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Robots and Irradiated Parasites Enlisted In the Fight Against Malaria

Alphadecay27 Re:Just wait till PETA heres about this.. (84 comments)

I agree. As someone who lives in a mosquito infested region, I only wish I could get a video of the process. Watching the little bastards get irradiated, then chopped into pieces would bring great joy to my heart!

about 8 months ago

Justice Dept. Names ZeuS Trojan Author, Seizes Control of P2P "Gameover" Botnet

Alphadecay27 Re:Cutting a head off the Hydra (76 comments)

That sounds poetic and I understand it is a general (likely warranted) shot at windows but it's not really applicable. Cleaning an infected machine results in one less infected machine. The act of cleaning does not generate 2 more infected machines and in fact shrinks the botnet by some, albeit small degree. There is never a situation where cleaning a Windows machine is a bad option - which keeps a significant number of us employed/harassed by friends/relatives.

If you can secure a machine (e.g. by beating the user until they swear they won't click on unknown links) you further reduce the likely-hood of reinfection. I can't remember where I've seen it but I have heard there is some sort of method using a host file but I will not mention it to avoid being down-modded :)

about 8 months ago

Previously Unknown Warhol Works Recovered From '80s Amiga Disks

Alphadecay27 Re:What not to do (171 comments)

I understand they wouldn't use it in this case but I always used Disksalv. Looks like it is still being maintained and is now freeware. It was one of the only tools at the time that would recover to another disk rather than beat the crap out of the damaged disk while it tried to fix it. I now use ddrescue under linux for recovery but disksalv was way ahead of its time.

about 9 months ago

Google Patents Fooling Friends With Snooping, Chatbots

Alphadecay27 This is a virtual greeting card (128 comments)

It does not automatically converse with others, there is nothing sinister about it. Some people feel the need to send out birthday/anniversary cards when those events come up. When that happens, you can click send for casual acquaintances. If you know someone well you can use the suggested text as a reminder, clear it and type a personal message. If you don't like the concept at all, you can turn it off.

about a year ago

HP's NonStop Servers Go x86, Countdown To Itanium Extinction Begins

Alphadecay27 Re:IA64 ~~ IPV6 (243 comments)

IPv6 is certainly not the only way forward and is overkill (64 bits for your local network?) for replacing IPv4 as well as being too complex. The correct solution is compression within the current 32 bits - that way you can fit many more than 4 billion addresses. I hear there's a google project on this.

I thought you might be trolling because you can't map a 128bit address space into a 32bit space without collisions when you have >32bits of unique information to store. It looks like there is a patent on this: http://www.google.com/patents/WO2013066969A1?cl=en registered to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_Television_Laboratories,_Inc. not Google. They are a consortium that develops cable modem standards (DOCSIS).

The patent is for a form of NAT which handles 1-1 mapping and allows for collisions with actual/virtual ipv4 addresses by remapping those as well. Each IPv4 device behind the cable model would get a unique IPv6 that the world can see and would see external addresses as a translated IPv4 address. Apparently it is expected to break down when the number of unique connections exceeds 33K/day. Looks like a good transitional form of NAT for consumers who are still running older systems that don't support IPv6. It is not a general solution that could replace IPv6, in fact it requires IPv6 at the ISP level.

about a year ago

Every Public School Student In LA Will Get an iPad In 2014

Alphadecay27 Re:What happens when this fails? (393 comments)

how is this different than buying all the books that a current student uses?

It is an additional cost of over $900 which could have covered the cost of a laptop. Tablets are great for consuming content, not so much for creating.

about a year and a half ago

When Your Data Absolutely, Positively has to be Destroyed (Video)

Alphadecay27 Re:dd (295 comments)

There is a lot of FUD concerning data recovery. It is theoretically possible to recover data from older hard drives that have been overwritten. Peter Gutmann wrote a paper on the method then added an addendum that basically says it probably won't work on modern drives http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gutmann_method#Criticism Most of the paranoia is based on a 16 year old paper which is no longer relevant + the fact that people often do a quick format instead of a full then wonder why their data is still recoverable.

