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Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

Andrewkov Re: Alright smart guy (488 comments)

Me too, on my 5S it seems the same or maybe a tiny bit faster. Actually the update seems pretty minor compared to previous major version number updates. I have had a few glitches, the auto-rotation has gotten stuck a couple of times which never happened before the update. And in the youtube app it's much harder to scroll forward and backwards in a video, but I'm not sure if this is due to an update in youtube or the iOS.


How Flickr Is Courting the Next Generation of Photographers

Andrewkov Re:All that matters on the phone too (97 comments)

As a techie, I learned the technical stuff fairly easily, it's the artistic part that's hard.

5 days ago

How Flickr Is Courting the Next Generation of Photographers

Andrewkov Re:Bad Panda (97 comments)

And they still haven't fixed the problem where when you are browsing photos in a busy group it jumps around and refreshes randomly so you keep losing your place.

5 days ago

How Flickr Is Courting the Next Generation of Photographers

Andrewkov Re:Whoosh (97 comments)

Well said. They put all their resources into screwing up the interface into an unholy mess, while never fixing obvious things like being able to follow discussion threads, which would actually help bolster a community.

5 days ago

FBI Completes New Face Recognition System

Andrewkov Re:Baaah... (129 comments)

And all that "tagging" of photos in Facebook, the database is pretty much ready-made for them. Crowd-sourcing backfire?

about a week ago

Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

Andrewkov Re:What Microsoft could do (210 comments)

99.9% of regular users never go to Actually, I take that back, what is the default home page in IE? That would be the place to put a warning..

about two weeks ago

CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

Andrewkov Re:Drug dogs (462 comments)

Money sniffing dogs? Much more profitable than drug sniffing dogs..

about two weeks ago

German Court: Google Must Stop Ignoring Customer E-mails

Andrewkov Re:We need more like this (290 comments)

No, I want my privacy back.

about two weeks ago

Chinese Man Sues State-Owned Cell Phone Company For Blocking Google

Andrewkov Re:Good luck (78 comments)

Lots of Spanish words can be guessed at because they are similar to English. One notable exception is "Embarasada", it doesn't mean embarrassed, it means pregnant, so it can lead to some funny misunderstandings. Like, "why are you embarrased?" ... "I'm not, I'm pregnant!".

about two weeks ago

Microsoft Takes Down Slideshow-Building Tool After Getty Images Lawsuit

Andrewkov Re:Maybe we need an HTML tag for image/work copyri (81 comments)

I put my copyright info and website address in the EXIF data of all my images, actually all modern digital cameras can do this automatically.

In case anyone doesn't know about EXIF data, you may be surprised at the amount of data your phone is adding to every image you take with the phone's camera. GPS coordinates, time and date, phone make and model, etc.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Service To Digitize VHS Home Movies?

Andrewkov Re:Jesus Christ (130 comments)

If he was George Lucas he would be digitally editing his home movies to add CGI.

about two weeks ago

Deputy Who Fatally Struck Cyclist While Answering Email Will Face No Charges

Andrewkov Re:yet if we did it (463 comments)

I heard his family got a bill for the damage to the police car..

about three weeks ago

The Grumpy Programmer has Advice for Young Computer Workers (Video)

Andrewkov Re:Poetry? (120 comments)

A good number of IT people I know are either into photography or music, some are into both.

about a month ago

$75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen

Andrewkov Re:Hmmm ... (194 comments)

If he would only read the manual, you only have to pull the thumb and bend the elbow for 3 seconds to put it in pairing mode.

about a month ago

Students From States With Faster Internet Tend To Have Higher Test Scores

Andrewkov Is there really a correlation? (175 comments)

Yeah, before the Internet, everybody had the same test scores across the board.

about 1 month ago

Airbus Patents Windowless Cockpit That Would Increase Pilots' Field of View

Andrewkov Re:And when the video feed dies... (468 comments)

Unless you have a BSOD, then you have to reach down and hit the reset button.

about 2 months ago

European Commission Spokesman: Google Removing Link Was "not a Good Judgement"

Andrewkov Re:So... (210 comments)

With no "right to be forgotten".

about 3 months ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

Andrewkov Re:Simple solution (579 comments)

You can put a grid over the light .. you can see through the grid when looking at it from straight on, but move a few degrees left or right and you can't see through it any more.

about 3 months ago


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