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Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG

Air-conditioned cowh Re:JPEG2000 replaced JPEG (377 comments)

But JPEG2000 was absolutely crawling with patents like maggots and worms writhing through the very core of its being. If that didn't put everyone off then I don't know what would? Certainly ruined my lunch.

DJVU was another contender but it just happened to be tagged on to a PDF-like docuemnt format and not widely known as just an image format.

Finally, anything that was not (properly) supported by Internet Explorer ten years ago was a dead duck. And Microsoft and Apple actively snub any open format if they can get away with (like Vorbis, WebM etc).

about two weeks ago

Silk Road 2.0 Seized By FBI, Alleged Founder Arrested In San Francisco

Air-conditioned cowh Just the beginning (219 comments)

And the next one will probably be a distributed system that can't be shut down.

about a month and a half ago

We Are Running Out of Sand

Air-conditioned cowh Re:This is rich! (264 comments)

With scary headlines like this there is certainly a fantastic opportunity to sell insurance there. I can imagine the sales pitch now, "This time you were lucky, it was the wrong type of sand, but..."

about a month and a half ago

Microsoft Makes Office Mobile Editing Free As in Freemium

Air-conditioned cowh Re:Linus Torvalds won (98 comments)

More like if Norton, McAffee and other bloatware manufaturers also make applications for Linux that PC World aggressively ram down the throat of anyone trying to buy a PC, then Linux has taken over. Because its only that additional bloatware that actually gives places like PC World any profit at all and an insentive to sell PCs. I wouldn't be surprised if the PC itself was sold at a loss.

MS Office is definitely one of the apps places like PC World try to push at the checkout.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

Air-conditioned cowh Let mid day MEAN mid day (613 comments)

Why even mess with it? A clock is an instrument to indicate the time of day. Do I want a ruler where everything is offset by 1cm or a speedo that is offset by 10mph? Of course not. Instruments should do their best to tell things the way it is.

about 1 month ago

The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real

Air-conditioned cowh What about all those .cfm pages I've been seeing? (350 comments)

What's that all about then? Are you telling me that their IS no ColdFusion? That Adobe is the name of a garden gnome? That CFML is just a crazy rant?

about 2 months ago

Why Munich Will Stick With Linux

Air-conditioned cowh Re:At home too (185 comments)

Especially home computers. I remember at least two conversations I had in the last week were people were telling me how their machines are gummed up with adware and viruses that their AV software missed and that after they clean their computer with Malwarebytes or did a complete reinstall the whole virus party came back. So I aksed, "Are you sure you want to continue with Windows?"

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

Air-conditioned cowh What trolls? (382 comments)

If you ask me all Slashdotters are morons who just haven't figurued yet out just how right I am.

about 4 months ago

Google's Satellites Could Soon See Your Face From Space

Air-conditioned cowh And the physical limit of resolution is???? (140 comments)

Just wondering. If the resolution limit is imposed by a restriction, then what would a satellite be able to do if the only limitation was technological?

I remember seeing a documentary about leaked details of satellites that could read the headlines off a newspaper in the early 1970s, but they would have had very low orbits and didn't stay up long, mainly because they would run out of film.

about 4 months ago

Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome

Air-conditioned cowh Re:Why is (201 comments)

More likely the Netfix website code just assumes that any desktop Linux build is incompatible because that has historically always been the case. Now it isn't anymore perhaps it will version check Chrome on Linux and decide whenever the Netflix devs get around to it, though I can't see it being much of a priority to them however much I would like it to be.

about 4 months ago

Windows XP Falls Below 25% Market Share, Windows 8 Drops Slightly

Air-conditioned cowh IE at 60%? (336 comments)

Why are the stats so different from different sources? StatCounter puts Chrome at 46% for desktop browser share and IE at 20%.

about 5 months ago

UK Users Overwhelmingly Spurn Broadband Filters

Air-conditioned cowh Re:More inconvienient than the average filter. (115 comments)

Just filter the results for images where the author has given permission for free commercial use and, if requrired, modification. It would be great to teach kids to find, support and create free licensed material than to teach them to make their future boss have to pay for licenses and then insist that their boss pays for them to use only Photoshop to edit it.

about 5 months ago

UK Gov't Plans To Push "Emergency" Surveillance Laws

Air-conditioned cowh The problem with "democracy" in the UK (147 comments)

Is basically this: "...will receive cross-party support..." Everything that erodes privacy or impinges on liberties such as overbearing police powers, mass spying, rampant drug prohbition etc. It all gets unquestioned and unchallenged "cross party support".

about 5 months ago

Wikipedia Editors Hit With $10 Million Defamation Suit

Air-conditioned cowh No Problem (268 comments)

If someone sued me for defamation as a Wikipedia editor I'd just distort the article about the court case to make them and the judge look like ogres. That would fix them!

about 6 months ago

Curved TVs Nothing But a Gimmick

Air-conditioned cowh 3D TV is also a gimmick? (261 comments)

Excuse me while I just poke one of my useless eyes out. It was a gimmick, apparently. Am I the only one who actually enjoys watching 3D movies? It's just the glasses that are a pain. They dim the picture and flicker against other light sources, especially cheap LED bulbs.

about 7 months ago

Emory University SCCM Server Accidentally Reformats All Computers Campus-wide

Air-conditioned cowh Wrong OS (564 comments)

It reformatted the drives and put Windows on them. Eeewww! That's gross!

about 7 months ago

Open Source Program To Give Voters More Active Role In Government

Air-conditioned cowh No one showed up (60 comments)

German newspaper Der Spiegel once called the movement 'a grassroots democracy where no one is showing up to participate.'"

They were obviously astroturfing by not showing up to participate.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Which VHS Player To Buy?

Air-conditioned cowh Re:Make sure it has s-video output (201 comments)

Also, on top of S-Video output, make sure it has all the latest VHS quality enhancements such as S-VHS (probaby has if it has a S-VIDEO output -duh!) and FM sound. Although it won't help with tapes that were never recorded in these formats, it will certainly bring out the best of the tapes that were.

For old analogue audio recordings, being able to tweak the audio head azimuth will help bring out the best of the recording. I also consider this essential for archiving cassette and open reel recordings. You have to hear how much difference being able to tweak aziumuth makes to believe it. It is a critical adjustment and the playback azimuth has to match that of the recorder otherwise all your top end goes down the plug-hole and it sounds washed out.

about 8 months ago

Linux May Succeed Windows XP As OS of Choice For ATMs

Air-conditioned cowh Linux EOL is not so hot either (367 comments)

For example, Redhat/CentOS is 10 years. However there is always the option to pay someone to roll-back updates into whatever version the ATM has, which is onet thing you can't do with a closed source OS. As far as security is concerned, I would have thought something like QNX would be a better choice than either Windows or Linux. Anyone know what EOL time QNX offer? I couldn't see just be glancing at their website.

about 9 months ago


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