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Sequencing the Weed Genome

Angry Toad Re:Now all we need is... (315 comments)

Dandelions. That way either - 1) They find some way of eradicating dandelions effectively, or 2) Hey, free pot dandelions everywhere. Either outcome would be acceptable.

about 3 years ago

Are Fake Geeks Dooming Real Ones?

Angry Toad Re:False (492 comments)

Yup - I remember when Nerd and Geek were serious, nasty insults.

I was, am, and expect to remain fully nerdy, for real, long after the trend of the moment has passed us by.

more than 3 years ago

United Airlines Passengers Stranded By Computer Outage

Angry Toad Re:I was waiting for a passenger (74 comments)

I was stuck in O'Hare for about 4 hours last night waiting on a flight to Vancouver - they finally got around the whole mess at midnight by the startling notion of using a clipboard and a booking list and then carefully checking everyone's ID. Shockingly this worked quite well.

more than 3 years ago

Free Radicals May Not Be Cause of Aging

Angry Toad Re:Occam's razor... (371 comments)

Humans live for decades, rats for a few years. The net effect of the protocol is a % increase related to how late you start the diet, so for any humans in their 50s (say) who started the diet in the late 70's or the early to mid 1980s, you would only expect to start seeing any effect at all on the survival curve around now. That's in the best possible case, in which you assume that an experimental and a control cohort were selected and studied since then, which they were not. In fact decent animal studies on the CR effect only started up in the 90s, and I'm unaware of any kind of actual human work done on the effect at all, at any point. I think the worst you can say about it is that it's a total unknown - that's perfectly fair. We're decades away from being able to draw any serious conclusions about human results, positive or negative.

more than 3 years ago

Free Radicals May Not Be Cause of Aging

Angry Toad Re:Occam's razor... (371 comments)

That seems like a non sequitur - this is a discussion about evidence. An insufficient amount of data has been gathered to support or disprove this effect in humans. Unless you can cite a study I'm unaware of which specifically demonstrates that this phenomenon is not relevant in human cells, then we're still looking at an unknown. I'm unaware of any data in nonhumans which would lead me to expect that this effect would not pertain.

more than 3 years ago

Free Radicals May Not Be Cause of Aging

Angry Toad Re:Occam's razor... (371 comments)

CR Society has only existed since 94, and apart from that I'm unaware of any serious collective effort prior to that to practice the idea. The CR effect as a whole has only been widely broadcast and understood (for very small values of "widely") since the 70s, and proper science done on humans is only in its infancy at this point. Way too early to make any calls yet, is my point.

more than 3 years ago

Future of NASA's Manned Spaceflight Looks Bleak

Angry Toad Re:I had a feeling this was coming... (452 comments)

When the shuttle program ends, it will be the end of the US manned space flight program.

I think this is probably the real summary - the USA basically can't afford space operations beyond satellite launch/maintenance anymore. Nerdy dreams to to the contrary, it's all over.

The torch will be passed to someone else, probably in a decade or two. Likely the Chinese, but who knows.

about 5 years ago

Ray Bradbury Loves Libraries, Hates the Internet

Angry Toad Re:Hmmm.. (600 comments)

Indeed, people are being way too hard on Ray over this. He's old and has no significant connection with the new tech. He doesn't get it. Fair enough, it is his right to go into the twilight ignoring whatever he wants to ignore. This still doesn't negate all the awesome things he wrote long ago.

more than 5 years ago

NYT Explores the World of Internet Trolls

Angry Toad Re:Troll Contest (423 comments)

The NYT article was also about the kind of people who mount elaborate campaigns to torment the families of children who commit suicide. This is about a million miles away from making snarky comments online and light years away from anything Socrates did.

The only vaguely interesting part of the article was when they started talking to his mother. I would have liked to see them follow that angle up - these are seriously emotionally disturbed individuals with ridiculous rationalizations of their cruelty.

more than 6 years ago


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