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Anonymous Declares War Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

AdmV0rl0n Re:Back to roots? (509 comments)

It did lose its way. It clobbered Scientology - but since then its wandered a hit and miss road in terms of what it understands or recognises as good or bad, targetable, or not.

about three weeks ago

Anonymous Declares War Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

AdmV0rl0n Re:So they are doing what? (509 comments)

And when Hitler, or these fanaticals go from saying something, to enacting something - what then did Voltair say?

The Western world bends over backwards to almost a rediculous, silly degree to allow for religious, Political and even silly expression. Nothing Voltair said is in question. And indeed, its not people saying something in discussion in a philosophical way that is in question.

The Choudary idiot can't stop running his mouth, and he is given amazing latitude.

about three weeks ago

Anonymous Declares War Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

AdmV0rl0n Back to roots (509 comments)

Anonymous originally (if I recollect rightly) came to a more public place originally when they choose to stand and have a fight with the cult of Scientology. And in doing so a level of fame was garnished. Not to mention fighting a good fight.

Since then, Anonymous has waged a lot of Ops and has hit various targets - and in my HO has lost its way.

Freedom and Liberty - generally even if it gets lost along its path sometimes is a Western Foundation. Millions of people leave other parts of the west to try and escape the terrible events taking place not in the west. There is a constant war where people in the west question themselves, their activities, their history.

But this is a form of war, first between Islamics and Islamics, the intolerant, and the tolerant, and the largesst numbers of people suffering in this war is generall Muslims.

People take affront at Islam being selected as a problem. An issue. It is. The Islamic world has some of the worst government, and where there is better government it is persistantly under threat - not from democracy, but usually henchmen and AK47s and the threat of sharia gangsterism. There are terrible things that take place, from the Saudi Blogger who is being brutally whipped for the next weeks by a so called 'Theocratic' Government of Saudi Arabia. There is widescale FGM and terrible treatment of women, and children are killed, have acid thrown over them, and there is a war on education, liberty and freedom. Most educated, well adjusted islamics who benefit from living in the west and make case defence for Islam have their view. They have a voice in the discussion, but it is not a view that can be accepted.

50+ states have attempted to enact UN level movement to try to inflict laws that would apply world wide and eliminate and reduce the free speech, free expression, and the age of enlightenment - explicitly a larger Charlie Hebdo political effort aimed at everyone. And its backed daily in all corners of the world by brutal men - no, not men, scumbags and physcopaths, sociopaths and idiots - who carry out a brutal drawling of lines in the sand agaist anyone who doesn't comply. Its maintained by limited education, brutality against women and repression, poverty and misery against everyone else.

This is a war. Its a war against lunatic elements of humanity who have decided in a new facism - one where their totalitarian view is the only view. This was carried out when they decided not to kill cartoonists in Paris. That was just a message. They sent a bigger message which is if you say anything, men will come to your door and execute you.

The answer was every single media outlet and paper should have published the cartoons. But no matter. The fact many did not was cowardice - but cowardice has been the path of Mass media for years. So, Charlie Hedbo was left exposed being a refusnik in this cowardice and now people are dead.

If anonymous was to enact what they have said, it would be their finest hour. In worthy cause, and in line with its original ideal. Whatever fights the world faces, Western governments and companies are generally a lower scale issue than the threat of lunatic islam. It has reached a point where Islam is creating no go areas in the west. Areas where threats of violence and intimidation have become the rhetoric of their view of democracy.

It is not enough to say it. Now is the time where action has to take place. Why should any islamic organisation of any kind that hates free speech and liberty be allowed to have any. They have created the rule base of their own reality. Now let them live it.

Unleash the dogs of war.

about three weeks ago

Sundar Pichai: Android Designed For Openness; Security a Lower Priority

AdmV0rl0n Hmmm (117 comments)

Yeah, its so open each phone tends to have issues on boot loaders and on getting root. And yet, despite that, its more open to the malware writers than to its users.

tut tut tut.

about a year ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

AdmV0rl0n Don't like Beta. (2219 comments)

I got redirected once. Was once too often. For some reason the current process seems to think that content comes last, and fancy headers, deasign and pages mean more. They don't. The beta page wasted a ton of space, showed me less content, was less clear and more invasive. I did not like it, did not enjoy it.

