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Ask Slashdot: How Would You Convince Someone To Give Up an Old System?

Adayse What a prick! (379 comments)

Vanderhoth leave Bob and his system alone and do something useful instead! As long as the documents are backed up it's ok. It doesn't matter how they are organized or that you, the new guy, can't just find the right document because you are new. You get on the board and now you want to be the alpha geek This is about your status. You are on /. so we know you are old enough to know better

about 2 years ago

US House Science Committee Member: Evolution Is a Lie From Hell

Adayse Re:how do these people get into these positions? (1113 comments)

Are they elected? Or just randomly assigned?

Elected, and saying whatever he thinks will get him re-elected.

I agree but this probably wont help him get re-elected. You vote for Christians in the US because they have a known set of somewhat altruistic beliefs. You don't know what your other citizens believe and you sure don't trust them but surely you trust hell-fire spouting crazies and psychopaths even less? Here in Sweden we known what everyone else thinks so religion is not a merit.

about 2 years ago

Robot Helicopters To Single Out Pirate Ships

Adayse Ever taken a look at Somalia? (123 comments)

It's just rocks and sand.. Piracy is probably the only viable enterprise going there. It's more of an impromptu tax really and these robot counter-measures just unethical tax evasion. Pirate ships may also serve as fishing boats and refugee transport..

more than 2 years ago

How Much Tech Can Kids Take?

Adayse Re:Many Factors (240 comments)

What you are missing is that our children are worth more than we were. The equation is simple enough - longer lives, less risk and fewer births makes each of our children very precious. Healthcare industry fatcats making shit up? Would you be talking about dentists fixing buckteeth? ADHD is real enough, but before we put up with it or beat the kid or put him in a special class for specially fucked up kids but those are not options for an only child today.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Inexpensive Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking System?

Adayse but if you are informed.. (296 comments)

If it tells you when it moves without you knowing then you know and it doesn't need to tell you, or if it tells you without you knowing then you don't know and the telling isn't required. Take your scooter with you to class if you love it that much.

more than 2 years ago

Study Finds Frequent Gaming Changes Your Brain

Adayse Re:I disagree. (171 comments)

/.ers offering parenting wisdom? If you introduce your child to cleaning he will keep your house and those around it clean forever. True for how many children? Mine clean up only in minecraft. I love playing sport but my efforts to get my kids to enjoy sport have come to nothing.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: DD-WRT Upgrade To 802.11n?

Adayse Netgear WNR3500L (196 comments)

I have 2x Netgear WNR3500L bridged that have been running ddr-wrt trouble free for almost a year. They are cheap and have 8MB flash and 64MB ram.

more than 2 years ago

Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global

Adayse Re:Assange condemns greed? (944 comments)

This is about our parents, our grandparents, and our future. Our grandparents and parents because their retirement disappeared when bankers toying with other peoples money failed.

The problem is caused by our retirement plans. Here we are buying scarce resources with our excess cash and building grand homes that nobody needs so that people yet to be born have to buy it all from us later when we are no longer able to work but can still breath. Money can't buy much fun when you are nearly dead so why let ourselves do this wasteful hoarding? It's time for a retirement plan prohibition, for the common good.

The average ./er is mid forties so having grandparents is scarce than being them here.

more than 2 years ago

UK Man Jailed For Being a Jerk On the Internet

Adayse Re:Solving this problem (898 comments)

Here you are advocating violent crime in response to somebody showing disrespect for the dead on the internet. Is that civilized? Being asbergers is a mitigating factor but his lousy lawyer said there were none.

about 3 years ago

How Do You Explain Software Development To 2nd Graders?

Adayse how old is a second grader? (430 comments)

We are talking about US children and not a road building machine? Tell those 7 and 8 year kids that programming is making those games they play on their xboxes and that it can take many lifetimes of programming to make a few minutes of fun something that many programmers don't have that much of. I have an 8 year old and I haven't tried to explain programming to him but I think that if I show him how to assign a keyboard macro in Starcraft he will get the idea.

about 3 years ago

NZ Illegal Downloading Crackdown Law In Effect

Adayse Re:Stupid Law (329 comments)

You are right Telecom isn't state owned. Why did I think it was? That only leaves US influence.

about 3 years ago

NZ Illegal Downloading Crackdown Law In Effect

Adayse Stupid Law (329 comments)

It's a stupid law - probably got NZ a gold star with the US state department and expected to save some international bandwidth making state owned Telecom more profitable. The result will be risk aversive homes, libraries and schools without internet.

about 3 years ago

WikiLeaks Sues the Guardian Over Leak

Adayse Re:Password (289 comments)

To me it shows a great lack of discretion by the Guardian or at least David Leigh.

