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Paramount Pictures To Release Film On Bittorrent

Alarindris Re:Profit? (178 comments)

Not really... as soon as the physical copies hit the stores they'll get ripped and the original torrent will die.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Moves To Stop Kids Racking Up iTunes Bills

Alarindris Re:Questions and Answers (232 comments)

I'm 30 and I only know the 2nd one. These questions are better suited to the AARP crowd.

Sorry D:

more than 3 years ago

AT&T To Introduce Broadband Caps

Alarindris Re:The truth of the matter (538 comments)

They absolutely don't all throttle P2P traffic. I live in WI, have AT&T, and I max out at 2Mb/s (what I pay for) and it stays there until the torrent is downloaded.

more than 3 years ago

Competition Aims To Make Cybergeeks Cool

Alarindris Re:That's nice, but (134 comments)

I completely agree, but you still have to remember that there are maybe I don't know, 6000 pro athletes in the entire country and they have to fight even harder for jobs while also sacrificing any kind of plan B. Compare that to maybe 600,000 scientists who will get a decent paying job no matter what.

Yeah athletes get paid a ton, but they entertain millions and there are not very many. It's like winning the lottery.

Anyway, go scientists!

more than 3 years ago

Statistician Cracks Code For Lottery Tickets

Alarindris Re:Coolest part of the article (374 comments)

Mod parent up.

I work at a gas station. You get the next ticket in the roll, there is no picking your ticket. Also, we cannot play lottery for obvious reasons. So working at a convenience store won't help either.

more than 3 years ago

Polynomial Time Code For 3-SAT Released, P==NP

Alarindris Re:I'll be first to say WTF (700 comments)

What the hell is insider baseball?? He keeps using that term but never explains what it means. Renders the article unintelligible, to me, anyway.

more than 3 years ago

Milky Way May Have Dark Matter Satellite Galaxies

Alarindris Re:Mark my words (174 comments)

Think of it this way: In day to day life, for everyday objects, x = 2y describes gravitational interaction. Test it over and over, and it works just fine.

Now, when we look way out into the universe at galaxies, x = 2y doesn't quite work, but if we use the formula x = 2y + .01 everything falls into place. And it works over and over.

We don't know what the .01 is, so we call it dark matter. Someday we'll figure out what it is, for now we call it dark matter. That's it.

more than 3 years ago

Virgin Mobile To Start Throttling Broadband2Go

Alarindris Cmon (257 comments)

Keep in mind, 5GB is A LOT of data. To give you an idea, it's about 250 hours of web browsing or over 500,000(!) emails. So this change shouldn't affect you unless you're a heavy downloader/streamer/etc.

So, if you use more than email you are a heavy user? If that's all people used the web for, I doubt it would even exist anymore.

more than 3 years ago

Tunisian Gov't Spies On Facebook; Does the US?

Alarindris Maybe (221 comments)

Are they? Who knows?

Can they? No doubt.

more than 3 years ago

Oversupply Sends DRAM Prices To One-Year Low

Alarindris Re:What Do You Do When Demand Is Satisfied? (161 comments)

Perhaps the most obvious example are gas stations very close to each other, it's mostly a single price broadcast on a big billboard and you can be sure it takes only minutes before they know their competition has changed their prices. They follow each other like a man and his shadow.

There is a reason for this! I used to work at a gas station, and law requires that we are within X cents of our nearest competitor and can only change prices once every 24 hours. Most stations opt then to do it right away in the morning before there is a steady stream of customers. These laws went into effect right after the gas crisis in the 70's to prevent price gouging.

