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NASA Names Building For Neil Armstrong

Alien7 Poor Buzz (52 comments)

He's not going to get a building named after him ever...

about 2 months ago

Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast To Make THC

Alien7 Re:Holy grey area! (159 comments)

Provided you make a warning against doing just that it's okay. During alcohol prohibition breweries used to sell malt extract with a warning that went something like "don't add water and yeast and leave in a dark room for 3 weeks, it will make alcohol and that's illegal!"

about 2 months ago

Milwaukee City Council Proposal Would Pave Way For Uber, Lyft

Alien7 Re:Limited licenses (76 comments)

Here in Milwaukee it already takes a couple of hours to get a cab at 2am, that is, unless you call uber

about 4 months ago

Milwaukee City Council Proposal Would Pave Way For Uber, Lyft

Alien7 Here in milwaukee... (76 comments)

I've lived here in Milwaukee on and off for the last decade or so, and I can tell you right now this is the right decision for our town. Milwaukee is a city whose economy is entirely based on alcohol, that being said we have had awful cab service for as long as I've lived here. All summer long drunks flood the street for this festival and that festival, and every weekend the wait for a cab is frequently over an hour, sometimes it takes 20 or 30 minutes just to get on the phone with a dispatcher. Seeing as how the underfunded and overpriced bus system stops running an hour before bar close what we end up with is a plague of drunk drivers. Our cab companies have failed to provide us with the proper service we need (presumably because of the cost of keeping up an unused fleet in the winter months) , Uber gave the city an alternative and we made sure nothing would impede the solution to our problems.

about 4 months ago

Beer Drinking Networks In Amazon Tribe Help Explain Altruism

Alien7 Angry homebrewer corrects Angry homebrewer (157 comments)

' in which yeast eat the sugar and excrete ethanol.'.

This is not exactly correct either, the yeast do not 'eat sugar and poop alcohol', in actuality the yeast, after running out of oxygen in the air (or without access to air in the case of bottom fermenting yeast) 'breath' the exposed oxygen off of the sugar molecule, what's left behind is alcohol.

about 10 months ago

Boston Cops Outraged Over Plans to Watch Their Movements Using GPS

Alien7 Fine by me (409 comments)

Think of the implications when criminals and everyday citizens get ahold of the police GPS data. How convenient would it be to have a map of the city with a little blip showing the position of each cop car if you were say, trying to plan a murder, or smuggling methamphetamine. You could track the rounds each squad car takes over the course of weeks and plan the perfect route to avoid any intervention. Not to mention the end of speed traps as we know it.

about 10 months ago

Schneier: The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back.

Alien7 Thwart telecomm companies (2 comments)

The free point to point mesh internet needs to become a reality. The internet will never be free and open if it is controlled by massive telecommunications conglomerates, we need an internet that relies on a P2P network of high powered wireless devices. The original computer networking relied on direct ham radio connections between points, if this method could be improved with higher bandwidth and disseminated on citizens band frequencies so the FCC couldn't touch it we could make the internet as untraceable as a Tor network. This is a challenge for engineers concerned with the direction internet regulation is going. With private space travel becoming a reality one could even foresee a network that relies on private satellites outside the jurisdiction of any nation, and the only cost to access it would be that of the devices you use to connect.

1 year,17 days

If I could change what's "typical" about typical laptops ...

Alien7 How about (591 comments)

Every laptop being 1.Durable and 2.Waterproof
The specs don't matter if the whole system can be taken out by a cup of coffee or a bad fall, why the cheap plastic?

about a year and a half ago

Clay Shirky On Hackers and Depression: Where's the Love?

Alien7 Re:FIghting the system is a mental health issue (319 comments)

Depression isn't the common cold, it's a MENTAL health problem. This means that if a placebo makes you not depressed it's an effective medicine regardless of whether or not it has any physiological effect. If doing X makes you feel better and doesn't have any negative side effects then you have no reason not to do it, especially in this case because we know Vitamin D has other positive health effects. Studies or nay there's no reason not to try it.

about a year and a half ago

Smart Ice Cubes Tell When You've Had Enough Alcohol

Alien7 Real alchoholics (167 comments)

don't use ice, it's beer or straight bourbon for this guy

about a year and a half ago

Ray Kurzweil Joins Google As Director of Engineering

Alien7 Does Ray creep anyone else out? (148 comments)

Did anyone else get the inkling from his recent documentary "Transcendent Man" that he was looking to digitally resurrect his father from the dead? The man is a megalomaniac looking to create a state of intellectual immortality through software engineering. The idea that he would be allowed to continue his work with the resources of a tech giant like Google give me the heebie geebies for sure. We will certainly have the technology to emulate the human mind in a machine in the not too distant future, but I pray to Turing that it's not the mind of Kurzweil that is the first to be uploaded to that hard drive.

about 2 years ago

With Pot Legal, Scientists Study Detection of Impaired Drivers

Alien7 Re:0% (608 comments)

so you're basically saying if you smoke marijuana at all you can't drive a vehicle, considering that it can be in your system for weeks if you smoke more than once a week you'll never have a 0% blood THC count

about 2 years ago

Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying

Alien7 Maybe bullying wouldn't be so prevalant (684 comments)

if they stopped treating bright children so differently in our education system. I remember some of my peers in elementary school intentionally failing out of "advanced" classes to rejoin the herd back in the classroom. If you create a special class of kid and it's by definition a small section those children will inevitably be picked on. Allow the smart kids to enlighten the rest and maybe they won't be a special case anymore...

about 2 years ago

Dominion Announces Plans To Close Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station In 2013

Alien7 Re:Well... (217 comments)

I grew up a few miles from this plant, the local area has seen many of the factories that used to use that power have shut down and moved out of the country. The price drop is due to the reduced demand for power in the rust belt...

about a year ago

Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech

Alien7 No Exceptions (4 comments)

Free speech means you can say WHATEVER the fuck you want without being persecuted for it, end of story. That includes Westboro Baptist Church, Julian Assange, and the KKK. The second you make a limit it's no longer free, it's limited speech. Where does this sort of rhetoric end? If you're no longer allowed to criticize religion how long before you aren't allowed to criticize governments? It's especially dangerous when in places where there isn't a clear line where one stops and the other begins (like certain places in the middle east for example). If there is violence that follows persecute those that are violent, we must never persecute people for speaking their mind.

about 2 years ago

Light Bulb Ban Produces Hoarding In EU, FUD In U.S.

Alien7 Easy Bake Ovens (1080 comments)

There are still many uses that can only provided by incandescent light, for example oh say having a full spectrum light instead of cheap fluorescent glow. Why don't we have the same energy options as major corporations? If only they subsidized CFLs and LEDs and put an energy tax on real light the middle class could still have the option of being able to see their house in warm full spectrum light if they were inclined. What about darkroom photography? CFLs in true red frequencies are hard to come by...What will happen to the easy bake oven?

about 2 years ago

Study Shows Marijuana Use In Teens Correlates To Decreasing IQ

Alien7 Re:News Flash (626 comments)

Self reported cannabis withdrawal symptoms:
Increases productivity
decreased appetite
persistent boredom

about 2 years ago



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