I agree. The Guardian is one of my favourite publications but they shouldn't be claiming that their publishing the password was reasonable as they are doing. They undeniably and stupidly broke half the security making it likely that they are dumb enough to be the source of the file leak as well.

about 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Am I Too Old To Learn New Programming Languages?

Adayse Re:Stay Put (772 comments)

I have another 5 years left in the field and I'm aware of it....

If you're any good, you probably have another ten at least. Age-out in dev doesn't really start until 45, and isn't enforced with too much vigor until 55. After that, it'll totally depend on how many months ago your HR people finished college...

I've noticed this to be true. It's due to a shortcoming of managers that needs to illuminated. A manager being a particularly social status orientated animal prefers underlings that confer lasting status benefits so you being older will feel pretty wrong to a manager even if your skills are right. Employing somebody is a bit like making friends. It's a dangerous manager that fires people that get the job done just because they are old though.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Removes MySQL From Lion Server

Adayse Re:Much better anyway (303 comments)

Postgres easier really? Maybe I should try it again but I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be easier or better or faster this time either. If my application works then I don't switch out the database just for fun, if it doesn't work then a database switch might break it more so the only time I will shop around is when I'm starting a project.

It's easy to understand why MySQL is more popular - MySQL was popular first and easy to setup from the start. The developers were open and responsive. I've been using it since 97 and it's performed well with everything I've done with it. I haven't needed transactions.

Postgres has however always been more popular on /. and I can only attribute that to US vs Europe. If half the effort Postgres proponents have spent bashing MySQL on /. over the years had gone into improving the Postgres manual then setting up Postgres might be easy too. Have you compared the manuals? The Postgres website is defensive. I don't like Oracle though so I would like it if I preferred Postgres.

more than 3 years ago

AMD Bulldozer Information and Benchmarks Leaked

Adayse Re:Why the hype? (126 comments)

There isn't much hype, that is a difference. Attention has shifted to phones. Desktop PCs and the parts that go in them are worthless because they confer almost no social status on their owners, unless the owner is a teenage boy.

Before the battle was about performance, now it's heat, price and performance because every household has a couple of computers per person and the cost of a cpu is much lower.

more than 3 years ago

Chris Dibona On Free Software and Google

Adayse Re:Ummm...what? (107 comments)

..form a festering cess-pit of useless apps

But this is true of every platform I've ever installed, lots of crap but lots of useful software. The Market brings together the people making the software with the people using the software the right way, something the community couldn't figure out for itself after the dotcom bubble and spam messed with it's vision and morals.

more than 3 years ago

Roundabout Revolution Sweeping US

Adayse The changeover is harder for the US (1173 comments)

When you replace an uncontrolled intersection with a roundabout then US and European drivers have to start looking for and yielding to traffic coming from the left rather than the right. This is hard to get used to if you have driven a crossing thousands of times. For UK drivers there is no change so those mini roundabouts don't require driver adjustment.

more than 3 years ago

Irish Judge Orders 13-Year-Old To Surrender Xbox

Adayse Re:Excellent! (445 comments)

Having shitty attitudes towards cultural differences is a requirement for homogeneous cultures, just look at Scandinavia for proof of this, tolerance here is window dressing. The problem with the US prison system must surely be that it has had too many people in it. Try punishing violent crime with impotency instead..

more than 3 years ago

Ask Amir Taaki About Bitcoin

Adayse Stolen bitcoins (768 comments)

As the cost of producing bitcoins goes up mining will largely be done by miners (including geeks at work) using stolen computing power. The rightful owners should then be able to reclaim their stolen property provided they can identify it no matter how many times a bitcoin has been traded. Does this not make bitcoin a high risk object for speculation?

more than 3 years ago


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Adayse Adayse writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I've been reading /. since 97, I had an account but I never used it and then changed jobs and lost it but people wrote smart stuff here. So along comes the 2011 interface and now it's unreadable if I don't sign in. What a stupid change. So now I have an account and mod points and /. is a chore. I had no idea! The spam at 0 is unbearable and moderation is work.

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