I work for the government and I have met many managers who are technically capable of understanding that a single pass will do the trick. Every single one sticks with the party line (multipass wipe/physical destruction) to cover his ass.

Most data leaks happen when a hard drive is lost/stolen/not wiped at all. I have never heard of anyone recovering data from a formatted HD. Having a process at all is a good thing. It's the verification that you've wiped all the data that is important. Degaussing/shredding is an option for failed HDs but it is overkill otherwise.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Bitcoin Mining For Go-Green Initiatives?

Alphadecay27 Re:Unlikely. (312 comments)

I have a tendency to do the same thing so I'm not judging here... You guys seem to be fixating on the cool, innovative solution when there are a dozen better solutions staring you in the face. Several people have mentioned WOL. You can also set a wake time in the BIOS and have the AV run once a day at startup before the normal start of the workday. You said your computers are all moderately powerful. AV can run in the background with very minimal to no user impact. You can adjust priorities, set it to run on idle time when they are on break. You could have a shutdown script that runs daily and does a backup/shutdown of the computer. The user can initiate this or it can be scripted. It's trivial to put in a 'snooze' button to reschedule the backup/shutdown if the user is active. You can also let them adjust the time according to their schedule. Most organizations run backups/AV and still shut down computers at the end of the day. It's standard operating procedure and there are lots of resources out there to help you do it.

about 2 years ago

Long-Lost Continent Found Under the Indian Ocean

Alphadecay27 Re:Everyone was thinking it, I Just said it. (168 comments)

Not according to the article you linked:

Although sunken continents do exist – like Zealandia in the Pacific as well as Mauritia and the Kerguelen Plateau in the Indian Ocean – there is no known geological formation under the Indian or Pacific Oceans that corresponds to the hypothetical Lemuria.

about 2 years ago

Halo Developer Bungie Reveals Destiny and Its Vision of MMO Gaming

Alphadecay27 Re:reminds me of rifts (147 comments)

No. Rift (MMO) seems to be strictly a fantasy game where you fight off forces coming though rifts to the elemental planes. Rifts (RPG) is a multi-genre roleplaying game where rifts between the universes allowed various beings (elves, dwarves, aliens, lovecraftian horrors etc.) to cross over.

about 2 years ago

OnLive's Epic Plan For a New Type of Video Game

Alphadecay27 Solving a problem that doesn't exist (137 comments)

Mid-range hardware is insanely cheap these days and will play all but the most high end games. Even tablets and smartphones can handle some pretty intense gfx. The next gen of consoles looks like it won't even be trying to push the envelope on performance because it is already good enough. My gaming rig is about 4+ years old and I'm pretty happy with it. Why exactly would I want to push rendering into "the cloud"?

If they can produce a kick-ass game that cranks everything to 11 with no lag, it might generate some interest. Which publisher is going to push out something like that for a service that seems to be tanking?

about 2 years ago

Why a Linux User Is Using Windows 3.1

Alphadecay27 If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail (415 comments)

As a geek I appreciate the hack but I wouldn't go looking for win31 + abandonware as a general solution. If you like Adobe sw, try their free android photoshop: PSExpress or the paid version: PSTouch.

There are other free options on android: Snapseed.

If there are specific games/apps on win31 you'd like to run again, that is great. There is a lot of old software out there that is still fun to play with. In terms of actual utility, support for touch/new file formats etc., I would look for a native solution first.

about 2 years ago

Drug Allows Deafened Mice to Regrow Inner Ear Hair

Alphadecay27 Re:Alternate use. (80 comments)

They administered the drug the day after the damage occurred. The article states that it is not clear whether it would be effective for long term hearing loss. The actual study is behind a paywall but the highlights don't seem to indicate any perceived limitation based on time. They state that:

hair cell generation resulted from transdifferentiation of supporting cells.

