'd be called HeadKneeChestHandFootBall), but rather the fact that the game is played on-foot (as opposed to Polo, another old and popular game).

about 8 months ago

Japanese Researchers Build Rock-paper-scissors Robot That Wins 100% of the Time

AdamStarks Re:Dupe (114 comments)

We haven't seen Version 6 yet, though after 22 years you'd think they'd come out with another entry in the series...

about a year ago

Slashdot Asks: What Are You Doing For Hallowe'en?

AdamStarks Hiding in the Shadows of my Porch... (273 comments)

and when little kids walk up, I'll leap out in my Conan the Mathematician costume and roar out the skull-splitting multiplication rules for Quaternions.

about a year ago

Gene Variant Can Cause Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

AdamStarks Re:first (171 comments)

On the bright side, at least one of your statements is true!

1 year,10 days

US Adults Score Poorly On Worldwide Test

AdamStarks Re: Maybe there is hope (745 comments)

Contrary to popular belief, the North East is not the safest, most prosperous, and most enlightened region of the United States. I'm not saying the rest of it is better than your own country, just that your sample was less-than-ideal :-/

1 year,13 days

Asian Giant Hornets Kill 42 People In China, Injure Over 1,500

AdamStarks Spotted in Australia (274 comments)

Reports indicate the Asian Giant Hornet was briefly spotted in Australia. Upon arriving the colony looked around, said "Fuck me...", and promptly returned to Asia.

1 year,19 days

Health Exchange Sites Crushed By Demand; Shutdown Blanks Other Gov't Sites

AdamStarks Re:ya, the IRS site is up and running (565 comments)

Where's a "-1 Depressing" moderation when you need one? Or maybe it should be a +1...

Whatever, who cares :/

1 year,20 days

Valve Announces Hardware Beta Test For 'Steam Machine'

AdamStarks Serious Question (271 comments)

One of the benefits of traditional consoles is the (relative) lack of the kind of hardware fragmentation that can cause errors, glitches, and performance drops. Case in point, my copy of No More Heroes just works when I pop it into my Wii. Of course when you do have an issue (due to aged hardware or what have you), there's not much you can do about it.

One of the benefits of PC's is that when something DOES go wrong, you can usually figure out what's wrong and fix it. For example, when XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out, I was experiencing unplayable slowdown (not a low framerate, more like slow motion). After an hour of digging around and trying a few things, I figured out that I needed to update my BIOS. Unfortunately, the BIOS updater refused to recognize the thumb drive carrying the update file, and it took a little more searching to find out that BIOS's sometimes have trouble recognizing thumb drives that are larger than 512 mb. Most stores no longer carry drives that small, but fortunately I was able to find someone at work with an old, tiny thumb drive lying around, and used it to update my BIOS at home. Voila, all the issues disappeared, and the game ran great! The whole experience was annoying and frustrating, but I was ultimately able to fix the issue.

So... if SteamBox or whatever they call it has all the hardware fragmentation of PC's, with the streamlined interface of traditional consoles, what's my recourse for when the game has obscure compatibility issues with the hardware? Will you be able to back out into a Linux shell and fix the issue yourself? Will it be up to standards adherence and vigilant devs to make sure hardware fragmentation doesn't get out of hand? Or is there some magic bullet that Valve has discovered?

Or are we looking at the worst of both worlds, with broken games that you can't fix?

1 year,27 days

Want To Record Xbox One Gameplay? Get Ready To Pay

AdamStarks Summary is Misleading (203 comments)

My understanding is that the PS4 uses HDCP encryption for everything, whereas the XB1 only uses it for playing movies. This means existing recording solutions should work fine for the XB1 (i.e. you don't need to pay Microsoft), whereas for recording PS4 footage requires the use of the PS4's own recording tools (along with any baked in limitations, like a 15 minute limit I've read about).

Not really sure of the practical implications of any of that, seeing as I don't myself record footage of games, but whatever :P

about a year ago

NRA Launches Pro-Lead Website

AdamStarks Well, it'd probably be effective... (780 comments)

"The National Rifle Association has launched a website defending the use of lead ammunition against scientists and environmental organizations" was what I read at first glance.

about a year ago


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