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Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory

Aero77 Stoplight Acceleration is very fast. (193 comments)

"The zero to sixty time is 9.9 seconds, making it one of the worst accelerating cars sold today."

Only test car drivers and street racers do 0-60. I also own (lease) a Leaf and everything the poster says is true. Its a great car.

about 4 months ago

Are Bankers Paid Too Much? Are Technology CEOs?

Aero77 Re:Negotiation (712 comments)

Oh yeah? you and who's army of lobbyists?

about 6 months ago

Are Bankers Paid Too Much? Are Technology CEOs?

Aero77 Negotiation (712 comments)

'Deserve' and 'Fairness' are imaginary concepts. People get paid what they negotiate. Business people understand this and this is why they get such 'unfair' compensation that they clearly don't 'deserve'. If you want to paid what you want, instead of what you 'deserve' or what is 'fair', learn to negotiate or get an agent to negotiate on your behalf.

about 6 months ago

Startup Out of MIT Promises Digital Afterlife — Just Hand Over Your Data

Aero77 Talking to Myself (241 comments)

How many would get this now, to improve the quality of their conversations?

about 8 months ago

Cuban Video Game Recreates Revolutionary History

Aero77 Bay of Pigs? (199 comments)

It should include the Bay of Pigs battle. You start off a counter-revolutionary stooge of the US, foolishly believing the US will support your invasion of Cuba. You land your boat, but are surprised by the brave soldiers of the revolution. You use the radio to call in air support. The cutscene plays showing the corrupt playboy american president ignoring your call in favor of spending time with his hollywood movie star girlfriend. You futilely fight on, but the end comes for you. If you survive long enough, you experience a jail cell slide for a few seconds, but regards of your outcome, then a suitably patriotic cutscene plays showing the deliriously happy people of cuba celebrating there new freedom.

about a year and a half ago

Third 2012 US Presidential Debate Tonight: Discuss Here

Aero77 Re:son of BOSSS (529 comments)

Clearly he cherry-picked the investments for his IRA that he knew (ensured) would do extremely well. If you would already financially comfortable and had access to the selection of investment opportunities available to Bain Capital, you would do the same thing. Put the best investments in a guaranteed tax deferred shelter to stave off paying taxes. Put the rest in your personal investment portfolio that you pay taxes on (and deduct losses on) every year.

about 2 years ago

Tesla Motors Getting $10 Million From California For Model X Production

Aero77 Strict Emissions Standards Benefits Electric Cars? (191 comments)

'Tesla has the unique distinction of being the only automaker to actually ask us to increase our targets under zero emission rules,' said Ryan McCarthy, the science and technology policy advisor to the chair of the California Air Resources Board. ... Color me surprised...

about 2 years ago

Toyota Abandons Plans For All-Electric Vehicle Rollout

Aero77 ReCharge Not Swap (490 comments)

The real solution is fast recharge & higher capacity batteries, not phone/laptop-esque fantasies about swapping batteries. You don't swap a gas tank to 'recharge' it, so why do expect to swap a battery pack that will drive a car hundreds of miles? I own a Nissan Leaf and it quick charges in 15 min from half full and 30 min near empty. The idea of swapping a couple hundred pound high current battery is dumb.

about 2 years ago

CowboyNeal Reviews Oracle Linux

Aero77 winning post (170 comments)

Since we can't mod anything higher than 5, I'm just going to say this: Most discussions about a story only have 1 truly useful response that indicate the person gets it and can explain it to someone else. Your post is the winner for this thread. Congrats!

more than 2 years ago

US Army Developing Armor Tailored For Females

Aero77 "Complex Curvatures" (310 comments)

"Complex Curvatures" were specifically mentioned as one of the problem areas (second article).

more than 2 years ago

Ethiopia Criminalizes VoIP Services

Aero77 "DPI" is standard on networking gear. (255 comments)

Most organizations use DPI to block specific protocols from entering or leaving their network. This technology is not the black market malware you think it is. Like any tool, it can be used for good or evil.

more than 2 years ago

Online Parody Cartoon Targeted For Prosecution

Aero77 Inside Job (327 comments)

I watched these two videos in there entirety, it is obvious that the author (if not the creator) is someone inside the department. The dialogue is a series of inside jokes that must be hilarious to someone inside the department, but only moderately funny to an outsider like me.

more than 3 years ago

National Academies Release Over 4,000 Free Science Books

Aero77 Studies & Policy Recommendations (119 comments)

If you are doing 'research' that needs to reference previous public studies, this is great news. (If you are associated with a university or large institution you probably already had access it). This is not the place for discovering how something works (hint: try wikipedia), this is a place for discovering how we use something and what it means for the public.

more than 3 years ago

Cisco Accused of Orchestrating Engineer's Arrest

Aero77 Re:As much as I love Cisco gear... (160 comments)

Cisco does separate releases into two groups: Technology ("T") Train which includes new features. And "mainline" which includes only bug fixes. You can open a TAC case w/o a support contract, provided your equipment is under warranty. Our company does so on new equipment, before it is added to the contact (annual renewal). To do this, you must call them. Cisco doesn't charge for software updates that based on security vulnerabilities. (If you don't have a contract, you must call them.) Writing this from memory, since I'm too lazy to look up the references.

more than 3 years ago

Teacher Suspended Over Blog About Students

Aero77 Re:Snowflake (634 comments)

"Beautiful Snowflakes" - its a reference to the belief that we are unique individuals, just like snowflakes. Rationally, of course, that isn't the case. Personalities, backgrounds, and other observable/measurable traits can be classified into several neat categories and dealt with using common techniques. Snowflakes are not unique either. I'm sorry, but you are the only one here seeing racism...

more than 3 years ago



Cyberdyne is shipping nearly 100 more exoskeletons

Aero77 Aero77 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Aero77 (1242364) writes "An army of exoskeletons is coming. And according to their inventor, Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai of the University of Tsukuba, in Japan, they're making a difference in the lives of disabled people. Speaking at the International Conference on Intelligent Robotic Technology and Business, held earlier this month in Taipei, Taiwan, Sankai proudly described how the robotic exoskeleton suit HAL (short for Hybrid Assistive Limb), helped a 46-year-old man whose left leg was withered by polio when he was 11 months old. HAL reads electric signals at the surface of the skin that are generated by the muscle beneath and then uses them to guide the movement of robotic limbs strapped to a person's real limbs, thereby multiplying their strength."
Link to Original Source


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