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US Army Unveils 'Revolutionary' $35,000 Rifle

AnAdventurer Re:Hope It Helps End the Fighting (782 comments)

The only way an M16 can cost 28K is with the best optics available, I am guessing that's a typo. The weapon cost the same for gun shops as it does for the government +- small %. The select fire options adds very little to the price and are available to civillians at Brownells for $144 (don't put it in your gun though). We're talking in the $1000 range for a issued M4, maybe a bit more for 11bravo's and 3x as much for DM's with a M110. The M82 is in the same the same price range as the XM25 and this could replace it in many combat brigades (but not the art form or skill required to qualify for the the M107 or M82).

Ultimately I think much of your summation is right on the money, there are a lot of what-ifs in this Fox news article. The round from the XM25 bases it's distance to traget on ballistic spins, I guess that's the simplest way to calculate it. I think this will lead to more squad level kills (though they might not be all enemy combatants).

Time will tell if this is a good weapon or an expensive blip of the mil/indrst complex.

more than 3 years ago

Security Expert Warns of Android Browser Flaw

AnAdventurer OH NO (98 comments)

The perfect phone OS has a security flaw!!! DOOM DOOM, it's DOOM!

more than 3 years ago

UK Law Body Targets RIAA-Style Settlement Letters

AnAdventurer Re:Excellent advice (95 comments)

Known as the Mozambique drill, invented for close quarters combat (CQB) by Mike Rousseau (added/refined with moden combat drills by Jeff Cooper) for use against the highly drugged opposing force at the time of it's "invention".

more than 3 years ago

Anti-Smartphone Phone Launched For Technophobes

AnAdventurer Re:Expensive Price (437 comments)

Not only is the rotary dial the OGP: You could beat someone to death with one, you don't see anyone in todays movies beating someone to death with an iPhone, no you can throw them and smash them, but kill someone? No there is not an app for that.

more than 3 years ago

Proposed ADA Requirements May Affect Public Internet Use

AnAdventurer Re:Let the Market Decide (420 comments)

plus that lawyer in CA that goes around suing places that are even the slightest ADA noncompliant. He wins often and; ca-ching for him.

more than 3 years ago

Why There's Still No Netflix App For Android

AnAdventurer Why watch movies on your phone? (291 comments)

Oh, now I remember, most of you have normal type jobs or go to school and want entertainment for every second you are not in said activity. Me, I can't be bothered to watch a movie touch screen phone during my AK/HI 6 hour long commuter flights.

more than 3 years ago

Windows Phone Permanently Modifies MicroSD Cards, Warns Samsung

AnAdventurer Re:Permanently modified? (426 comments)

nailed it

more than 3 years ago

TSA Bans Toner and Ink Cartridges On Planes

AnAdventurer Being that (633 comments)

I worked at and voluntary left the TSA I can say: the TSA has a boner for toner.

more than 3 years ago

TSA To Make Pat-Downs More Embarrassing To Encourage Scanner Use

AnAdventurer I worked for the TSA (642 comments)

Worked there until I knew it was a waste of...well everything. I had to pat down combat vets in wheelchairs and baby's in strollers.

more than 3 years ago

Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty Black Ops Edition

AnAdventurer great (102 comments)

Now I am going to sell my Rubicon and not look back at Jeep. They just totally jumped the shark.

Anyone want a 03 TJ Rubicon? 67K miles, auto tran, 1" lift, 32" BF Mud's, Hella spots & fogs, KN air system, racing seats and 4 point harnesses, White with black center hood, black soft top, black interior, Stinger front bumper, lots of other goodies? 16K you pay for shipping of 17K and I'll deliver in the US personally. Cash in advance.

more than 3 years ago

Robots Guarding US Nuclear Stockpiles In Nevada

AnAdventurer Re:Forget the robot (128 comments)

Arctic Trucks sells to the Dubai military police to patrol the desert. We might want to look into that option, they are great rigs according to my complete lack of knowledge in overland travel.

more than 3 years ago

Countering a DMCA Takedown In the Magnet Wars

AnAdventurer Re:bullcrap (475 comments)

Do quick read of the ownership of North Face.

more than 3 years ago

India's $35 7-Inch Android Tablet To Hit In January

AnAdventurer well (205 comments)

I buy stuff from China & HK that went out the back door or fell off a truck all the time. It's just a question of the search. I bought a TLR2s for $150, a EOTech 512 for $70, 2 SAPI plates for $90. a VHF/UHF hand held w/ no lis for $50, Timny 3lbs trigger group for $150. and a 13 ft RHI for $600 (plus about $100 in customs/shipping) All new. A $35 TS tablet is not so surprising.

about 4 years ago

Family To Receive $1.5M+ In Vaccine-Autism Award

AnAdventurer let me get this straight.... (594 comments)

Our society is so litigious that we can't get a vaccine for one set the VERY common MMR because there is might be a link to an unknown mitochondrial disorder?

about 4 years ago

Court Says First Sale Doctrine Doesn't Apply To Licensed Software

AnAdventurer I do not (758 comments)

I find the ELUA to be beyond the scope of the layperson to understand and as such I don't believe I am bound by it. (I don't care if a hundred+ years of civil law say I am wrong). Ef-M

about 4 years ago

DHS CyberSecurity Misses 1085 Holes On Own Network

AnAdventurer Re:no this is what you get with outsourced IT VA (86 comments)

Yup, I too was hired by DHS via a contractor. My UA was hot for Benzo (I was in the middle of a messy divorce, but had no script), I told the Dr at the physical and they passed me through. I left for the same reason you mention. No rhyme or reason for speciality hires. Myself and another highly qualified co-worker applied for a IED detection instructor position and it was awarded to a 55+ year old woman who had probably never seen an explosive in her life. I left a few weeks later. My co-worker lasted a few more months until he threw in the towel and moved into private security.

about 4 years ago

Anti-Product Placement For Negative Branding

AnAdventurer In all honesty (130 comments)

I have no idea who Snokie is nor have I ever heard of Jersey Shore. I do like the idea of "negative product placement", however I don't think it works. HEY COMPANIES try your negative add campaign on me!

about 4 years ago

NYT Password Security Discussion Overlooks Universal Logins

AnAdventurer My front door has a key code. (127 comments)

I have a password to get into my house, well, a key code. My deadbolt lock has a number pad. I punch in my code and the deadbolt unlocks. I hate carrying keys around, if I could get my truck to start up that way i would (I already have a hidden wireless keypad on my truck that will unlock and/or open the windows.

about 4 years ago


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