My (completely uneducated) guess would be that it should restore some level of hearing in age related cases since it is inducing new cell growth not just healing or multiplying existing cells.

about 2 years ago

Raspberry Pi vs. Cheap Android Dongle: Embarrassment of (Cheap) Riches

Alphadecay27 It does exist. I have one (233 comments)

Took about a month to ship. They had a protype ready when they asked for funding so there was no need for R&D at that point. I also have a Raspberry Pi. I'm pretty happy with both of them, they each have their niche. Takes a bit of hacking/tweaking to get them working the way you like but that's why I bought them. I don't know how products like these would exist without crowd funding so I am willing to do the research and take a risk when I find one that appeals to me.

more than 2 years ago

Hacker Behind Leaked Nude Celebrity Photos Gets 10 Years

Alphadecay27 Re:Wake up call (346 comments)

The article states that he stalked two non-celebrities for more than 10 years. It's a lot more creepy than just some guy wanting to see celebrity boobies.

more than 2 years ago

Hit Game Makes £52 In First Week On Windows RT

Alphadecay27 Re:Sorry to be frank but what did he think (308 comments)

To be fair to Windows RT, it's sold through an excessively limited distributed channel (Microsoft kiosks and Microsoft Stores). To then expect overnight miracles for a game that, admittedly, I have never heard of is a little astounding. Granted, 52 pounds is probably a bit of a shock, but having never heard of it (as an admitted iPad and Surface owner), I can't really say I am stunned.

This game sells 100k+ copies/day at $3 a piece on android. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rubicon.dev.gbwg&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5ydWJpY29uLmRldi5nYndnIl0. It peaked at 500k/day within the past 30 days. Even if it had a massive refund rate (which it likely doesn't with a 4.5/5 rating) it probably made over a million dollars on other platforms within the same time frame. We're not talking about a tetris clone someone knocked out over the weekend from their mom's basement.

It appears that he expected it be promoted by Microsoft because of their 10,000 pound investment, even though his company apparently refused to recompile and support x86, which sounds like an obvious no brainer. I cannot imagine that a game like theirs has many ARM-specific code blocks, and if it does, then I fully expect they are easily swappable for something in x86-land (if not just the high level language equivalent that would run faster on x86).

They expected Microsoft to promote it because it is really popular game that has sold over 2.5 million copies on other platforms. They didn't "refuse" to port to x86. From his blog comments, it seems they have contractual obligations to not publish on x86 because they have a publisher (Viacom) that limits their ability to release on x86 since there is a PC version (through steam).

more than 2 years ago

Android Piracy Sites Seized By US Government

Alphadecay27 Re:But... (184 comments)

So, you made a mobile knockoff (looks identical, has hell=nether, skeletons, dragon) of a hit game and you are now mad because you have to compete with the mobile release + pirated version of the original? Maybe you should have written an original game to start with? In the first sentence of the description on your website you say

This is a game like Minecraft with an RPG spin

Why would anyone looking for a mobile version of minecraft prefer your knockoff over the original?

There is an entire team of developers making a living off of minecraft. The pocket edition alone is raking in money hand over fist and would easily support a full dev team on its own. It's interesting how you blame piracy of minecraft PE for loss of sales. It doesn't seem to be hurting the original authors at all. Minecraft also started on the PC which has about 10x the piracy rate of android and has raked in millions in sales before it was even released. I don't play minecraft myself, my kid does. I tried out a half dozen knockoff demos (I don't pirate) before the PE version came out, might have even tried yours. He wasn't interested in the slightest. "That's just a rip-off", he would say. I imagine that the majority of the people who pirate your game end up doing the same.

If you want to make a living off a game, try doing something original. I don't think you are evil for doing a knockoff but even my 8 year old recognizes that it is pretty lame. It looks like you put in a lot of work trying to profit off of someone elses success. Now, you are mad that others also want things for free. You seem competent enough as a programmer. You should use the experience you've gained and create something of your own.

more than 2 years ago

Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight

Alphadecay27 Re:Not a flying car (249 comments)

It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up a Wireless Catch-and-Release

Alphadecay27 If you are mainly worried about abuse... whitelist (332 comments)

Whitelist the specific sites you use (bible references, your church's website etc.), whatever generally useful sites you would like to allow (maps, taxi companies, airport schedules) and social media you want to allow (facebook, twitter). That should make most people happy and stop most abusive behaviour. The neighbors who want to surf pron will get frustrated and give up and any sites they do view should use minimal bandwidth.

about 3 years ago


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