Why is it somehow we have ended up with people who are making things like Slashdot beta, Microsoft Metro, the new IOS, Gnome. A bunch of people who came out of the worst design schools ever? A bad decade at the schools? We just got unlucky?

I like slashdot, and have been around for a long time. But I'm not your damn plaything. Mess with the site, content and my usage - be warned, I can go away. So can others.

about a year ago

Break Microsoft Up

AdmV0rl0n Re:Errors (355 comments)

Except that you can't keep throwing away whole eco-systems like its 2001. And .net didn't mess with the start menu or UI like this effort has.
And if you_do choose to change the oil tanker, know that incorrect course navigation isn't an accident.

Metro since very early on was clearly a disaster. Put aside the programming behind it, which may or may not be accepted, the rock solid base is that its broken the desktop. Its broken the back catalogue, and its just a very very poor desktop replacement. Its not a good touch environment. What is it good at ? Its not even good at replacing 'start'. Its just a galloping great mess, and everyone knows it. Rehashing isn't working, and the 8.1 is just a fantasy land throw of the dice.

Its probably not related. But when the world largest PC shipper(Lenovo) go Public with a 'well, if you are not going to fix this start menu disaster - we will' public PR and operational answer, and the CEO of MS resigns, you could claim to see a link. When your largest partners start issuing deep 'fuck you' responses, you know your project is failed.

No one - no one who matters - likes Metro. And customers absolutly hate it. You only need spend a short time in the customer env to really feel this.

about a year and a half ago

Break Microsoft Up

AdmV0rl0n Errors (355 comments)

Microsoft being broken up would break the things they have that are working. So their cloud/application linkage in azure would be broken up.
The area where the disaster has taken place is in Windows. By making 8 - they've irrepairably damaged 7, and 8.1 doesn't fix it. The cloud area they worked on has been destructive of on premise IT, which is dumb. You don't need that damage.

If you really kill windows, you're in very deep trouble on the server and application sides, and it requires a full rework.

Although at present Azure works and their cloud works, its so dependant on end user windows machines that they are no in a very deep hole. And Ballmer going I think echo's this.

Its a shame, because frankly there is some damn good stuff in the stable, and its inter operations work at a level nothing else does. Break up doesn't help that at all in any way.

about a year and a half ago

BlackBerry Officially Open To Sale

AdmV0rl0n Little lost blacksheep (139 comments)

BB remains the only handset/technical network that I can put users on a world wide tariff and provide a secure service at a reasonable cost. Period.
Sadly, Blackberry seems to be run by idiots, who don't understand their own strength, or their own product.

And yes, I can put my users on Iphones and on Android and I can cry my eyes out as soon as they leave the borders of the country they live in.

Even *if* they remodelled the business in software, they could still leveage BB core work and sell a really workable product. Yes, not for everyone, and yes, aimed at corp, business and gov - but they seem lost in terms of what they are.

Lying to the customer base is bad too and Thorsten Heinz needs to be fired. The Playbook isn't getting 10? Liar.

CEO's that lie or get their baseline facts wrong are worthless. They are worthless to whom they work for and worse for their customer. He had his shot - he should resign.

about a year and a half ago

Acer Pulls Back From Windows To Focus On Android and Chromebook

AdmV0rl0n Won't save you Acer (253 comments)

All I've seen in general is that Acer make average and poor PC equipment, knocked out generally at below market prices as their model, and with at best average support.
To be fair I've over generalising somewhat - but what I laid out applies to too much of the Acer family.

Moving to Chrome and Android will be a simpler model. The problem is that its a full on race to the bottom. Your value as Acer is null. Its in the OS. And beyond that, unless you are on the winning edge hardware wise and winning at review level, you'll face the full on might of Samsung and Google and Apple, and they will out device you anyway.

Just box shifting the edge, and on cost is heading to a level where only the huge vendors left standing will be left, and where the Soc costs leaves only enough margin for those vendors anyway.

