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Dorm Storm?

AllenAtUT Re:Wondering (628 comments)

I'm a student at this particular large southern university myself, and I'm pretty involved in technology issues... The big thing about the routers and infrastructure being tested is that we're in the process of upgrading our entire network in addition to adding the wireless and other technologies. If we had equipment that had been around for a while, then no problem, but some of this stuff hasn't even come close to being tested under typical fall / spring loads. With our previous problems with BearShare, Napster, etc, our admins have a reason to be stressed. (We even had a DS-3 installed specifically for the residence halls after the main DS-3 was maxed out. The new one quickly hit 100% utilization. And that's not peak, that's constant.) The problem with the main post is that the admin didn't necessarily elaborate, for brevity's sake. Well, I hope this maybe clears things up a little bit.

more than 13 years ago


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