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Why We'll Never Meet Aliens

Alcoholic Synonymous This article made me dumber (629 comments)

How can we ever understand how aliens think if we have articles like this making our entire species dumber by the letter?

about a year ago

ZFS Hits an Important Milestone, Version 0.6.1 Released

Alcoholic Synonymous Not ZFS 0.6.1... (99 comments)

Sorry, but the title is misleading. ZFS did not hit 0.6.1, only this port for Linux. ZFS uses it's own versioning, which actually recently bumped to v5000.

about a year and a half ago

Strong Foundations: FreeBSD, Wikimedia Raise Buckets of Development Money

Alcoholic Synonymous Fundraisers vs Time (113 comments)

Should I point out that at the point that the FreeBSD fundraiser was on Slashdot as being a failure, it had only been running for 4 days and had reached nearly half of it's goal...?

about a year and a half ago

FreeBSD Project Falls Short of Year End Funding Target By Nearly 50%

Alcoholic Synonymous Year End Donations are the Norm... (245 comments)

Last year they aimed at $300k and got over $400k. This year, they asked for $500k and got $250k thus far...

Except that every year, sponsors hold out until the end of the year. Seeing 50% of goal before the major corporate donations is great. Last year they were far from their goal at this time.

Sorry, but this is a bit of doom saying by a Linux fanboi. There isn't even an article attached, just the donation link (thanks for spreading the word) and a some conjecture about what being only half way implies.

The reality is that even if FreeBSD fails to meet the $500k goal, it simply fails to grow that 66% increase from last year's goal. That's pretty much all it means. All jokes aside, FreeBSD is growing faster than their current infrastructure can keep up with. Hence the request for even more funding.

about 2 years ago

ISPs 'Exaggerate the Cost of Data'

Alcoholic Synonymous Another Report by the Same Institution Concluded.. (173 comments)

Another report by the same Institution concluded that water is wet, electricity is not magic, and that dinosaurs are in fact extinct. The results are still pending on if a duck weighs less than water though. But on a serious note, it's good to see people calling bollocks on these claims. It's not that these things aren't problems, it's that they inflate the cost estimates grossly and delay infrastructure upgrades purposely.

more than 2 years ago

Firefox Is Going 64-Bit: What You Need To Know

Alcoholic Synonymous Friends with 64-bit Benefits (364 comments)

Sorry, but Firefox devs shouldn't be asking what the public expects. They should have enough sense to know two things: First is that if their market is demanding it. Second, as developers, the benefits over 64-bit native vs 32-bit virtualized.

To be perfectly honest, I feel the reason they are reluctant is the shear stupidity of a lot of their users. People who insist the memory footprint is already too big. All the bells and whistles features of memory caching, history, prefetch, javascript, plugins, all spread across the 50-100 tabs in a browser window that's never closed add up. With 64-bit allocation, this memory bloat effectively doubles. I am sure there is some fat to be trimmed, and leaks to be plugged, but the real problem are the tradeoffs for speed, useability, and some absurdly unreasonable user expectations.

But honestly, at this point I will only believe a 64-bit native Windows build from them when I see it. They have been promising this for around 5 years now with every major release. Yes, they build 64-bit nightlies, but they always stop at the betas, and have never delivered on their release promise. Not everyone wants to be the guinea pigs, and the same code builds into a fully functional 64-bit product on all of the FOSS platforms.

Disclaimer: I am a sometimes contributor to both Firefox and Chromium, and helped porting these apps to FreeBSD, where both build and run 64-bit native on the appropriate platforms.

more than 3 years ago

Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:Lennart (460 comments)

Poettering is a zealot for a religious cause. It has nothing to do with truth or facts or even logic. His chief gripe isn't actually that BSD isn't keeping up with Linux, it's that BSD does things different from Linux and he doesn't like it. He tries to spin different as not keeping pace, but that's based on the assumption that the way he wants to do things is the One True Way. Mind you, he says this while simultaneously and purposely trying to keep BSD out of the party by refusing any and all compatibility patches that would make his One True Way usable on BSD.