Unless you are that vendor, you will be where you are in PC land in only months.

The only place in tech for smaller outfits is one of excellence and boutique level stuff. Acer needs to become something other than yet another box shifter, or its dead.

They should seek out being an alienware or Origin level vendor where their is a price premium and an extra service - but the problem is this is Acer.

about a year and a half ago

Bill Gates Promotes Vaccine Projects, Swipes At Google

AdmV0rl0n Re:Irrational stupidity (481 comments)

why >?

I pay a fortune for very average healthcare, and I support myself and my children, and I live in a challenging and difficult knowledge based society where people are down to 2.4 Children generally and cannot affort to even buy a house unless they find £300,000, and where both people generally have to work just to pay for it.

Its not quite as fucking Elysium as you fucking paint.

about a year and a half ago

Bill Gates Promotes Vaccine Projects, Swipes At Google

AdmV0rl0n Irrational stupidity (481 comments)

I've grown more and more fed up of this kind of posturing from people like Gates.

While its nice that he is working on vaccines and is on a crusade for healthcare, the world has far deeper problems. We have entire failed states where stupid people have children that they simply cannot look after. They cannot feed them. They cannot educate them. This behaviour has become one where its rewarded and not penalised. This isn;t viable. It cannot work. Its_not going_to_work - They cannot economise the places where they live - and yet birth rates and economic collapse is only underwritten and fueled by people like Gates. Entire cities are now based around being refugees, and living off food aid and have no sustainable living capability at all - and are only maintained by wholly bankrupt operandai.

The human population on this planet is exploding. There are 7 billion, 103 Million, 448,849 people and its sky rocketting upwards. The numbers of people and growth are going to dwarf Gates vaccine programs, and food aid, and the numbers of people dying will upward curve, and I don't wish harm directly on anyone - but the fucking source of problems has to be faced.

For every child Gates saves, his program better be ten fold bigger to treat the children that will come from it. Same for food aid.

The programs that people like Gates are running paint a picture of fighting poverty. That is true. They fight short term poverty. They *do not* fight long term poverty, deprivation, or lack of healthcare. They create the fuel on which the next wave will burn.

At some point, the inhuman reality will have to be faced. Unsustainable human growth and failed states, on land that cannot sustain the populations, will run out of even generous people's large donations. Even if the most humanitarian people keep swinging, at some point round 12 billion, and even with advances in food, the reality is huge death tolls.

This can only be stopped now, and it can only be stopped now by harsher policies that at least focus people to behave and change their ways. Humans have for millenia realised that population control can become a scenario that cannot be avoided, except in our own population. Somehow this has become skewed to the degree that we refuse to believe it, and will avoid it no matter what the cost or logic.

about a year and a half ago

Snowden and the Fate of the Internet As a Global Network

AdmV0rl0n Hmmm (505 comments)

When people use services at scale, it creates focal points for collection or abuse. People have bought into Google,Yahoo, Microsoft. Lazy, cheap people - who have little or no values, little pointless rubber people who accepted the something for nothing offer, and now find that 'their' data - is no longer 'their' data. Suddenly people jump about like these guardian fuckheads.

The beauty of the internet - is that any person can use it. Any person can actually do what they like. You don't have to accept an NSA or FBI world, and you don't have to transit your data in clear text. Do you have to put in work on this? Sure. Does it have to be paid for? Off course.

I grew up in a world where the west larely blocked access to encryption, and todays world is just an extension of the world I've lived in. Do I think that Tempora is aimed at me? No, Its aimed at the islamic fuckheads who should not be inside the borders anyway. But if it was only aimed at them, its like the stop and search - its racist not to do everyone. Thats how twisted things have become.

The irony is that guardian readers operate in a world where they have for extended time operated with leftist bias. They want immigration. They want bad things. Then they want the immigrant seraches to stop 'because its racist'. Now - having supported the introduction of 5th column terrorism and enemies inside the gates, the latest wheeze is crying about big evil american corps and 'govt'. Touch shit. There was a time many years ago where it wasn't required. Now - because of the world the guardian believes in - it is.

