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Infinite Browser Universe Manyland Hits 8 Million Placed Blocks

AlabamaCajun They surpassed Minecraft in stuffs and griefing (67 comments)

Within the 2 minute time I was transported to several different lands most likely the system overload. Then once stable, something left on the trail by others morphed me through several different avatars and turned off aswd. Then out of nowhere I was transported to someones trap. I rarely played mario so I;m not familiar with the powerups. Great place to get your mind sucked away.

about two weeks ago

Past Measurements May Have Missed Massive Ocean Warming

AlabamaCajun Re:What happens to that heat? (423 comments)

The cycle continues. Heat rises with evaporation but the air saturates with moisture rather quickly. Cloud formation results and slows the radiation, Heat gets trapped by the clouds. Wind moves both the clouds and moisture away, over land someones parade or wedding gets ruined or if lucky framing gets it's rain. It's a rather large heat engine the cycles itself continuously day and night. Speaking of night, with longer winter night facing means more time for radiation. Summer has more time for energy absorption and less night radiance. While this is true for the latitudes closer to the poles the tropic zone is more of a slight oscillation thus serves more as a lateral heat-pump producing tropical storms and moving a lot of water vapor and releasing enormous amounts of heat. The possible scenario we see now is wind shear interfering with the tropical storms slowing the release of heat but this is dependent on the landmasses and bodies of water. Atlantic storm count is way down but the Pacific is active. If one section of ocean is getting hotter than others then that section would have reduced activity for allowing heat release. This may have to do with how the El Nino - La Nina cycles play into effect. Enough heat finally accumulates to make the currents pick up and the whole system is affected.

about two weeks ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

AlabamaCajun Re:If you exclude the parallel NT's...nope (399 comments)

Also consider Dynamics GP ...
8. GP 8
9. GP 9
10. GP10
11. GP2010
12. GP2013 (was 2012 at one point).

I tend to think they have been drinking the cool aid.

about three weeks ago

Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

AlabamaCajun Re:The obvious solution will meet fierce resistanc (488 comments)

I keep hearing people talk about "Freedom" like it's something special. What is the difference between dictators and boardrooms when these companies can pawn (pwn) the serfs they hold in their kingdoms. It's fair to charge a small connect fee to cover infrastructure but not charging you for your systems use. Also consider a single land line phone costs over 40 bucks that is no small fee. It's already hitting other services and it's only a mater of time before the rest do the same.
Off-grid sounds great and will become the norm but sun taxes to offset corporate welfare is coming.

about three weeks ago

Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

AlabamaCajun Re:So? (488 comments)

Where I live, if you even buy foil they take your name and info and report it to the "gubiner".

about three weeks ago

It's Banned Books Week; I recommend ...

AlabamaCajun I needed to start the fireplace, so I burned it! (410 comments)

Last weeks TV Guide that is. Once the week is over the TV guide can be burned and throw the damned telly in there for some nice colorful flames too. Then pick up a great banned book and start reading, The whole idea of banning books has been ridiculous to begin with because that just attracts more attention to what you wanted out of mine in the first place. Like the flip-phone most people have forgotten about them by now. Time moves forward and we not longer give a toot about them. As for burning, that only if they are beyond use like old computer books and some school texts. Certainly not any books of value or rarity, As for banning, many of the suggestions I saw were the Bible. No reason to ban it either, it's full of history if you skip past the unicorns and rainbows. Just remember it went through translations, many edits and much of the material is missing or lost. The biggest problem is we think that no one wrote fiction in the deep past. Loosing the libraries of the past was the greatest lost of mankind and the world. Not only the loss of Alexandria's collections but all the wars, raids, bannings and burnings that took place over the year. We tend to ban or burn our way through history to assert our own ideas into the worlds flow. We should know better than that because nature does it for us anyway. Books are our preferred way of recording species and other natural things that nature eventually wipes out. Go read something and then return to /. to record you own thoughts instead of ramblings about Cowboy Neal.

about a month ago

Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

AlabamaCajun Re:No. (368 comments)

To the Board of Directors of Microsoft.
Keep your ****ing hands off of Mojang. Microsoft has already destroyed Word Perfect, Lotus 123/Visicalc, Borland C++, Startteam and many other great tools that worked with your monopolistic ideals. Those products work and had few issues. Had they all been allowed to continue development through today computing would be more efficient and less frustrating. I know many are going to flame this letter but most are not aware of what is missing. We have no reason to export maps to Excel, nor check maps into team server (Mojang already has a good server, nor does it need to be a part of Internet eXploder. None of your products work the same, none of them are that great. Notch watch out for the Microsoft LBO guys the may attempt to leverage you out. The quick money of a buyout may put more ducks in your pockets but it will never replace what you have. Besides, your team enjoys more benefits that any Ms associate who has to wait until they are dead or retired to see any of their dividends and profit shares. Please accept the box of creepers I am sending as a token of appreciation for the consideration.

about a month ago

Scientists Capture the Sound Made By a Single Atom

AlabamaCajun Re:10^5 slower? (100 comments)

It's just a way of defining that the waveform is emitted at a fraction of the speed of the phoTon.
This may also relate to the waveform that the photon travels at. Thus it's light frequency is governed by the collective frequency of the atoms in the element that is excited to emit photons. (Laypersons terms) This changes my perspective on why the color LEDs emit depends on the chemicals used.

about a month ago

Scientists Capture the Sound Made By a Single Atom

AlabamaCajun Re:forest (100 comments)

I thought Eve fell in the forest.

