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Geeks in Space 7: Cardboard Box

Adrec Love the show, suggestions (10 comments)

Man, I love this show! I wish there were more audio broadcasts on the net about computers so I could give my hands a break and still be immersed in my obsession. Also, it's *great* that there is a downloadable MP3 format available -- nice for people with dialup bandwidth that still want decent quality. I want more shows to do this.. freakin real audio is painful to listen to on 33.6.


1) More shows, more often! I'm thinking twice a week. Waiting a whole week is painful.

2) Have at least one segment that deals with something that hasn't been on Slashdot and discussed already.

3) If you want a bigger audience, post ads for it on the front page.

more than 15 years ago


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