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Bethesda: We Can't Make Dawnguard Work On the PS3

Amarantine Re:the reason (371 comments)

You know that 4GB, 120GB, 250GB, and 320GB in the Xbox 360 model names? Those are HDD sizes (or Flash in the case of the 4GB model).

You know that the first generation of Xbox 360 also came in a version without storage? Also, game developers were required to always make their games playable on any Xbox, including the ones without storage. This caused quite a few headaches to some developers.

about 2 years ago

Wozniak's Original System Description of the Apple ][

Amarantine Re:Almost, Apple... (170 comments)

A vibrator is sleek, metallic, vibrates, and can be shoved up your ass. That's completely different from an iPhone which is sleek, metallic, vibrates, and can be-

Mother of god.

I think you're holding it wrong.

more than 2 years ago

Unblocking The Pirate Bay the Hard Way Is Fun

Amarantine Re:*That's* considered the "hard way"?!? (151 comments)

Ah yes... I recall being unable to download a patch for the first Deus Ex game years ago, for the same reason. *sigh*

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft: Macs 'Not Safe From Malware, Attacks Will Increase'

Amarantine Re:Did anyone else notice... (290 comments)

Not only that: this particular exploit doesn't even work any more in Lion. Only Snow Leopard and earlier.

more than 2 years ago

Fraunhofer IIS Demos Full-HD Voice Over LTE On Android

Amarantine Re:It'd make me finally buy a smart cellphone (99 comments)

Keep in mind, part of the reason for the white paper is that they want to sell their newest 79xx series VOIP phones.

True, but those phones have been around for at least 4 years now. In fact, the whole 79xx-range is being phased out, in favour of the 69xx and 99xx series. G.722 does sound very crispy though. Made a test call back then on two phones supporting it, and I remember being amazed at how clear the sound was. I did not expect it could and would make such a difference. In speakermode, it was almost as if the person was sitting next to me.

more than 2 years ago

Inventor of the Modern Pinball Machine Dies At 100

Amarantine Re:Sad news... (89 comments)

Missing a ball should not be a problem... TAF should have 3 balls. Altough most games are designed pretty well so that balls should rarely get stuck, it is always possible. It can't be gone though, it should be somewhere, if not above the playing field then below it. Have you opened the machine?

The good thing about pinball games is that as long as the playing field itself is in good condition, anything can be fixed or replaced. If none of the solenoids fire up, it sounds like a blown fuse.

What I like about the later games, and only discovered after I owned my own TAF, is how clever the software and diagnostics are. If a switch on the playfield hasn't been hit in the last 50 games, it is considered broken. If it is stuck-on, it is considered broken too. Either way, the software is programmed to work around it, and still provide a playable game. If no switch is thrown during a game for x seconds, it assumes the ball is stuck somewhere, and fires all solenoids one by one, attempting to kick the ball somewhere. If a switch is flagged as broken, the display shows a small dot behind the credits counter ("Credits: 0." instead of "Credits: 0"), so operators can see at a glance if a machine needs service or not. Also, like many electrical devices in that era, they came with full electric diagrams. The electronic components are all before everything became SMD, so it's still possible to do basic circuit board repair yourself.

Yes, I love my machine, and am sad they have just about disappeared. Stern is afaik the only manufacturer left, but I'm not a huge fan of their games, altough Lord of the Rings was pretty cool. If you're interested, visit the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, with over 150 working machines. Bring tons of quarters.

more than 2 years ago

Inventor of the Modern Pinball Machine Dies At 100

Amarantine Sad news... (89 comments)

He outlived his creation... Pinball machines are almost nowhere to be found any more. Unfortunately those photoplay machines offered more variety in gameplay and less maintenance (not to mention way less floorspace), replacing pinballs almost worldwide.

I find pinball machines (especially the later ones, from the solid state era) a perfect blending of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, art, and game.

As a proud owner of an Addams Family machine, I can only think of Anjelica Huston's sampled voice saying "Rest in peace" after draining the final ball.

more than 2 years ago

Dutch ISPs Refuse To Block Pirate Bay

Amarantine Re:Here's how it works: (156 comments)

BREIN took some (small) ISPs to court to get blocking orders, and won.

Xs4all and Ziggo are not "some (small) ISPs". Ziggo is the largest cable internet provider, and Xs4all is owned by KPN, the largest telephony provider and one of the largest DSL providers. It's no coincidence these two providers were sued. BREIN aimed high.

more than 2 years ago

Dutch ISPs Refuse To Block Pirate Bay

Amarantine Re:I'm Dutch. (156 comments)

I would like to personally apologize on behalf of my country, its legislators, and its judicial system.

Personally, yet AC? Tsk, tsk.

Frankly, I am embarrassed. Additionally, I have canceled my xs4all subscription. Xs4all - ironically known for holding the privacy and freedoms of its users in high regard - complied with this nonsensical court order and has since blocked

I'm not quite sure what's happening with this country (and I suppose the rest of the world as well), but I know it's not good.

Xs4all didn't really have a choice, now did they? Disobeying a court order is not a smart move, and if you keep disobeying, you lose.

