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B&N Nook Tablet vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

Alfred Re:Poor Australians (138 comments)

Your local library may offer e-books you can read just fine on a Nook, the Canberra library system does. All you need then is a friend in the US with a credit card ;-)

more than 2 years ago

Mathematical Analysis of Gnutella

Alfred Re:Even worse! Incosistent math! (332 comments)

You have missed the point of the paper. The N=4 and T=5 values equate to a maximum reach of 484 clients for a query. To reach "napster" sizes of 1million you need T=7 and N=8.
That explains the different numbers.

However, I do agree that a couple numbers seem to be plucked from mid-air, but the argument and maths seems fine :)

more than 12 years ago


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