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Kindle, Zune DRM Restrictions Coming Into Focus

AnEmbodiedMind Re:Eating their cake and having it too (311 comments)

Great point.
I generally hate DRM, unless as you say, the process really fits a service model.
Zune has since moved away from DRM when you buy music - they now generally give you unprotected MP3s. But if you get a subscription it really is a service - you can download all the music you want but it will expire if you don't keep up the subscription (although you do get to keep 10 songs a month in MP3).
I think that model of DRM is the only one that I've seen that actually seems fair and works.

more than 5 years ago

iPhone Business Model Hits a Snag in France

AnEmbodiedMind Go back to the drawing board (332 comments)

So someone on their laptop with no internet connection couldn't synch with their phone?

Can't see that working so well :-)

about 7 years ago


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