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Diablo 3 Banhammer Dropped Just Before RMAH Goes Live

AdamTrace I'm a Diabo 3 hipster... (540 comments)

I liked Diablo 3 before it was cool to hate it.

Seriously, you all go ahead and not play. Make your protest and stand up and shout about how lame it is that you need to be online. The rest of us (or maybe it's just me and my friends) are having a TON of fun playing.

If you don't like it, that's fine. But don't tell me that *I* don't like it. 'Cause I do.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Is an Acceptable Broadband Latency?

AdamTrace Depends... (396 comments)

What are you using your connection for?

If you're sending emails, then 300 is perfectly fine.

Turn based games would be fine. Real time games would be rough.

more than 2 years ago

Gamification — How Much of It Is Really New?

AdamTrace An anecdote -- driving habits (95 comments)

I just bought a hybrid car. When I drive, it shows me my current MPG, and when I get to my destination, it shows me the MPG for the trip. If I get over 35 MPG, I get a little "Excellent!" message that flashes.

It's not much, but I'm surprised at the effect this has had on my driving. I notice myself driving differently when I have this feedback.

Now imagine we all had cars that published (tweeted, for example) our total MPG, and some sort of public leaderboard/ranking system. I think that alone would change the way a lot of people drove, and save a lot of fuel.

more than 3 years ago

Top French Chess Players Suspended For Cheating

AdamTrace Re:How would that work ... (295 comments)

He wouldn't actually sit down. He would stand next to the table.

more than 3 years ago

Chess Games Translated To Music

AdamTrace Pornography? (87 comments)

"This content has been blocked in accordance with (my company) Webfilter Policies.
URL: jonathanwstokes.com/2011/02/14/chess-music/
Category: Pornography"


more than 3 years ago

Google Logo Changes Again, Hinting RT Search?

AdamTrace Re:Google has lost it... (212 comments)

Holy crap. Control K. And here I was using my mouse like a sucker. Thank you!

more than 4 years ago

Software (and Appropriate Input Device) For a Toddler?

AdamTrace Re:Playtime (417 comments)


"I sort of hate having to tell him 'no' when he wants to explore a computer."

This set off a red flag in my head. Learning how to say no is important. Otherwise they'll walk all over you.

more than 4 years ago

The Misleading World of Atari 2600 Box Art

AdamTrace Ikari Warriors for the PC... (267 comments)

I remember buying Ikari Warriors for the PC, way back in the day. The box had killer screenshots... the game looked exactly like the arcade game!

I loaded it up, and was met with horrific 4-color (white/black/cyan/magenta) graphics.


When I looked more closely at the box, it had small print that said something like "Arcade-version images shown. PC images may be different", or something to that effect.

I was pissed. :(

more than 4 years ago

The Hidden Security Risk of Geotags

AdamTrace Re:This is why... (175 comments)

On a certain Anonymous web image board, someone posted an image of a female rear end with a sharpie sticking out of it (aka "sharpie in the pooper").

Enterprising individuals examined the EXIF data on the picture, and saw that it was taken with an iPhone, including lat/long data. This was quickly plugged into Google maps, and all sorts of hilarity ensued.

Beware, indeed.

more than 4 years ago

Girl Seeks Help On Facebook During Assault

AdamTrace Re:Why's this on Slashdot? (417 comments)

"PLZ water my farm 4me, being raped IRL!!! BRB? :'-("

I'm so ashamed that I find this as funny as I do...


more than 4 years ago

Review: Red Dead Redemption

AdamTrace LOVE this game... (148 comments)

I've been playing computer games for about 30 years now, and RDR has grabbed me like few other games before it. Very few games would compel me to take time out of my day to write a post about it.

I don't like or dislike Western movies/games any more than the next guy, but they really nailed the atmosphere and setting. The game is beautiful. I've stopped to admire the vistas by starlight, and watched the sunrise from the porch of the general store while I waited for it to open. Riding through the wilderness in a thunderstorm, I was struck at just how wet and miserable everything looked. At atmosphere is great.

The writing and voice acting in the game is superb. Seriously, top notch. The writing is especially smart and poignant, and very engaging.

I really enjoyed both GTA:SA and GTA IV. I'm a big fan of the open world, where you can choose to follow the story line missions, or do side missions, or simply go out and explore. RDR has this in spades. It's so fun to load up your game and decide "what do I want to do today?" You always have a list of jobs to do, and they are all optional, so you can choose your own adventure. Hunting animals for skins (to sell for money), playing poker and other mini games, deciphering and following treasure maps, getting in shootouts with bandits, to say nothing of advancing the storyline by doing the set missions.

I haven't set foot in multiplayer yet, but I hear that is a lot of fun as well. I feel like I could go on and on. I'm completely smitten by this game.

A brief caveat is that there are some bugs. I've only seen one or two myself, but lots of people are reporting lots of issues.

If you've watched or read any reviews and the game sounds at all interesting, I can't recommend it enough.


more than 4 years ago

Drunk History Presents Nikola Tesla *NSFW*

AdamTrace Re:Lightweight! (91 comments)

Talk about... what, exactly?

more than 4 years ago

What Free Antivirus Do You Install On Windows?

AdamTrace None... (896 comments)

At some point, I got fed up with running anti-virus software on my Windows XP PC. The benefits never appeared to outweigh the hassle. And AV software IS a hassle.

After a year, I can't see any downside to this.

Note that I'm a smart computer user who keeps everything patched and up to do, as well as knows how to configure a hardware router/firewall.

more than 4 years ago

Blazing Fast Password Recovery With New ATI Cards

AdamTrace Re:Finally! (215 comments)

You owe me one new Sarcasm Detector. My current one just overloaded.

more than 4 years ago

Netflix Prize Sequel Cancelled Over Privacy Concerns

AdamTrace Re:I have to agree (65 comments)

My wife and I just rented it, too. Just to see.

I stopped watching at the vampire softball scene. Ugh, so bad.

more than 4 years ago

Netflix Prize Sequel Cancelled Over Privacy Concerns

AdamTrace Re:Munge the privacy info (65 comments)

This is exactly what they do.

The problem is (and someone figured this out), John Smith might ALSO have a IMDB account. And if we compare the date and star ratings from his IMDB account with his Netflix accout, we can accurately figure out who 1122113 is. Some people actually did this.... that is, took the completely anonymous ratings, and used those ratings to match up with an unanonymous source, and figure out information.

So Netflix is doing it right, I think. It's just that the Netflix data can be used IN COMBINATION with other sources to reveal identities.

more than 4 years ago



IndieCade 2012 Finalist Nominations Announced

AdamTrace AdamTrace writes  |  more than 2 years ago

AdamTrace (255409) writes ""IndieCade, the video game industry's Sundance" just posted it's 2012 finalists.

Kellee Santiago, the Jury Awards Chair, wrote: "These finalists showcase true artistry in game development, combining a wide array of both artistic and technical skills, ranging from art direction, to interface and interaction design, to computer programming and sometimes hardware hacking, to sound design and interactive musical composition, to writing, to the mysterious alchemy of “game design.”""

Link to Original Source


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