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Ask an Expert About the Future of 'Citizen Journalism'

Alpha_Traveller Is this really independent journalism? (97 comments)

Web sites are still in no way "if you built it they will come" kind of media. Because I write something about a subject doesn't mean it's journalism. I would argue that almost anything we write is only news if it's noticed, promoted or a part of a subject non-random sweep such as an agent looking for specific things. Journalism is rarely biased, rarely unpromoted without an agenda behind it and rarely noticed without a subject's interest.
What is your opinion on blogs and this so-called Journalistic independence?

more than 8 years ago


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Alpha_Traveller Alpha_Traveller writes  |  more than 9 years ago

You know...nobody ever seems to write in these things. Maybe they just don't want responses here on their own journals. maybe because there are less people to defend you on this side of the house? :::Shrug:::

It occured to me that Slashdot is like therapy. We see things posted from 'the real world' outside slashdot that disturbs us. Thoughts that other people have, radical or otherwise that in turn force us to consider what are sometimes uncomfortable ideas.

Of late my thoughts have turned to User Interface concerns. It seems that alot of companies are trying very hard to place advertisements in front of me. They're placing google adwords in Web apps, they're considering putting banner driven advertising in my word processing applications.

I fear for our thought processes. What does it say about us as an emerging technocratic society that we can just up and toss in an advertisement next to a topic when we should be actually THINKING about something?

I found myself subscribing to Slashdot today. (It didn't seem to kill the banner ads up top, unfortunately).. but it's been a pleasurable experience not to see the PC-Magazine style ad in the center of the page or in the middle of an article like you see on CNET.

Anyway, just some Jack Handey thoughts.



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