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Windows Already Up and Running On ARM Architecture

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Didnt NT3 run on ARM and (348 comments)

NT4 ran on x86, Alpha, PPC, and MIPS

more than 3 years ago

Washington Post Says Use Linux To Avoid Bank Fraud

Amazing Quantum Man Re:terrible advice (422 comments)

I thought the truncated SSL was only affecting those using the MS crypto library?

more than 4 years ago

EFF Warns TI Not To Harass Calculator Hobbyists

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Nonsense. (405 comments)

Well, he was going to program his TI to act as a sarcasm detector, but....

more than 4 years ago

NASA's LRO Captures High-Res Pics of Apollo Landing Sites

Amazing Quantum Man Re:yes, I know that you are joking (197 comments)

in my opinion, the best headline I will ever read in my life. It read, in giant lettering across its homepage;

Yes, We Did.

Best. Headline. Ever.

about 5 years ago

NASA's LRO Captures High-Res Pics of Apollo Landing Sites

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Nice (197 comments)

One of the shots showed Shepard and Mitchell's trail.

about 5 years ago

Court Appoints Pro Bono Counsel For RIAA Defendant

Amazing Quantum Man Re:check too (123 comments)

And, alas, until the beast is slain, they'll attribute those dollars to the Evil Content Pirates(tm).

We're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

about 5 years ago

California's Revised Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Draws Continued Objections

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Not just privacy concerns (411 comments)

the light rail system equally so in LA under the same circumstances

For very limited sets of circumstances. All public transit in LA is based on the fallacious assumption that everyone wants to go downtown, especially the rail system.

Want to go from the Valley to the Westside? Go downtown first. In other words, go 35 miles out of your way.

I used to live 1/2 mile from a Metrolink stop, and work 1/2 mile from another stop, but I couldn't take the train because it only ran "inbound" (into downtown) in the mornings, and "outbound" in the evenings, and my work was in the opposite direction.

The light rail system in LA sucks. Period.

about 5 years ago

Belgium Tries to Fine Yahoo for Protecting US User Privacy

Amazing Quantum Man Re:How do they enforce the ruling? (267 comments)

There was the row between Copiepresse and Google over Google linking to Copiepresse's newspapers. Google was fined and promptly stopped linking to the newspaper's sites.

At which point, IIRC, Copiepresse sued Google to force them to link to Copiepresse, and have Google pay for said "privilege".

about 5 years ago

Why OpenBSD's Release Process Works

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Slashdotted??? (310 comments)

That was a William Shatner video.

about 5 years ago

RIAA Loses Bid To Keep Revenues Secret

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Come on Ray! (229 comments)

Hasn't that been their MO all along?

RIAA: "We're suing for ONE MILLION DOLLARS (pinky-to-mouth)"

Defense: [Some action that could cause the RIAA embarrassment]

RIAA: "We're dropping the suit without prejudice".

about 5 years ago

RIAA Loses Bid To Keep Revenues Secret

Amazing Quantum Man Re:I wonder if ... (229 comments)

The classic example is "Coming to America".

about 5 years ago

Space Shuttle Endeavour Heads To Space Station

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Seriously..., "Kibo"? (79 comments)

I had the exact same thought, when the first part of Kibo went up a while back.

about 5 years ago

New Service Converts Torrents Into PNG Images

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Why bother to hide it at all? (297 comments)

And if the xxAA gets the torrent from the image, they're illegally circumventing a technical protection measure!

about 5 years ago

Australia Considering P2P 'Three Strikes' Law

Amazing Quantum Man Welcome Vizzini! (101 comments)

Well, come on, since Australians come from Australia, as everyone knows, and Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust them, this law makes perfect sense!

about 5 years ago

US Postal Service Moves To GNU/Linux

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Not me... (477 comments)

I am happy with the USPS, and, coincidentally, it happens to be mandated by the US Constitution.

Not mandated, as much as permitted by Article I, Section 8.

Congress has the power to establish the Post Office, but it is not required to. Nonetheless, since it is a legitimate Federal function per the Constitution, I have no problem with the USPS.

about 5 years ago

YouTube Phasing Out Support For IE6

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Praise Jeebus! (481 comments)

Should that be "Don't phase me, bro!"?

about 5 years ago

UK, Not North Korea, Is Source of DDoS Attacks

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Where != Who (175 comments)

Hate to tell you this, but Korea and Vietname are two different countries.

about 5 years ago

6 Reasons To License Software Under the (A/L)GPL

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Not really for that (367 comments)

BSD licensed code will always be free,

So I can go and use and publish the source to the WinNT TCP/IP stack? That was BSD licensed originally.

about 5 years ago

Cats "Exploit" Humans By Purring

Amazing Quantum Man Re:Self domesticated (503 comments)

Dogs have owners.
Cats have staff.

about 5 years ago



Amazing Quantum Man Amazing Quantum Man writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Amazing Quantum Man writes "I'm a member of a site devoted to nitpicking tv shows and movies (Site link not posted as it is currently under spambot attack, and doesn't need a slashdotting to go along with it). It has always had an open posting policy — no registration required, you ould use any name you wanted, etc...

This policy (instituted way back in 1998) led to some quite fun, freewheeling threads on various boards.

Recently, we have come under spambot attack, with spambots posting links to gambling and porn sites on every single discussion board on the site. The admins have been trying to block IPs, but it's useless against a botnet.

As a defense, it looks like the site is going to require registration, and disable anonymous posting. Many regulars, while they understand the need, are concerned that the freewheeling character of the site will be lost.

Let me continue by saying that I'm not a site admin, merely a member there. Also, if it helps, the site in question is running Discus.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation? How did you handle it? What did it do to the "culture" of your site?"


Amazing Quantum Man has no journal entries.

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