By cancelling your subscription, you are punishing the wrong party, and have only demonstrated you are a freeloader. The least you could have done, was to wait for the appeal. Both Xs4all and Ziggo have announced they will appeal.

more than 2 years ago

Syndicate Reboot Coming Next Year

Amarantine How can it be a remake... (184 comments)

...if the remake is a different genre than the original? Syndicate was no fps...

about 3 years ago

Apple Criticized For Not Blocking Stolen Certs

Amarantine Not just Apple... (154 comments)

At the request of the Dutch government, Microsoft is delaying the update in the Netherlands (home of DigiNotar) until next week, to avoid confusion (and to buy the government more time to roll out new certs).

I feel much safer now, knowing our government has the power to stop Microsoft from rolling out security updates in a country.

about 3 years ago

Rogue SSL Certs Issued For CIA, MI6, Mossad

Amarantine Re:Way past time... (152 comments)

Uh, it pretty much already happened.

(That is, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, etc., have dropped them, the various logistics are shaking out as we speak.)

Except... in the Netherlands, where DigiNotar is operating from. The government has demanded Microsoft in the Netherlands to delay the rollout of this patch, because it would cause too many problems for users, and because they need more time themselves to get all certificates replaced.

Dutch article about this, including a link to the preliminary report about DigiNotar, here:

about 3 years ago

Sony To Sell 3D Head-Mounted Display

Amarantine No sensors? (153 comments)

Is this just a wearable 3D display? I mean, in the article i see no mention of any head-tracking sensors... Not sure how it would feel to *not* see the image change when i turn my head...

about 3 years ago

External Thunderbolt Graphics Card On Its Way

Amarantine Re:Thunderbolt == Docking port (207 comments)

With one cable connection, your MacBook gets network, sound, firewire, USB and power(!), all via your external Display. No need to attach a second cable.

No power. That is supplied through, eh, a second cable.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Overcoming Convention Hall Wi-Fi Interference?

Amarantine Re:i work at a convention hall (251 comments)

Aruba. Their simplest controller already has the feature to take down networks, altough i'm not sure if it can do so automatically.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion, Updates Air

Amarantine Re:Maybe include some details? (453 comments)

It's a nice thing to have the option of hiding it in certain situations on a desktop or laptop screen, but to have it as your only option is questionable.

It *is* an option. They hide by default, but can be turned on permanently.

more than 3 years ago

Moon Dust Back In NASA's Hands

Amarantine Re:Much ado. (73 comments)

Yeah, but wasn't this the stuff that killed Cave Johnson?

more than 3 years ago

Why Classic Video Game Revamps Must Disappoint

Amarantine Re:Tempest, Battlezone, Missile Command are the wo (129 comments)

I am not afiliated with them in any way, but have you tried They sell all kinds of controllers and interfaces for the DIY arcade cabinet. I only bought two sticks and a dozen of buttons from them for a cabinet i built for my employer's cantina at the time, so i have no experience on the spinners they sell, but perhaps it's worth checking out.
I still plan on building a home console (atom or i3 based) with a self-built retro-looking controller, for my kids to experience the games i played yesteryear.

more than 3 years ago

Skype Forcing Mac Users To Upgrade Client

Amarantine Re:Oh the horror! (250 comments)

You can use TM to get it back... And then what? Hope the mechanism that automatically updates the program doesn't kick in *this* time? Do you also rewind sports games, and hope that the goalie saves the ball this time?

more than 3 years ago



Ask Slashdot: How to teach your kid chess?

Amarantine Amarantine writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Amarantine (1100187) writes "As a new parent, i'd like to teach my kids the beautiful game of chess, once they have reached the right age for it (which is still a few years from now, but i like to be prepared). I was 7 or 8 myself when a friend of my father's taught me the basic moves of each piece (i'm 34 now). Altough i have played very often against friends, and a few times in a chess club, i never got above average. I know all the rules, including en passant, the 50-rule move, all that stuff, but i'm just not good at thinking further ahead than 1 move. Fortunately, this game is fun as long as the opponents are of equal skill, so it doesn't matter how bad you suck, as long as your opponent does it too (stop sniggering in the back). Having said this, i feel i could have been a better chess player if my foundation was laid out a bit better, back when i was 8. I started out with the rules, got the hang of "cornering the king", and just started to move pieces around, just waiting to see what would happen, without really thinking ahead. Recently, i realized i still basically play like that, altough i know just a little bit more about opening moves now, and finishing easy endgames like king+rook against king.

Moving on to the present, i'd like to avoid that mistake with my kids. I'd like them to learn the game, i think it's a great way to train logical thinking, abstract thinking, and because it's just a very good game. But i want them to learn it the right way, and preferrably by myself. If these crucial first steps are wrong, i'm sure it's hard to get rid of the old habits later on in their lives.

Altough i'm sure there are computer programs around to teach chess, i see chess as a social game, and i'd like to encourage playing against people, not computers. Also, most programs are in English, while we are Dutch, and something tells me it'll be easier for kids to learn a game than to learn a new language.

I'm sure that more of you have kids and know chess, and perhaps have thought about this before. Any ideas on how to go on?"


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