I have little time for it. People need to grow up. If your mail was an issue from a privacy standpoint, why did you ever put it on other people servers. The same for Facebook, etc etc. This isn't free, and never was, and always has elements of 'deal with the devil'.

The answer is a simple one. Become a geek. Run your own servers. Run your own data. Its never been easier, nor so low cost to do this. And you can choose your own encryptions or systems. You think the people who built apple, MS, google, yahoo did not rail against the system before becoming part of it?

about a year and a half ago

QuakeCon 2013: Carmack On Next-Gen Console Hardware

AdmV0rl0n The problem is.. (136 comments)

That its nice to see this. But Carmack isn't what he was. Nor is quakecon really. Recent ID stuff has'nt shone and the input isn't as valuable as it once was. I kinda have the feeling that ID and Carmack have settled. New upstarts don't have that hunger sated and this is the issue really I have with Carmack - nice guy that he is..

about a year and a half ago

Using Java In Low Latency Environments

AdmV0rl0n Yes (371 comments)

Thats exactly what I would do. I'd take the most insecure, badly run, malware and virus vector based language and embed deeply in sensitive and financial systems.
Why not? What can possibly go wrong.

I wonder when Java will be able to be updated by an admin account via a standard user account on Windows. But then I wonder when Oracle will wake up and smell the coffee.

about a year and a half ago

With Microsoft Office on Android, Has Linus Torvalds Won?

AdmV0rl0n Re:According to his definition, sure (365 comments)

I'd agree. But Android isn't getting there. Its kind of worse. If our computing ethos is to simply change one moniker (Microsoft) for (Google) and revert to a single user OS (windows 95) >> Android - and to go back to pretty much the worst security landscape imaginable (Hi Android circa 2013) - I'm sat here trying to establish that I've not just seen us move totally side ways and not forward.

Whats next I ponder - a google 'trustworthy computing moment?'

Maybe people are happy that MS has taken the hit and that Linux is on top (or is establishing itself there) - but I'm sat here thinking that most malware is pushed from Linux servers, and that things must be different than just clapping Linux wins for the sake of Linux wins..

I'm not writing this as an MS fan either, just as someone who look at the current state of things as being pretty fucking dire as they stand..

about a year and a half ago

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Funding Trends Low

AdmV0rl0n Re:No SD Card Slot? No thanks (251 comments)

My desktop has enormous storage options. So, no. I would not really use SD cards for storage there .

Now, unless you have a 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch slot, or other option on the phone, Yes, SD card storage is good.

about a year and a half ago

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Funding Trends Low

AdmV0rl0n Re:No SD Card Slot? No thanks (251 comments)

Because some people like their own storage, and don't actually like the cloud storage game. Not for everyone I am sure.

about a year and a half ago

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Funding Trends Low

AdmV0rl0n Re:No SD Card Slot? No thanks (251 comments)

Absolutely. Why isn't there someone doing a device with more than one?
The biggest hole in all current 'fashion' devices is storage.

about a year and a half ago

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Funding Trends Low

AdmV0rl0n My view (251 comments)

Is that what was presented was nice, but contained nothing that was really wow in any way. As such its a premium phone/tablet and there is convincing to be done.

Would I really pay double for this phone - if so.. why? I honestly did not see anything really ahead of the curve despite Mr Shuttleworth trying to intimate that the phone handset market is conservative (it used to be, I am less than sure that HTC ones and Samsung Galaxy 4's are such .. the hand sets seem to be racing along tech wise from where I sit..)

about a year and a half ago

Nokia: Microsoft Must Evolve To Make Windows Phone a Success

AdmV0rl0n Hmmm (230 comments)

Nokia had the opportunity to examine the OS up close I am sure before putting all their eggs in the basket. Saying now that the OS isn't what they wanted is different from Symbian how?

And they dumped Symbian.

Nokia isn't very innovative. I have hosts of their phones. And I have their earlier tablets. Molasses moves faster, and any development or updating was based around an old school of update slow, if at all, and avoid anything dramatic. Riddled by 'buy the next handset' if you want more - no company wrote off their newer stuff faster.