Amazingly, the BSD people have a way of fixing this crap themselves. It's just more of a pain in the ass when people like Poettering actively work against their efforts.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: CS Degree Without Gen-Ed Requirements?

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:SOL (913 comments)

Your best bet is an AS degree.

That's a great idea.!

Until you realize that and AS or even an AAS has approximately half the gen-ed requirements of a BS, and doesn't address his issue at all. The real answer he is looking for is to attend a trade school. But those degrees are generally seen as worthless, much like an AS.

more than 3 years ago

Forging a Head: The Upside of Scientific Hoaxes

Alcoholic Synonymous Fake Dogs?!? (201 comments)


Labradoodle's are fake? I bet all the Labradoodle owners would be shocked to learn their dogs are not real.

Maybe the author should research before he declares what's real and what isn't. I mean, his bad science isn't actually helping here.

more than 3 years ago

WikiLeaks Starts Mass Mirroring Effort

Alcoholic Synonymous Meaningless Gesture (586 comments)

The current leaks are out. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. Syncing around the world will do no good if the centralized source synced against keeps vanishing and eventually stays vanished.

My point is, that the current damage is done. Yanking WikiLeaks offline is about preventing further damage, and when it finally does go for good, people will be left with a stagnant, yesterday's news version. A million mirrors of previously disclosed documents wont help future leaks get distributed, while the people mirroring the current ones are literally just stepping into harms way.

more than 3 years ago

Pumpkin Pie increases Male Sex Drive

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:Hey honey... (173 comments)

It's not pie you want, it's Cheesecake. Trust me.

more than 3 years ago

Where Do I Go Now That Oracle Owns

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:Be Patient (510 comments)

LibreOffice still depends on Java, which is also Oracle branded. OpenJDK doesn't release binaries, and Oracle still controls OpenJDK anyway. So Oracle seems pretty unavoidable right now.

more than 3 years ago

Herding Firesheep In NYC — Do Users Care?

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:The Best Plan (200 comments)

I was awesome way before that. KEE KEE!

So many goody two-shoes following up on this... except none have you dimwits have been bright enough to suggest another way of actually getting these people to take threats seriously. Half assed wanna-be good samaritans, with no conviction to follow through. Go Slashdotter, go!

more than 3 years ago

Herding Firesheep In NYC — Do Users Care?

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:The Best Plan (200 comments)

Maybe you should RTFA.

This guy took the non-dick approach. He got into their accounts and sent them messages from themselves saying how he did it and how to protect themselves. He even sent a followup after a while saying "I was serious". They still didn't care. I am saying, the warning should not be private/ignorable, after that.

If you want to call it bullying, so be it. But this is the equivalent of a bully saying "I am going to beat you up behind the school after class." and then you actually show up behind the school for him to do it. He may be the bully, but your still the idiot.

more than 3 years ago

Herding Firesheep In NYC — Do Users Care?

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:The Best Plan (200 comments)

I didn't say they would be thankful. I said they would take personal security seriously. They either aren't bright enough or concerned enough to take a direct and courteous warning seriously. Most people DON'T take warnings seriously, until it bites them in the ass.

The problem being, people who really want to bite them in the ass aren't going to deface them. They are going to harvest information from them and use if for their own malicious ends. At worst, they can use the information to physically stalk, maybe even murder these people in real life.

I am saying pull some reversible mischief before someone does something serious. The only people who might lose their jobs over a hacked Facebook account would be those who work in tech security and should have know better. The odds of that are slim though.

What is it, if not "arrogance" that makes a person fail to take appropriate action for themselves? If someone tells you your shoe is untied, do you say thanks or just ignore them because tying your shoe is too much hassle unless you are tripping on it?

more than 3 years ago

Herding Firesheep In NYC — Do Users Care?