Also, there is a good chance that all the gas stations in town buy from the same distributor anyway, so they all have the same cost of buying gas in the first place. Just because it's a Mobil for example, doesn't mean they by "Mobil" gas. The name really doesn't mean anything.

more than 3 years ago

Once-Darling Ethanol Losing Friends In High Places

Alarindris Re:Quoting Homer (586 comments)

That engine should run for 100 years; just because it has run for six means that it has run for six years.

more than 3 years ago

UK Banks Attempt To Censor Academic Publication

Alarindris Re:The article title is inaccurate and inflammator (162 comments)

Is there no difference between the interrogative ("..we would ask...") and the imperative (for example, "...we demand that you remove...")?

When the person asking has infinite money and infinite lawyers... no.

more than 3 years ago

Top 10 Things You CAN'T Have For Christmas

Alarindris Re:Meh (230 comments)

Since when does modern day Christmas have anything to do with Christianity?

Since always, the words are almost the same.

Also, your post reads like something a 14-year old would write after he's finished masturbating over his Darkthrone albums.

I don't even know what that means.

more than 3 years ago

Top 10 Things You CAN'T Have For Christmas

Alarindris Re:Meh (230 comments)

Well if that's what people think, then fuck 'em all. I'm not a christian, and I think christians continually fuck up the world in the name of Gosh, and have turned a holiday honoring their team captain into guilting everybody into a gift buying fuck fest.

I'd rather just celebrate the solstice with friends, fire, food, and booze and that's what I do.
Might I remind you that historically THAT is The Reason for the Season.

In summary:
1. Fuck christmas.
2. Fuck religion and the people who think I am a dick for not participation in their bullshit beliefs.
3. Fuck giant corporations who make shit that we don't really need.
4. Fuck materialism, I know Jesus would agree.
5. Fuck you for once again making ME have to justify something that really doesn't need to be justified.

Happy new year.

more than 3 years ago

Why Video Game Movie Adaptations Need New Respect

Alarindris Right? (283 comments)

If you want someone to make a movie the way you want to see it, become a director.

It seems there is a heavy feeling of entitlement as far as media and the arts go here.
Like people often say here, ideas are a dime a dozen. The implementation is the hard part.

more than 3 years ago

Tobacco Virus Could Boost Li Batteries

Alarindris Re:Scourge? (161 comments)

Especially given how some smokers, when foul weather hits, seem to think its their god given right to blockade the entrances and exits to building so that they can light up.

I do it on purpose for all the people who voted to take our rights away (I live in Wisconsin, ban was enacted July 5th). There is no demand for non smoking bars (not where I live anyway). If there was there would have been non-smoking bars before the ban and bars wouldn't be going out of business, shortening their hours and closing on Mondays.

more than 3 years ago

How much TV do you watch in a week, on average?

Alarindris Re:Hipster? (385 comments)

Fine. Replace all with 99.9% in my previous post. Do I really have to say that every time? Or do you think maybe the audience can infer?

For example if you were at a party and your friend showed up and said "Wow! Looks like everybody is having a good time!" do you say "Listen Ron, you can't go around making general statements like that. How do you know everyone is having a good time? For all you know only 99% could be!"

more than 3 years ago

How much TV do you watch in a week, on average?

Alarindris Hipster? (385 comments)

The reason people who don't watch TV (like myself) have to mention it so much is because ITS ALL ANYONE EVER FUCKING TALKS ABOUT ANYMORE.

I don't care about sports, the latest reality show, or American Idol. That's why I don't watch TV. I realized when I was about 16 that every show on TV is just a rehashing of some older show. There's nothing to see.

more than 3 years ago

Greg Bear, Others Cry Foul on Project Gutenberg Copyright Call

Alarindris Re:privilege (721 comments)

Art does not belong to the artist? That's ridiculous. If I create something, I have the choice to keep it, copy it, sell it, patent it, copyright it, whatever, it's mine.

You can't own blue

Well no shit. However, a painting is more than just a single color, or an arrangement of different colors.

Are you against the ownership of cars because no one can own the element iron?

I think you are either confused or being deliberately obtuse by confusing physical objects (statues, paintings, etc.) and IP (the force, maybe musical recordings).

more than 3 years ago


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