The N900 (with an updated screen) could have been the basis for an ongoing linux based phone - but not at molassess snail rate development. Nokia understand how to make hardware. The part they have utterly failed to grasp is that in the end, its the software that runs on the tin that actually ends up mattering much more than they believed it did.

Android and Iphone have brutally changed the old landscape. The older school mentality has no place left, and they will be evolved out. Throwing huge gasps of air (41MP cameras) grafted onto Phones with systems people don't want won't stop the drowning end.

Nokie still ship a lot of low end phones - That in the end might be there best market placement

about a year and a half ago



Sophos Enterprise installs impode

AdmV0rl0n AdmV0rl0n writes  |  more than 2 years ago

AdmV0rl0n (98366) writes "Currently fighting this at work. Sophos installs are eating themselves, and other update processes. An update has clearly gone rogue and is a serious screw up. Sophos are on the case, and have released new files, but damage is done. Still under review/fix here. Widespread problem."
Link to Original Source

Europe sliding into dictatorship

AdmV0rl0n AdmV0rl0n writes  |  more than 6 years ago

AdmV0rl0n (98366) writes "Overnight, the EU, US, and some states basically took part in annexing Kosovo. Kosovo was by previous UN mandate taken by the UN, but no mandate was made for this. China opposes it, As does Russia. But what is perhaps less well know is several EU states oppose and will not recognise the new state of Kosovo. Kosovo does not lie within EU boundaries, its a first expression of EU imperialism, that some are only too keen to grasp.

But, this is but a small side show. The EU for many months now has followed a path of deception after losing referendums in France, and in Holland. It now creates its documents in secret, and people are voting on documents they have not even read. Recently, the Parliament broke its own rules to stop dissent. Its about to dissolve the EU, and create a new EU, without democracy playing any part. Where it did play a part, people said no. The people are to be ignored.


Worse, for a long time, they have been cooking up their own plans against the press. Not satisfied with throwing Hans Martin Tillack in jail, they now persue a better method. For too long anyway do the Press work for the EU as well as outside agencies with mass conflicts of interest and against the public interest.


If the EU gets to hand pick its own journalists, it counters the very idea of open, free democracy, law, liberty and a free press. The EU already has plans afoot for Biometrics (covered in some previous Slashdot articles), but far beyond, the EU has a lot of plans it does not discuss in public. These include Taxation, and 'National Service'. It also mimics many antics of the oft hated US/Bush state — yet gets very little coverage.

Very shortly, these people will pass a treaty into history, changing Europe forever, handing vast powers to a central government that has very poor democracy, and has plans that will affect every european deeply, but at the same time, it plans to take control of the press, limit freedom, destroy national parliaments, and today, there is little being questioned in Europe or elsewhere about this.

You can demand referendums in Europe at many sites, PLEASE CONSIDER doing this."

AdmV0rl0n AdmV0rl0n writes  |  more than 8 years ago

AdmV0rl0n writes "Dell are running adverts (the flashy plastic coated extra) inside UK national newspapers. These offer Sempron and X2 based systems starting from £399. Looks like the Dell/AMD autumn offensive is in full swing. Wonder what the AMD naysayers will come up with this time round ;) AdmV"



China and Google

AdmV0rl0n AdmV0rl0n writes  |  about 5 years ago

Google are suddenly the darlings of the middle left. The public announcement that they may consider a change in view of its operations in China is being heralded the world over by selective groupings.

I'm in a relative sense, a proponent of Google. I remember the days where I and some other techs I worked with first started using the search tech. And we used it for the reason of simply it was the fastest, and most accurate search engine, and it really did blow the rest into the weeds.

Google since then has grown into this current large scale company. Its a proponent of the destruction of privacy, a concept I will never accept, or believe in. That however, means careful selection of the usage of Google. I use its services in cases where my personal information and privacy remain as such.

