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Ask Slashdot: How do you manage your passwords?

Albus Dumb Door Albus Dumb Door writes  |  about 10 months ago

Albus Dumb Door (3546725) writes "As an IT professional, I've got a problem common to many of you which is to deal with a lot of passwords. Memorizing them all is something becoming harder with age and number of passwords. I will forget them eventually. I am obviously unable to use something online like Last Pass and 1Password. Using a single password for all the systems is also obviously out of the question. I know that there are a few apps for cell phones for managing passwords (like Phone Genie and mSecure), but a cell phone, unless it's kept in offline mode (and even then), is still a security risk and I'm pretty sure my employers wouldn't like me having their passwords on my cell phone. I've also taken a look at things like the YubiKey, but changing the authentication scheme of most of the systems is not an option. The only intesting option I've seen so far is the Pitbull Wallet, but they just started taking pre-orders on IndieGoGo and are not expected to deliver until August. Amazon has some hardware password managers as well, like the RecZone and Logio, but either the price or their reviews scared me away. So how do you guys prefer to manage your passwords and what do you recommend?"


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