Alcoholic Synonymous The Best Plan (200 comments)

Honestly, the BEST thing you could have done for them would have been to deface their accounts, disclosing that they were warned in advance but "too stupid" to take the threat seriously. Embarrass them to no end, links to goatse content, sign them up for groups like NAMBLA, you name it. Then change their password so they can't just quickly log in and fix it.

Make examples of them, so the next time, and maybe for their friends witnessing it, having what and how spelled out publicly might make them take the threat seriously.

more than 3 years ago

Top Reason for Facebook Unfriending Is Too Many Useless Posts

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:Accosted by Poor Taste (300 comments)

More like, I unfriended someone for their lack of taste in Cinema.

Another way to look at it, and a bigger piece of the picture, is that the person was generally clueless and obnoxious. Someone who tore apart anything intellectual and thoughtful purposely to bring the conversations down to their level. Instead of admitting that didn't understand something, or that they had the attention span of a gnat, they were harshly critical of anything not catering to their limited capacities.

It wasn't just movies, it was anything artistic or requiring thought. Don't dare discuss anything technical, political, or philosophical in their presence. No only were you unarguably wrong for unexplainable reasons, you were also an idiot for not agreeing with them.

Movies were just the one thing constantly being posted to Facebook that emphasized how judgmental, stupid and tasteless she was.

But hey, if you want to tolerate people who constantly insult and belittle your interests, thoughts, and ultimately feelings, feel free to surround yourself with them. I quietly cut this person off from my real life, and Facebook was the last arena in which I had contact with them.

I personally don't need "friends" like that.

more than 3 years ago

Top Reason for Facebook Unfriending Is Too Many Useless Posts

Alcoholic Synonymous Accosted by Poor Taste (300 comments)

I defriended someone for movie reviews. Not because they were filled with spoilers. Because they were awful. I take movies and film making very seriously (even the low/no budget films). I used to work around low budget films, I have friends that still do.

She would say stuff about how indy or arthouse films were hard to follow so she turned them off 10 minutes into them (or just avoided them), but in the next post would praise whatever summer blockbuster she saw that day. She actually said several of my favorite acclaimed films were stupid but then posted a raving review of how Transformers 2 was the best movie she ever saw.

I thought she wasn't serious at first, but after several of months of seeing it, I realized she was the reason Micheal Bay keeps getting to make more movies. I didn't want to be a witness to that.

more than 3 years ago

Startups a Safer Bet Than Behemoths

Alcoholic Synonymous Re:100% Garbage (378 comments)

I was there when iPod launched, listening to my MP3 player. The fact that I already had the technology rather nulls the "innovation" of creating it. The iPod made it easier and had more capacity you say? This would be "Shinola". They put a polish on a pre-existing idea. Same goes for the iPhone. Same goes for iPad. These are refinements of an idea, not the creation of a new one.

As for Napster... from a user perspective, it was just an app that allowed them to find the music they wanted. Underlying technology didn't matter. Legality did not matter. The methods are not central to the idea, which is delivering the content directly to the user. Apple made it legal, mainstream, and profitable. But it, again, did not create the idea.

more than 4 years ago

Startups a Safer Bet Than Behemoths

Alcoholic Synonymous 100% Garbage (378 comments)

I'm sorry, but this is garbage.

Summary: "Apple is awesome. Everyone else sucks."

What could have been a valid point gets derailed by blatant fanboi blinders. Apple is NOT an innovative company either. It's an innovative spin doctor. They are good at convincing people they must have a trimmed down, stylized, and monetized versions of established technologies. iPod? MP3 players. iPhone? Smartphones. iPad? Tablets. iTunes? Napster.

Further, Apple is just as into buying up established tech and upstarts to inject life into its glossy image as everyone else (SoundJam MP). It even buys open source projects when parts it requires are at risk of being GPLv3'ed (CUPS). Hell, if it were not for FreeBSD's license terms, there probably wouldn't even be a OS X or iOS at all.

Putting Shinola on things is a far cry from being innovative.

more than 4 years ago


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