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Non-Technical Users Talk Malware

Aerog Re:Just buy a Mac :-) (410 comments)

Your argument claiming I'm ignoring simple facts is an interesting attempt at ignoring the parent post.

Spyware doesn't target servers like it targets home users. It's two different markets.
IIS on a server != Windows at home
Apache != OS

Plus, I never said windows gets infected more because more people are targeting it, despite that:
a) Windows gets infected more
b) More people are targeting it.

Windows gets infected with more spyware because more users use it, and they're the target audience. I'll say it again: When it becomes profitable to target other OSes, they will be targeted and infected. Windows isn't the best OS out there, but it's not the only one that can and will be targeted by viruses. No OS is immune to viruses and spyware.

And, as I intended with the original post, simply telling somebody to change to a different system is like telling somebody who just got robbed to move ten blocks over because nobody has been robbed on that block yet. Maybe there's lots of crime on the first block but none on the other. Does that mean crime is impossible on the other? No.

more than 9 years ago


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