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Learning From Gawker's Failure

Anders Re:Salting is merely a good start (236 comments)

Or, better yet, just use the system designed to store passwords: bcrypt.

I recently rejected bcrypt because it seemed to have no way of increasing the verification cost on an existing hash, as would be needed a few years down the road. Was I wrong?

Also, articles promoting bcrypt often suggest not using SHA-1 because it runs fast in a GPU/FPGA. Can't bcrypt be made faster in a similar way?

more than 3 years ago

Most Readers Don't Like Customized News

Anders Re:Power user? (107 comments)

What sets a power user (as far as news-reading is concerned) from your "typical" user?

If you prefer to customize, you are a power user. So "customization was the preferred method for power users" really says nothing.

more than 3 years ago

Does HP + Palm = Facepalm?

Anders Re:You may have heard of this thing (236 comments)

Palm has a lot of talented employees, a lot of IP, and a lot of faithful users.

HP has and so I don't think they need any more IP!

more than 4 years ago

Is Plagiarism In Literature Just Sampling?

Anders Re:It's sad that some people think this is okay (449 comments)

In any event, I hope that the people being stolen from are being compensated ( but I doubt it )

If she stole, what did they lose?

more than 4 years ago

SpamAssassin 2010 Bug

Anders Re:Nice.... (115 comments)

Hey! Nice to see open source software gets fixed so ultra fast! :P

My sarcasm-o-meter is broken, so I cannot tell whether you are kidding. But it is indeed impressive to have a fix within hours, on a holiday.

To be fair though, at least they released it the day it broke things, why didn't they release it by yesterday? Then the default cron job would have picked it up on most servers and nobody would have noticed.

Why didn't they release it before someone noticed? Well, that's a good question. Maybe it was because nobody had noticed?

more than 4 years ago

SpamAssassin 2010 Bug

Anders Re:Why does this rule exist anyway? (115 comments)

2. spammers will be readily aware of this rule and really why would they make an effort to inject a future date anyway when their mail daemons will happily use the -current date-

They will use dates from the future to have their offerings shown at the top of the mailbox.

more than 4 years ago

A Mixed Review For Google Chrome On Linux

Anders Re:Fix how it handles tabs (223 comments)

Vertical tabs? How does that work? Seems like Opera is always ahead of the game anyway. Maybe I should be giving that a try. Last time I seriously gave opera a go was around version 4 I think.

How it works? By running the tabs down the side. That gives you room for maybe 30 tabs, and they are always readable and never change position. With widescreen monitors, that's the only thing that makes sense (though it will obviously take a little getting used to).

Firefox extensions like Tree Style Tabs will give you vertical tabs as well.

more than 4 years ago

A Mixed Review For Google Chrome On Linux

Anders Re:Fix how it handles tabs (223 comments)

Firefox handles this the correct way by putting arrows at the ends of the tabs and allowing you to scroll across to the remaining tabs.

No, actually the right way is to use vertical tabs, like Opera lets you do.

more than 4 years ago

Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha Is Out, and It's Fast

Anders Re:complete whats new and opinions (274 comments)

Wheres the killer feature?

For some reason, Opera does not have killer features (it had tabbed browsing for ages, and was ridiculed for its MDI UI). Features only become indispensable when someone else copies them.

Mouse gestures, vertical tabs, speed, no plugin conflicts, customization -- those are some advantages that I remember. These days I stick with Firefox because it's not too bad, and it's there by default. And RAM is cheap.

more than 4 years ago

Android's Success a Threat To Free Software?

Anders your own free app? (416 comments)

So after all these years of fretting that users of free OSes are unwilling to support worthwhile commercial development for them (e.g. ports of popular apps and games to Linux, to free people from the tyranny of Windows and Mac OS), we now have a Linux-based platform that is attracting commercial development and that's a problem?

Actually, after all these years, we are still trying to educate that "free" does not relate to the price.

more than 4 years ago

Doubts Raised About Legal Soundness of GPL2

Anders Re:Not as bad as it sounds! (521 comments)

Taken to the extreme, imagine that Linux was relicensed under the AGPLv3. If you host a Linux server, then you have to offer copies of the Linux kernel (which holds the networking code) to any client that connects to it.

Only "if you modify the Program".

more than 4 years ago

When Do You Fire a Headhunter?

Anders Re:Headhunter? WTF for? (344 comments)

There are more jobs than people. Call me when there are more people than jobs. That's when I need (and will pay for) a headhunter.


more than 4 years ago

Facebook Will Shut Down Beacon To Settle Lawsuit

Anders Re:What a great fiction! (101 comments)

Why do you believe that nuclear decay is random?

more than 4 years ago

Drop in P2P Traffic Attributed to Traffic Shaping

Anders Re:The other 80% (251 comments)

Delete your MX records, I guarantee a 100% drop in spam.

If you don't have an MX record, mail will be sent to your A record.

about 5 years ago

New Firefox Vulnerability Revealed

Anders Re:That's notthe first time (250 comments)

I have to wonder why it's taken so long for anybody's security team to look at this code though. You'd think they'd look at this code before release and not after.

Announcing defects in beta software doesn't get you noticed.

more than 5 years ago

Danish Expert Declares Vinland Map Genuine

Anders Re:Larsen != Larson (210 comments)

Population of Denmark: 5.5 million Population of Sweden: 9 million

Out of curiosity, without scurrying off to wikipedia, could you differentiate a Punjabi name (130 million) from a Bengali (230 million) name?

Or, not even leaving Europe, how about the difference between Ukrainian (50 million) and Russian (100 million)?

You don't have to look anything up in Wikipedia, you just need to copy/paste correctly from the article that you are submitting.

Maybe even submitters do not RTFA?

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Licensing a "Disaster" For XP Shops

Anders Re:Put on the fire-retardant suit, it's flame-time (567 comments)

Ubuntu 2002 (what version was that, 3? Horribly old).

In case you missed it, Ubuntu versions are of the form YEAR.MONTH, so 2002 would be version 2.X -- except that the first one was 4.10.

more than 5 years ago

Oracle Buys Sun

Anders Re:Postgres is looking better than ever (906 comments)

I suspect if you're manually copying around the db's internal files you're doing it wrong. That's not the proper way to do replication, backups, or just about anything. Care to elaborate on what you were trying to do with the db's internal files?

Dumping SQL statements for backup is not really practical with big databases. It would takes days to restore.

Read more in this blog.

more than 5 years ago


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