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Vatican Bans IOS Confession App

AjaxIII Can be used against you? (323 comments)

This makes me wonder, since the police can take your phone and peruse through it all they want if it is on your person, could "Keeping track of what you have confessed about" be used as an admittance of guilt by Law Enforcement? I know nothing about the specifics the app has, but IE police take your phone and see an entry Confessed about ..."Murder" on 01/18/2011 and raise an eyebrow. Or even that you went to confession shortly after a crime took place you were suspected about, and use it against you.

more than 3 years ago

Research Suggests E-Readers Are "Too Easy" To Read

AjaxIII Comic Sans (185 comments)

So using a not very rigorous study comparing Arial font vs Comic Sans and Bodoni fonts you can of course infer e-ink screens make you forget more. Of course you have to use the proper framing of statements to avoid being called on it. In fact Comic Sans triggers that one area of the brain that makes you remember things more, experts say. Some believe, that if you alternated using Comic Sans and Bodoni fonts your retention of all materials read could be massively higher than those read using less "Brain friendly" fonts such as Times New Roman, and Arial.

about 4 years ago

US Marshals Saved 35,000 Full Body Scans

AjaxIII Re:Security personel are always dicks (712 comments)

I agree there is a higher percentage of dicks in the security profession then there are in other ones, however that has more to do with minimum wage lackey given an illusion of power than the profession itself. As long as putting a warm body in a suit and calling it "Security" is the standard accepted practice, we are going to keep getting dicks in those jobs. Find a place where the qualifications for security are a little higher, and the pay is a bit better and you get completely different attitudes.

more than 4 years ago

Sir Isaac Newton, Alchemist

AjaxIII Re:Science (330 comments)

You make a decent argument, however you are lumping all Chiropractors in together. My wife was diagnosed with MS. It wasn't a doctor who figured it out, the regular MD thought her symptoms were nothing to worry about. She went to a chiropractor once, who figured out what the issue was immediately, and made her an appointment with a neurologist before she left. The Neurologist screwed thing royally with office mismanagement, but the chiropractor actually followed up and made sure the Neurologist got the right information to the right people. My wife was diagnosed probably 10 years before any regular doctor would have bothered to take the time to refer her to a specialist, and even the specialist screwed things up at first. There are good chiropractors, and bad doctors, but that doesn't mean you can throw the entire field out because of a couple of quacks.

more than 4 years ago

Google Considered Too Big To Fail

AjaxIII Faulty assumption (366 comments)

There is a pretty big assumption in this article. The assumption is that Things will change, and google isn't smart enough to change their business model to compensate for changes. If ad revenue goes down to the point that google can not support their services, they can supplement that with a small charge for all of the services they offer. I'd happily pay a couple bucks a month for the google maps, reader, email, voice, translation, calendar, docs, wave, etc. They have many option available to them that may not be obvious now, but may be an option when the "Ad Bubble" pops. Plus it sounds like they are breaking into other areas, ie ISP, etc. I think they've shown enough intelligence to not cling desperatly to a failing business model, assuming things change enough to make their business model fail.

more than 4 years ago



Google, Kansas

AjaxIII AjaxIII writes  |  more than 4 years ago

AjaxIII (1237230) writes "In an attempt to get recognition from Google and be selected as one of the test cities for Google's proposed fiber project the Topeka Mayor signed a proclamation calling for Topeka to be known for the month of March as "Google, Kansas — the capital city of fiber optics". There is enough of an interest in gettng on this program that city governments seem to be willing to go quite a ways to get Google's attention."
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