In terms of China, there are two arguments. The first is that if you choose to operate in a state, the simple fact is that you have to operate within the law. Operating and being somewhere for companies equates to making money. And most companies are not picky about the mismatch on ethical or moral ground when in the process of making money. To be fair, I don't think it should land on any company to be put in a position where it has to fight governments, and laws, and states. Companies are like citizens, and there are limits. However, like citizens, they should play their part. On the other hand, I'm no fan of companies getting so deeply enmeshed that they in effect take over or are forced to take over or become government.

History has shown in multiple cases, that this is not a great model.

Google has suffered a serious setback however. It, like ISPs and other forces, in the collection of data, deems itself to be the arbiter of that data. The owner, controller, manager, money maker of that data. It got a rude awakening when it found itself as being the lightening rod conductor, and the chinese secret and state services decided that they felt differently. Chinese dissidents, and 3rd party people who are active in areas of human rights and so on, have been under assault in the Google structure. Google has played down this, claiming that only tertiery break ins have happened.

Google - like many many companies has been involved in choices it made with government states. One of these deals in terms of Google (but certainly not limited to Google) - was a choice that it would censor things on behalf of a state that has serious, and very serious ongoing Human rights and other abuses. In so doing, it is NOT the hero of the hour today in stating its considered change. You don't, and should not get brownie points for reverting a disgusting decision that should never have been made in the first place.

But the issue here goes beyond Google. It does smack right between the eyes the current level of ethics and morality politically and commercially the world over. The Google system, and its inate lack of 'privacy' encouraged a system in China, where by the offering was so good, a flys on shit senrio was created. Dissidents and others the world over apply for free accounts, and the free accounts can then be raided by the state. Its not just in China, but you could start making a very long list.

The Google moment is a false one. Google was prepared to censor a billion people's access to the world, but its antagonised because by comparison, its had a rather smaller number of accounts under assault by the same state it made a dirty deal with. I guess its argument comes down to the fact that censoring a billion is better than one man being dragged out of his house and thrown in one of the many mobile exterminator Vans the Chinese operate.

Governments, and Companies continue to clammer for 'data' and systems. But if you collect data, or enforce systems to contain data about people, the lesson is again made clear. The idea that the good guys get the data, and the bad guys do not, is a cookoo laaaalaaaa land insanity. If the bad guys do not, they do not have it in the here and now, but they soon will, or they will soon try. And where they fail, they will enact other operations.

Today, the Great firewall of China and Iran are being enacted across the globe. Australia is one of many making such moves that 5 years ago, would have been viewed with extreme predjudice. Today its being deemed normal, and its being deemed thus in a boil the frog climate of change, where ongoing changes are accepted without challenge.

I do applaud Google for making a stand, but its not really enough. Other companies jumped right in and stated that if Google did not want to do business there, they gladly would. Heroic of them. Many others (Nokia, Cisco and many more) play prominant parts in programs in states like Iran and in China, and have a very direct role in what happens.

Today its a man who held a Google account in China, and tommorow he may be in a death van. In Tehran a man may be picked out by Nokia equipment and he may be for the noose tommorow. Another man may be selectively found via Cisco equipment. None of this is new, but it is all real.

These operations, just like IBM in Germany and its operations that it took coin for during the 3rd Reich, have outcomes that cannot be discounted. There is a serious balance between following the law, and doing the right thing. If the laws in some states are so bad, and the states themselves are so bad, then the fact you may make money there has to be offset in terms of wether you are committing a crime, and not all crimes are in Law.

Google collected information, and the chinese state now chooses to do as it always has done. Google went in there with an aspiration that China would modify over time and improve. Instead, as Google has found to its own cost now, States like China operate at a different level. The modus operandi has a complete moral plain that does not match.

If Google pulls out of China, which I personally doubt, then fine. But I'd only really applaud them if they announced that in future they would not censor their search engine for anyone. However, the idea that they may not be censoring western states is probably untrue. The 'free' world, just like China is going through this process.

But if Google and others like Google don't make a moral stand now, then who and where will it ever happen. If nothing else, I suppose its at least an interesting can of worms to watch and make your own observations on. I personally expect Google to make a new deal with the devil. And the devil will simply moderate somewhat its activity, or make a new approach. And the game will go on.

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