Oh, though you said Adam in some Garden.
Anyway, according to my wife it was atoms fault.

about a month ago

Why You Shouldn't Use Spreadsheets For Important Work

AlabamaCajun Only true if you are using Excell (422 comments)

I knew accountants that did many things with spreads that worked.
One ran many company ledgers on Lotus 123 including printing the balance sheets.
In another case one accountant ran a companies pricing on spreads even though there was a mainframe that could have done it. (Job Security). This too was Lotus spreads.
I will agree with the author that considering the bugs and problems with Excel, Access and Word speak volumes to that fact they are now just interim tools not permanent storage and retrieval.I tell people all the time Access and Excel are just work tools.

about 5 months ago

A 32-bit Development System For $2

AlabamaCajun Re:PIC (138 comments)

I've been tinkering with the PICs since 2002 before that it was the ELF2 Cosmac 1802 and the intel 8085 explorer 85.
Yes the PICs are my chip of choice and can get them for a buck or s free sample from Microchip when I feel the need to get something freshly minted. I just finished a scrumptious salad grown in a hydroponics system run by a PIC 16F629 and a few components. Olimex programer works great except when you put the chip in backwards. (Guess what it still works after that torture test, I don't know if the Atmels are that hardy).
It's still worth it to get the Raspberry PI, Arduino or Chipkit for the fun and up and running environment that's ready out the box and you support the development teams that bring these systems to a level more people can access without touching a soldering iron (just the handle, not the tip tsssssssssss).

about 5 months ago

Let's Call It 'Climate Disruption,' White House Science Adviser Suggests (Again)

AlabamaCajun Re:Eh? (568 comments)

It's more at the officials have finally cleared the way for calling it for what it really is. The real scientific community (Not the Fox channel) has been saying this since the first name change. We mostly knew we were the cause but when GW came out we were waiting for the "guberment" to catch up.

about 5 months ago

ISS Studies Show Bacteria From Earth Could Colonize Mars

AlabamaCajun Re:how long? (103 comments)

Ironically, earth is a greenhouse, we waste just about everything.
Keep the humans off of Mars, we will infect it. As long as we clean out bots we send there we should be able to get by with remote surfing the sands of Mars.

about 5 months ago

"Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

AlabamaCajun Re:A firearm that depends on a battery? (1374 comments)

Then don't buy one.

Ain't that the truth!

In a real capitalist society we could buy them but unfortunately we have sunken to an Oligarchy where the few rule on what we can buy. This is the point I'm upset about. I don't have a NRA card and for this would not get one, cancel your membership. Looks NRA has actually stepped on the second amendment and blocked our freedom to bear technical arms.

about 5 months ago

'The Door Problem' of Game Design

AlabamaCajun Re:Will the door have windows? (305 comments)

Try Minecraft! Yes you can see through all standard doors and hatches. The only question is can you get shot through the window? Skeletons and witches are the only above ground enemy that have weapons. You also have access to the bow and can throw things. So far I have not seen any projectile pass through.

if (door.state == HalfOpen)
Debug.WriteLine ("Can't determine what the door is doing, Try knocking on the door");

about 6 months ago

Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power

AlabamaCajun Re:Something wrong at the foundation - (504 comments)

Solar owners are investors too and should be considered as such.
The PC did not have to buy fuel, have is shipped in, burn it in any equipment or use any large transmission cables. Bottom line this customer is considered an asset on the P&L. Assets only cost you a little operating cost. This asset is already paying infra-structure fees to connect in the first place so they have already paid admission to play in the game. I have gas service that charges me monthly even when I don't use it. As most consumers do, we have no say in what goes on the bill nor is it free market where I can shop around.

Oklahoma governing body, I call this BS and shame on you for the way you treat your citizens. You are less than Putin in my books.

about 6 months ago

Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

AlabamaCajun Re:Who watches the watchers (243 comments)

Finally some folks can see the forest for the trees (better the network for the servers).
Government we elect, select and buy.
The Big Corps just take our money and use it to buy more votes.
Buy the time the masses realize what has happened it will be too late to roll it back. Like anything before it will mess up a lot of peoples lives but the rest will go on. The strong will survive is what they say but damn the rest. Google does a lot for a lot of people are a very effective price (Free). As for the rest they take and give little back. I won't defend Google as once it gains enough power it could become a planetary nightmare that makes "The Matrix" look like a fun game in comparison to what becomes of the real thing.
Speaking for the US and a state called Alabama, have we learned anything yet since 2000?

about 5 months ago

Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

AlabamaCajun Re:Don't tell them that... (332 comments)

Birds, Fish and most of the non-human animal kingdom don't do drugs except those on the farms far from this piss hole. But how many parts per 38 million are we talking here. As what others have said that pee is not the bigger worry but a potential for poisoning gets pushed to the top of worries. Puts some steel walls around this pond for crying out loud. Except for the urea the pee is a lot cleaner then just about everything else getting into that water.

about 5 months ago

Blender Foundation Video Taken Down On YouTube For Copyright Violation

AlabamaCajun Re:Stop using Youtube (306 comments)

You got it, it's Corporate Censorship. I keep hearing people talk about being free, freedom this, freedom that but support are still playing ho to these corporate giants.
Yeah we have our guns but what can we do with them but shoot things.
We also have other ways to be free and that is fair use. I can't see the video to judge for myself but Sony is loosing ground and will soon split up so I still won't buy their sh!t.

about 6 months ago

Senate Report Says CIA Misled Government About Interrogation Methods

AlabamaCajun Re:So Arrest Them (207 comments)

Dah! come on it was all over the media as early as 2006 this was happening. Who needed congressional insight when it was already known this was happening that even the pawn channels like NBC, Fox and others were even showing this regularly after it became widely known. The CIA has been doing this for a lot longer but it was just not that easy to catch them before.
What next, will we have a senate hearing on the military using depleted Uranium bullets in Iraq?

about 7 months ago


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